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As Tigerprawn said, there is typically one survey every year that will get you a coupon for 10-20% off. And sales at least two times per year.   Word is that Rapha has decided to keep all online sales for itself, so if you see something you want on sale at Competitive Cyclist, Signature Cycles, or anywhere else on the internets, grab it because it will not come back.   I have a set of softshell trousers from a few years ago and they are not really office-worthy. Depends...
I ordered both "original" and "straight" fit during the recent 30% off sale. The original fit me better (to each his own ass). I agree with the recent comments that the selvedge is nice and thick for the price. Sizing might run a little large -- I went down to a 30 from my usual 31.   FWIW, both pairs were labeled "Made in Vietnam." 
Helps me. So, thanks. 
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