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I like the 2-tone long wing brogue Vibram-soled collection, both suede and calf skin.
bbbrrian, did slam jam send a confirmation of your order immediately? was it an automated email or a personalized email?
Is it harmful to leather shoes if I place a dehumidifier near the shoes? What I mean is that would the dehumidifier suck up the liquid etc in the leather / grain that is necessary to ensure the leather remains not dry and 'healthy'? I plan to place a dehumidifier (the one in a small plastic container found in many convenient stores) in my shoe cabinet to address the excessive humidity issue. My limited knowledge - if it is good for wardrobe, it can't be any worse for shoe...
So I have been wearing my Grenson Archie V sole for one year plus. The V sole has faded from white to unpleasant looking color. Can I color the side of the sole, say black or something dark? What should I use? Shoe cream? Polish?
the wide opening of your instep seems to suggest that the shoe is a tad tight. or is the shoe the kind with low instep?I'm eyeing on Grenson Archie vibram sole for my walking shoes. but someone on this thread said something about Grenson red insole shoes being made in India? does it mean the shoes are not good?
Hi, any review on their Hammersmith? Anybody had any experience with the shoes? The Hammsmith look similar to Grenson Archie, I wonder whether they are made by Grenson.
shouldnt the same sized shoes have the same length measurement, although different brands?
Do they change colour according to the mood?
Are those the Rushden? They are on Cheaney last 205 right? How does last 205 fit? They are beautiful.
But one unlucky incident happened to me today at work, my audley was scuffed in the toe probably victimised by some nail under the table. the scuff is short less than 1 cm, but deep. I tried some was polish to cover the scuff up but to no avail. any advice and trick?
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