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Its from a new Schneider stockist in Chicago, Notre
Really like that new Transit Issue Field Jacket...any plans to release other colors? Navy is nice but I don't need another navy jacket.
Hey Snoopy...why don't you, uh, stop.    Yeah. Just stop. Ok?    Stop posting. 
In other news, a Charcoal hooded merino size VII will be returning to the NWMA site in the near future. Entirely too big on me. Weird, since I'm usually a VII in most SS. Hope it works for someone, its a great coat. 
Man, is that ts(s) stuff nice...Ive nearly given up on it fitting me though.   How's sizing on those outerwear pieces, particularly the reversible stripe coat?   
Daiki did both for a while, stopped WWM and stayed doing EG   McNairy took over WWM when Daiki left. 
Billy Reid Blanket Coat    He puts out some really nice stuff, really beautiful fabrics...definitely under-represented on SF
We'll see how this goes...    
 You donate mis-sized items? First, PM me the location of the thrift store these get donated. Secondly, why would you do this? 
I'd love to see a longer, 3/4 length trench/ car coat in a moleskin or compact cotton (see: sipang or ghostface). Something equally at home with a suit and tie as pegged wool crepe pants and a tee
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