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Everyone's going to be in real trouble if @Parker shows up and posts a fit   He wins...even if if he doesn't post.
Last year, I found a couple purple leaf camo jackets at TJ Maxx for $100 each...flipped them on eBay for $250 a piece. Regret not keeping one for myself.    
This is the only piece I'd be after.     
Wow, that game punched me right in the feelings...I would have much preferred it to be a blowout by the Seahawks from the start. As a Packers fan, that was as tough of a loss as I've ever had to swallow. Congrats, man.
Yeah...its going to be way too big. I'm 6'2", 220, usually 54 or 56, XL, and usually a Schneider VII in outerwear. The Merino size VII from NMWA felt really big. 
Miran doesn't really exist. He is simply a condition of your heart. Like TOJ. 
Andrew McDonald grey (washed black) cordovan back zips, really enjoying these so far...see baller boot thread for more pics:        
Sorry, been meaning to reply to this...in trying to squeeze in an end-of-year 2014 purchase, I picked up a pair of the grey cordovan backzips. They were on sale, so I don't know if they meet Baller Boot Thread Requirements...really happy with them so far:       The only thing I don't really care for is the rather noticeable difference in the leather texture between the left and right boot...overall, I'm not too bothered by it: 
Thanks @willy cheesesteak , I have seen all those pics...maybe looking for a few new ones in fit pics.    I guess I'd like to get a better gauge of how "sleek vs chunky" they are. They definitely look like a slim last, which isn't really what I'm after...but could be convinced otherwise, they're really nice. 
Someone post pics, pleeeese.
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