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I have found that in terms of utility, dark brown is the go. My dark brown shoes are the ones worn the most, bar none. For a second dress shoe in rotation, I would probably go for adelaides or captoes rather than brogued wingtips.
Shoes are perishable and depreciating in value. Calling them "investments" is perhaps not mean in the strict economic sense, because that is nonsensical simply by doing the math as most have done.  Paying up top dollar for subjective artistic, aesthetic or nostalgic values is a different proposition. In some quarters of SF, we are really not that different from the womenfolk and their handbags.    By the way, an even cheaper proposition is rotating ten pairs of cheap...
Insofar as the OP sounds like a git, you appear to be the quintessential Richard Cranium.
Alligator belts and alligator shoes only? I am afraid aint gonna cut it at college these days. You are missing the bling, the big FuckOff H silver letter of the Hermes tradition, and no gator looks complete without it. Alligator shoes are so passe, could be a cheapo made in Thailand or China for all we know. You must avoid the risk of that perception arising, at all costs. Get it properly made at LV, the small silver logo says it all, discrete and elegant.You want to be...
I have the jumper boot Oscar last in saddle shell, fortunate to have bought it last year before they increased prices twice. It is not on the webstie, and I got it after making a phone inquiry on another boot in cognac shell. So the answer is yes, but not available on the website. Best bet is via Skoak or contact them directly, or through the store managers.
Sounds like you need the shots more than me!
I shall down two shots of Yamazaki just for you.
I agree with your observations, with a few caveats. At least with the Lee clan, EVERYONE got rich, not just the clan. Personally, I could not stand living in Singapore. It was 5 years of hell, although it was a brilliant springboard. In the context of a fishing village backwater surrounded by hostile neighbours, with no hinterland or colonial master support (eg Hong Kong), with a population pool of lower calibre (compared to the entrepreneurs and intellectuals that flocked...
Hi Nabil I agree with your sentiments. I dont think many will disagree that LKY is a giant amongst men. As with all men, he has his faults, but it speaks to a certain flaw in character (not you) to nitpick faults and gloss over accomplishments at a time like this, considering the fact that the dead has no right of reply. So vale LKY.
I heard that Singaporeans also hang out their washing at sunrise, in the spirit of banality....
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