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Try this- use a damp cloth and rub down the stain/ scratched areas. The marks should reduce or disappear. After damp cloth, use nylon stocking or similar cloth to buff down the area. The stain/scratch should disappear or be much less visible. Dont worry, things you have described are pretty normal for shell. As for the bump on the toe, find a way to push out the leather front înside the shoe, whilst rubbing vigorously with damp cloth. These bumps and scratches also give...
Luxire?? More like flying to Paris and get some Charvet!In other news, I found my secret weapon to great shine on shell cordovan. Damp cloth, and then nylon stockings for buffing instead of brush. Life is now much easier on my arms.
This is Boggi, I think, and I am afraid they no longer stock this.  Boggi's prices during sales are quite reasonable, wont break the bank.
Could it be possible that part of the reason is actually a visual distortion, given the bulkiness and lack of drape?
That too! But even adding one pair every year will result in a decent sized collection, especially with good care. My oldest shoe now is a Blake stitched Bally- 8 years old with buttery soft leather. Cannot bring myself to retire them, since it was a present from my wife back in days when we were still struggling financially.
^^^ I've ordered the medium, 29 inches length, which fits just right for a SC on me (I have a shorter torso compared to arms and legs- just imagine a chimp variant shape, that's me). I think the jacket variant is longer than the blazer.  I figured I can risk a punt at these low prices, especially since these are still make in the UK.
God Lordy, these and the new Merrmin shell boots are just killing me, and I have only just recently bought some Carmina Shell boots. Dont you wish you are a caterpillar sometimes?
Finally found a decent quilted blazer on sale. Perfect for travelling.   Heads up Gerry.     http://www.yoox.com/us/41401926BQ/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=41401926BQ&sizeId=
If the Devil wears the much maligned Prada, one wonders what would the Almighty wear? Something humble perhaps, maybe Harris Tweed??
Both subjects are not necessarily mutually exclusive.
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