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Umm, what?  T-shirt APCsBootsSynthhair
These look like they are made from chocolate-covered coconut
Haven't had much experience with the clothing, but for haircuts, Ashley was a great barber I used to go to when she was at Stag Barbershop in Milwaukee. Highly recommended. 
in b4   *posts link to Chef Curry 2s* 
We've been through this before with soprano...just ignore him
Double four in hand is the knot du jour
Like that a lot...shoes are too boxfresh though. 
I noticed the pre-sale funding for the the Meridian jacket is now extended for another 19 days? Originally, the funding ended on Sunday night/ Monday and had reached over 100% Am I missing something? 
Funny you mentioned this. I was feeling nostalgic just other day and was using the Wayback Machine to dig up the old South Willard buys:    https://web.archive.org/web/20100704124117/http://www.southwillard.com/collections/mens/stephan-schneider/denim-beach-jacket       I still really like the "house" collection they had for a while   https://web.archive.org/web/20100522054646/http://www.southwillard.com/collections/mens/crescent-down-works/  
Yeah, right? Its like they couldn't be bothered to spell check the description of a sweater they wanted nearly 5k for. 
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