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Soooo solid, BrickBlack is great... Those are old Helmut Lang moleskin pants, correct? I have the same pair in tan...I've always worn them with the straps behind the knee. I like them front facing here, tho
Try Fiebing's suede dye   http://shop.fiebing.com/c/cobbler-classics_suede-dye
Absolutely. For bonus points, I'd also be sure to immediately mention to any prospective ladies that you go by the handle "clotheshorse69" on a men's internet forum. 
I ordered it just last night...looks like delivery isn't until November or something.  The pre order price + 20% off got it to a fairly reasonable price. I'll report back once I get it...
Yeah, I know NMWA did the preorder...however, I don't think that was one of the fabric choices. 
Anyone know who's stocking this coat in this color/ fabric?   
Coming from someone who posted a reciept for his Porsche on the internet...
Your best bet is to make your own, fairly easy and likely cheaper too.    http://youhavebrokentheinternet.blogspot.com/2011/04/handmade-coat-rack.html   I know some posters have made their own, too (@thatoneguy?)
Yeah, forgot about that walnut. I guess I'm still looking for something in-between. Snuff suede (orange-ier?) is probably what I'm after. 
Anyone know of plans for additional colorways? The tan is nice, but I'd like to see something darker...like chestnut/ snuff suede. 
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