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This morning was MFK 754 which was scintillatingly beautiful, and lasted for well over 8 hours. Bright, uplifting citrus and subdued floral ensured sunshine mood. This evening is IUNX Splash Forte which is out of this world. Fiery, spicy, boozy yet demure. Very classy, kinda wasted on me, hehe.
Never quite realised how useful and versatile a shawl collar cardigan can be as a layer during cold winters. Button up or unbuttoned makes a big difference to comfort. Highly recommended. Unfortunately, no snow yet in Paris this year.
The most rewarding stuff is almost always repetitious and boring on a superficial level, just like drills and practice. This is not a reading list to amuse yourself or to conflate egos or for diversity, it is aimed at building better thinking minds.
Foxy, just google St John's College Annapolis, click the Wikipedia entry, and you will get the whole reading list spanning four years of undergraduate study. Get started. Today. In fact, if you are interested, I'll read the list in tandem with you. Other members are free to join if they wish. Only you can figure out what you really want out of your life. Nobody else can help. Half the battle is won if you know the correct question to ask yourself. Good luck, you will...
So you finally settled on a quilted jacket. I am still hunting for my quilted blazer. Found another two in HK recently. First, a Dunhill made in Italy navy polyesterish material on sale at half price, asking for only $5885 HKD. Second, a gray wool number by Kent and Curwen, also made in Italy, very light with goose down filling, on sale asking for $9000 HKD, with a god awful cut and drape. Real stupid prices. Ralph Lauren outlet at Tung Chung had a navy quilted blazer, but...
Matt, hope you are enjoying HK. I just visited the Armoury smaller shop at Landmark yesterday. Whilst they have nice stuff, the prices are inflated by quite a bit. Also not sure if they actually stock any shirts.
Link below, Gerry, but in grey herringbone. I still like the old navy Boggi better.http://www.findnsave.com/offer/Tommy-Hilfiger-Quilted-Jacket-European-Collection/36553161/
Alert Gerry Nelson. Tommy Hilfiger has a surprisingly nice quilted blazer in beige herringbone wool fabric.
Sleeve pitch for both shirt and jacket needs to be adjusted. In your natural posture, the materials are bunching up at the back of your arms. Tailors will usually tell you that there is no problem because when you walk, your arms are swinging forward, not staying still by your side. I don't accept that theory, but that is just me.
Is Etro considered too colourful?
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