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Selective quoting to prove a point is rather undignified, dont you agree?Was Edisons lightbulb or the telegraph or flight or Einsteins achievements intended for a select elite? Is Tesla,s mission to build toys for the rich?2 out of 3 aint bad though,the fact that you have decided to ignore what is clearly the main point of this discussion.
From the crafts of the wordsmiths (lawyering), in reading legislation, the adopted approach is to read and interpret the natural meaning of the words. If a meaning is not forthcoming that way, then we try to discern the intentions of the writer.At the end of the day, I think most participants take these forums as part of a conversation. Implicit in this interaction is the requirement for civil behaviour. When conversations descend to fucks and calling others stupid, I...
I happen to disagree that is all DW is advocating here. The last three posting from him show this to be manifestly not the case. And if I remember correctly, his staunch argument is that excellence in shoemaking and maximisation of profits are mutually exclusives objectives. Lets explore that assertion and see whether it is necesaarily true.
I dont think it is the passion, more just the intolerant and hostile attitude clearly apparent in his ripostes to any criticism or challenges to his viewpoint.
It is not about staying positive. You have fallen into the common error of survivorship bias. After all, only the victors get to write history, dont you agree?In fact, you might have missed the point entirely. The ideas that you talk about made their historical mark precisely because the ideas are aimed towards advancement of the masses, not merely the advancement of a select elite. There is a living example for you to look at, Mr Elon Musk.In your repeated romantisation...
Black suit lacks versatility. It can only be matched with black shoes. I have a similar Burberry suit in grey glenplaid/yellow overlay in flannel. With every passing year, the thin lapels is getting more ridiculous in my eyes. The cut is not the same as it looks in the photos, and the cut in the photos are just stupid. You can do a slim fit without looking like a starving walking pair of chopsticks. Have a look at the cut for the Paul Smith Byard.
Hmmm...funny that ideas from the left field that are eventually recognised as groundbreaking actually requires adoption by the masses. Would you like me to list down the plethora of left field ideas now consigned to the dustbin of history?A word of advice- dont ever assume that your audience comprise of idiots whose opinions are unworthy. You have no idea who you are dealing with, and it is best not to make assumptions. Your perspective is unique, but it may be wise to...
That is why I said it is hard.
Hard to wrap my head around that.
Square ends remind me of socks. Dont want socks around my neck. Women's stocking, I could be persuaded....
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