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 Yeah, dem bloody chinky chinks.
 Aha...no more sprezz for you!
RL Lindrick, C &J Skye and Harlech, EG crup, Vass, Meermin.Edit: Septieme Larguer
 Yo Liber, how was your trip? Trust that you were not in the thick of things....
 Wow, they have Railcar Spikes too. Unfortunately, I still have two pairs of Jap denim that hardly gets worn.
Tetsuya is two star I think. Used to be three.
 Huh, Mikey on a Horsey? That would require a bit of unseeing...
It feels like a huge hairdryer out on the streets of Sydney. Thankfully, I have discovered that a cotton linen blend of shirting is way more comfortable than pure linen.
 Oh, I did that before, way back in 1992 I think, at Disneyland LA. My companion was my wonderful and cute little cousin sister who is now a staggeringly beautiful woman. I remembered she wanted to do Space Mountain 3 times. 
WTF?Xmas functions= bitching and whinging session culminating in a piss up with insincere smiles, platitudes and tired old jokes.Seriously, yet to even RSVP on this years invites.
New Posts  All Forums: