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 Well played...you got me, Thumb Collector.
Yeah, I've just always showed them my phone with the tracking number and a form of ID...never had any problems. 
I wish all posts involving critiques of Benes' fits would be filtered into a junk mail folder
 $3k in imaginary jackets and $5 for a week of cookies for breakfast... ftw, indeed
Sorry for the less than quality pic.  GRPborrellinom de guerre camarguaise boots
Thanks again NMWA, fits perfect...  
It's embarrassing how nearly every Moo post is swiftly followed up and defended with a Sinnedk post...like he's his doofus sidekick or something.
Just picked up these on eBay:        Do any of you guys who own camarguaise boots have problems with the wider shaft fitting under jeans or pants?   None of my jeans have a hem smaller than 7.75" or 8"...I didn't really think it would be a problem, but now I'm wondering.
Everyone's going to be in real trouble if @Parker shows up and posts a fit   He wins...even if if he doesn't post.
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