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Wow, that game punched me right in the feelings...I would have much preferred it to be a blowout by the Seahawks from the start. As a Packers fan, that was as tough of a loss as I've ever had to swallow. Congrats, man.
Yeah...its going to be way too big. I'm 6'2", 220, usually 54 or 56, XL, and usually a Schneider VII in outerwear. The Merino size VII from NMWA felt really big. 
Miran doesn't really exist. He is simply a condition of your heart. Like TOJ. 
Andrew McDonald grey (washed black) cordovan back zips, really enjoying these so far...see baller boot thread for more pics:        
Sorry, been meaning to reply to this...in trying to squeeze in an end-of-year 2014 purchase, I picked up a pair of the grey cordovan backzips. They were on sale, so I don't know if they meet Baller Boot Thread Requirements...really happy with them so far:       The only thing I don't really care for is the rather noticeable difference in the leather texture between the left and right boot...overall, I'm not too bothered by it: 
Thanks @willy cheesesteak , I have seen all those pics...maybe looking for a few new ones in fit pics.    I guess I'd like to get a better gauge of how "sleek vs chunky" they are. They definitely look like a slim last, which isn't really what I'm after...but could be convinced otherwise, they're really nice. 
Someone post pics, pleeeese.
Is 4est wearing the same colorway? A bit better, but still looks like leather tassels on pasties. If thats your thing   In the NMWA pic, there's leather sleeves, contrasting wool body, striped ribbed cuffs, silver hardware...already a lot going on. But that's I guess what makes it Monitaly.
I liked that coat when I first saw it, but really can't stand those leather zipper pulls. Easy enough to take them off, just seems like an unnecessary detail. 
The lighting, flash, angle and sheerness of the tank are exacerbating your (admittedly) pear-shaped body. 
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