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Whaa? Am I see this wrong...the buttons are on the right side, the jacket isnt buttoned in the picture 
What makes you think thats a womens suit? 
Bomber is awesome...yes, those ballerina flats need to be replaced 
 Hahaha..Ok, I'll give you thumbs...only because you sold me your W+H zip sneaks.
@mitchellmcm27 , dont know why I thought of this...are you and @thatoneguy brothers? 
Sorry, this page was missing this post...seriously, really incredible.  I quoted this without having seen the subsequent posts, declaring this GOAT. Confimed my hunch. 
I have the Esemplare boiled polyester fishtail from NMWA (I always want to type NWA instead). I would say the fabric is...interesting. Fresh out of the box, it had really cool texture a lot like wool. Now its pilled all over, as you would expect polyester to do. It seems intentional and honestly, I'm not really bothered by it. Also, its super warm :) I thought I remembered seeing somewhere on here that the (renewed) interest in polyester was modeled after Italian peasant...
Greg, I completely understand reluctuance in carrying size VII. At the end of the day, you have a business that needs to be profitable. You can't sit on inventory because you want to cater to every size guy out there.    Here's my sob story: I have several SS coats, all size VII, I've not ever tried any other size. They all fit great, slightly relaxed, comfortable, etc. Knits, on the other hand...only size VI. They all fit good, but not great. I think we've all fallen...
Haha, funny how some of the item descriptions (e.g. baseball shirt ) include this:      Exterior label with easily removable zig-zag overlock stitch at bottom.     Seem like they don't have much faith in the increased branding for this season, either. 
Probably in the minority here...gdl, are you carrying size VII? 
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