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 You forgot to mention that there are also lousy bespoke makers. I can get a pair of bespoke from Indonesia for less than USD$200. Not sure that it will beat a pair of Loakes in overall quality, but hell yeah, it is cheaper. Cheaper because some chap in Indonesia is working at subsistence wages under hazardous conditions. And yes, the customer "design" the shoes made for only their one pair of feet. Is this universally better for the cost and time involved? As for design,...
 Where I live, there is exactly ONE bespoke shoemaker, down from two when the Perkal Brothers sadly passed away last year, within weeks of one another. The nearest others are in Hong Kong and Japan. The flight takes 9 hours minimum, and will cost over $1000. If fittings are required, that's another trip. Then add accomodation costs. Factor in lost of income and other opportunity costs. Then the actual costs of the shoes. All paid upfront before you have any idea of the...
 Mate, pay Kaz a visit at Kazuna.
 Others that come to mind= Markowski, Septieme Larguer, Finsbury, Loding, Yanko, J Fitzpatrick (?) and of course, our own Kazuna in Sydney. Come to think of it, Kazuna will be your best option, if you are in Sydney. 
 Thank you for an interesting post free of diatribe. I have tried looking at this bespoke/factory arguments from as many different angles as I could. The problem with most arguments is that all the participants possess only a little part of the whole picture, presenting a point of view from a limited perspective. Therefore forums like these are invaluable, as a melting point for a diversity of views, as long as no main pedagogue dominates the conversation. Before one...
^^ Oy mate, where is the full body shot?
 Rare to see such a small minded creature. I am sure you can do better.
 Big feet= small nose?
The master of exacting pedantry for things of diminishing marginal relevance. Sort of like economists where the assumption is of all things being equal, when no real world application actually exists where all things can be equal other than on a professors chalkboard.Yup.
 Quite a lot of wear for something resoled (recently?). Do they provide you with a choice of soles? Was thinking of buying some JR soles.
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