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Calling someone out on their being rude is also very rude. So, yes, in that sense it is rude to call someone out on being overdressed.
I've always thought it is rude to BE overdressed. The fundamental concept of manners is to make everyone else you're around feel comfortable.
If those were the suits I already had, I'd get a strong blue pinstripe or blue tick weave fabric. One other thing you should consider is getting two trousers.
Bell & Ross Space 3.
I've just recently cut out belts entirely. I will never wear another one.
We should all take away from the original post: In your quest to look better in clothes, spend as much time focusing on your body as you do the specific articles you choose to cover it with.
I've been inspired all day since I first saw this this morning before going to work. I really want to do this.
Hands down Havaianas.
What are my best options for a Huntsman or Richard Anderson style suit in the US? Preferably MTM. I guess I could wait until one of their US visits, but don't really want to do that for a MTM suit from them. If I'm going to go to their US visit, I'd probably go full bespoke. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know either of their MTM base prices?
make sure your new watch is waterproof and then never take it off. Ever.
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