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Those are good choices. There is also Wilson Asset Management, PIE Funds (have closed now I think), and other boutique funds. I was trying to keep it as simple as possible. BTW buying shares in Magellan itself would have made you a motza, never mind the funds.
Oli, choose the lowest cost indexed fund from Vanguard. When your fund reaches $100k, set up an SMSF, with all funds still in a low cost indexed fund.   The majority of fund managers do worse than index, so you are playing low probability by choosing a specific fund manager (unless the manager happens to be Buffett and Munger).  The key controllable element in your hands is to keep costs down. Dont worry about market gyrations, just stick to the low cost index fund come...
Used the Glenkaren cleaner conditioner today. A bit more work than using Renovateur, but with perseverance and lots of brushing, the results are pleasing. Plus my shoe cabinet now smells of oranges. Thanks to Sartorial Scum for organising the buy.
Talking about gentlemenly cologne, SOTD is Grand Neroli.
Angelique Noire. This green scent is much better than expected. Pity about the price.
Tried on Eau Sauvage EDP again.  Yes I like it.  The leather drydown is divine.  FB worthy definitely.
   Do you wear clothes for yourself only or do you wear clothes in consideration of others around you?  
Very clever.  Although I usually think about diamonds and pearls nowadays.
Today: Atelier Cologne Silver Iris.  A bit too sweet for me, not really my preference.  Tried Jeke Slumberhouse a week back, and that is much more suitable for me.
This is really enjoyable. Reminds me of lipstick, but a really classy lipstick. Tried some Gardenia Chanel yesterday. To me, some similarity to Poison.  Anyone else get the same feeling? SOTD: Endymion
New Posts  All Forums: