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I think there's too much going on here: Cropped biker w/ zips, OCBD, pleated pants with agressive taper, chunky shoes. They're all cool pieces individually (dat Dries esp), but aren't working together. Especially around the waist, makes you look bigger than you actually are. Either replace the button down with a plain white tee with the hem just below the jacket to break it up a bit...or change out the bottom for slim straight wool pants with a nice drape. 
Dont change Regis...   Margiela was made for you, you were made for Margiela   Symbiosis acheived
Real nice. Are those Rod Lavers gumsole or the United Arrows espadrille ones? 
I know for a fact that a "Made in Italy" tag means you're always buying a garment fatto a mano by an old-world skilled artisan who sits in a 16th century stone cottage nestled into the Tuscan hillside, early morning sun streaming through the windowpanes...     http://www.thedailybeast.com/witw/articles/2013/08/20/chinese-workers-trafficked-into-italy-s-garment-factories.html
Sounds like a soft sell for NMWA...haha, j/k. Your "more clothes" approach is more than reasonable. If you only own 10 MMM pieces forever or a sprawling clothing storage archive - ultimately, clothing here is a hobby and a hobby should be fun, no matter the approach. However, I'd contend that this (growing a wardrobe) gets harder to do with a wife, a preschooler and toddler, all with whom I regularly negotiate space with. 
I guess more than anything, I hate having stuff I dont use or wear...selling it off is a way to justify new purchases.    I also realized the size of my wardrobe is largely a function of the physical place I have available to store it. It drives me crazy to store off-season items or rotate it in multiple locations in my house, shuffling bins around, etc. I want everything in one place and to serve multiple purposes. Not, "Oh, the only time I wear these pants is with this...
@braindrain Its from A Kind of Guise 
Yeah, those shoes have enough color. Black linen pants and white tee would be great...   RPs:       And a bunch of AA tri-blend tees, thanks @nicelynice...I can be done with Everlane now
Maybe its just the color...too Dockers Beige(tm) , although I do like Billy Reid.   Black or charcoal in a cotton/linen blend would work, but that's not very summery in terms of color. Something with a bit less contrast from the green EG jacket. Even a darker khaki (mud/ taupe)
Anyone own/ handled the contrast leather sneakers? I know they're pretty much diet CPs, just wondering what the leather quality is like...
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