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Suprised at the claims that amadeus is a 120's quality, Out of curiosity today I looked at the Dormeuil Amadeus no mention of super 120's anywhere. I looked at the Amadeus 365 Bunch as well. No mention of it there. Just to be impartial I handled the Scabal four seasons super 120's and there was daylight between them. One you could feel the Lanolin on the cloth as you would expect to find on a 120 the other felt fairly ordinary beside this. Is there any proof that Amadeus...
David Reeves the Dormeuil Amadeus 310g ? Are you talking about Summer Amadeus?Or perhaps another Amadeus? What is on the Selvedge? Does it say 120's on the Selvedge?   cheers Brendon
Adrian you said it all...  Bargain price and it looks ok,  you must be happy with your purchase,be happy wear it well. I like a bargain now and then.  Better still turn up to Gieves and Hawkes in it, tell them you are concerned about the fit and is it part of the service to give it  tweak. If they say " I'm sorry sir this suit is 10 years old" then at least you know it's vintage  Brendon
Sorry for some repeating some previous info there Brendon
Bespoke used to mean what it meant. It does not today. If you relax the standard you get what we have here andf what is commonly misunderstood in some of these posts. In my city Auckland you can visit a Bespoke Dentist, Bespoke  Aromatherapist, Bespoke Mortgage Broker, Bespoke Builder,Bespoke Cabinet maker and yes you can visit 20 suit places that offer Bespoke Made to Measure, all of them made in the same two factories. The proper tailors you can count on part of one...
Hi Papito I take affront to your prosecution of my posts. Why don't you read again,what I posted, firstly pointing out the difference between Bespoke and Made to measure. NYsuit addict stated he had other bespoke suits like RL Purple. I kindly tried to point out the difference and if he had truly between to a bespoke tailor and should " shout it from the rooftops. All tailors suffer occasionally  from idiots who do not know the difference between MTM and Bespoke...
Sorry NYsuitaddict are you drunk or it my computer screen...same photo as before....do you need the chair to stand upright ..as requested seen as you have a bespoke suit do mr pedrali a favour and stand up straight and get a friend to take a photo front back and side. Feed the suit to the wolves, the wait has made them hungry. If on the other hand you are a Polio victim or such I apologize and would then like to say what a lovely chair  
Both Dormeuil and Scabal are on-sellers of cloth. Scabal has purchased a milll and is bigger. Dormeuil Amadeus used to be a super 100 quality and is no longer so work that out for yourself. You get more bang for your buck if you deal directly with the mills and due to the crap world economy a lot more of the mills are doing cut length to get the business with a surcharge applied. I like cloths that are English because generally you know what you are getting Hope that...
Hi Nysuitaddict I had a look at the guys website, pick something other than Amadeus next time...otherwise he looks like a very good tailor. Is he based in Canada or Manhattan.
Hi NYsuitaddict yes the tailor is the real deal, Mr Popradi, and If I get to NY I will look him up, unfortunately he seems to be attached to the Dormeuil showroom. So if you don't like Dormeuil cloth you don't have much choice. Particularly the Amadeus cloth which used to be a lot nicer than it is now  Otherwise I think you should shout him from the rooftops. Please ask him to describe his cut philosophy cheers Brendon
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