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Billy Reid Blanket Coat    He puts out some really nice stuff, really beautiful fabrics...definitely under-represented on SF
We'll see how this goes...    
 You donate mis-sized items? First, PM me the location of the thrift store these get donated. Secondly, why would you do this? 
I'd love to see a longer, 3/4 length trench/ car coat in a moleskin or compact cotton (see: sipang or ghostface). Something equally at home with a suit and tie as pegged wool crepe pants and a tee
 Reinforcing the connection of Plokhov to Helmut Lang makes me want to avoid the Uniqlo collab even more... 
Always hear a lot about Frozen Waves, but Rugs to Riches was definitely up there. Did anyone carry that belted wool trench with contrast lapels?
   I'd be more interested in seeing how these customers view each other.  Do Customers D & E view Customer A as aspirational or try hard? Customer A views everyone else as consumerist sheep? Customer C is entirely oblivious to A, B, D & E? 
 This happens a lot here...people admit they may possibly, potentially, reluctantly, like some mall brand "ripoff" item. So, post it here first, in an apologetic tone, to gage the masses reaction.  I think what happens, though, is if you've invested any time and energy (and by default, money) into this forum, you'd like to think you've "worked harder" for your fashion insights, that somehow you've paid for a membership of exclusivity. You shop at J.Crew? That's too...
  This. There are quite a few people here new to SS and it's amazing how its been so quickly fawned over (CM and SWD alike)...and I guess, rightfully so.  I couldn't find it in my size when it was originally released and missed the preorder for the re-issue. I wasn't planning on missing out again. Followed the thread daily, refreshed the page at the moment it dropped, had it in the cart, credit card in hand...and yet here I am, Merino-less.  /endsadviolinmusic
  Which color? Charcoal? If anyone got a VII in the charcoal, first, I hate you. Also, if it doesn't work out, hit me up @gdl203 and @conceptual 4est, same for you...if someone returns a VII in charcoal, please let me know. Got completely burned on some checkout site glitch. 
New Posts  All Forums: