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 Just sat with my legs crossed and one boot over the knee and stared blisfully at my polished oxblood Solovairs and considered just how beautiful they are. Like a work of art really, with the bleach white laces. A pity I bought those DM's cheap after the other christmas for when my well worn black ones wear out as the Solovairs are just superior. To be fair the new black Docs are a touch better than my old ones but the Northamponshire boot is simply a modern classic. I...
 I just cannot see how Slade could ever be considered a skinhead group. It's just beyond me.
 When's this Margate do on? The coming weekend or the one after?
 Maybe those like me who came around to skinhead in the 1980's are just nostalgic for what ever was the original skinheads scene. Skinheads get fed up with being branded ultra right wing so they want that which was the original scene. Nice to see younger skinheads around and let's hope some of the kids still in pushchairs will one day discover teh scene.
  I'll have to check the shifts at work. I can never get to the gigs up in Camden due to my shifts.
  It is estimated that there are around two or possibly three thousand skinheads in the United Kingdom. That beats the Republic of Belarus where a population of just under ten million has around eighty or ninety skinheads. Or that's what an ex Belarus skinhead was telling me on one of my forays into their capital Minsk.
 Plenty of young trojans up in Sunderland but the skinhead scene never really died there. Seen a youngster up in Middlesbrough with all the skinhead gear on. I can't see it coming back mainstream but it could be an alternative culture that some younger people buy into.
   Thought I would mention that I saw a load of scooter skins up at Goldhawk Road the other day. They were taking photos of their machines by the tube station. There's a pie and mash shop over the road so I guess that's why they motored down there. As for me I was in my blue uniform so they would not have known what I was barring a close cropped haircut. Probably just as well. Still a few weeks ago I was ready to pull away from Shepherd's Bush Green on my 94 when I saw a...
 That's not a road it's a desert.
 I had a mate in Bath and I applied to Bristol Cityline but never got the job. They had VR's and only two of the old style half cabs left. Muller Road is often talked about by people from Bristol. Man all this nostalgia and maybe that's why I'm in this skinhead thing? I just cannot let go of the past and prefer the old to the new and every time I walk in the boozer back north the place reverts straight back to the seventies and eighties as my selection goes on the...
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