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Looking for a couple shirts in shades of solid blue/grey that have nice fabric and not huge collars. Basically to wear under a blazer for dates. I have a few of these shirts by emile lafurie, but looking for something a step cheaper in price. Any ideas? Thanks. 
can anyone id this jacket? ignore the stache.     
Lapels are slightly too thin and it is very narrow in mid section, then wider at hips. 
Looking for an alternative to the jcrew 3-400ish ludlow jackets. Still want something stylish and with the relative quality, but looking for a change. Any ideas? thanks. 
hey, I'm looking for a cool 3-400ish blazer. I've been wearing a jcrew one for a bit, but looking for something slightly cooler. Any suggestions? I like Jcrew's relative quality. Thanks.
Thanks -- do you know how they fit? I'm usually sz 12.
Thinking about buying these Varvatos off bluefly for 250. Thoughts? I don't know too much about black zipups and not sure why they are on sale. Thanks.     
Tried on an alpaca sweater that ended up not being my size -- incredibly nice hand. 
Debating about getting an ol crewneck sweater, navy, in Large. Anyone know of any places that have these on sale or other brands to look into as well? Just want something simple and quality and not too itchy. Thanks. 
hey man. I'm looking for a pair of professional and simple black semi-rimless glasses. I don't really care about the price, but I want the rim and arms to be on the thin side. I have a massive head, so I'll need something pretty wide. I live in ny, so i'm guess i'll have access to anything. Thanks!
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