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An alternative view is that he decants directly into his gullet. Pretty efficient....
Tom Ford Neroli Portofino splitCalifornia DreamerjoijiJourneymanfoxhoundOsiris2012roshambothebrownmanAndrewJamesDean We've got the magic 8. Split is now closed, and closer to the date of decanting (expected around 1st to 2nd week of January 2015), I will give everyone a PM. Thanks. BTW, other splits available now: Amber Absolute- 3 splits left at old prices of $85 plus $10 postage ex Sydney.Tuscan Leather- I have now opened another bottle, so another 7 places left if...
Tom Ford Neroli Portofino splitCalifornia DreamerjoijiJourneymanfoxhoundOsiris2012roshamboThebrownman- are you confirmed?6 out of 8, with TBM yet confirmed. Need 1 or 2 more. Guys, because of Xmas, this wont happen until January 2015, so plenty of time to save up. My bottle supplier is shut until 5 Jan, and my juice supplier's boat is not arriving until then too.  Same with the Noir de Noir split.
Tom Ford Neroli Portofino split California DreamerjoijiJourneymanfoxhoundOsiris2012 Thebrownman- are you confirmed? 5 out of 8, with TBM yet confirmed. Need 2 more.
Okay, if TBM and CD are also interested, we have 3 out of 8.I am sure there is another one but cannot remember.Pricing should be similar, round about $75 to $80 for 30ml in glass sprayer bottle, and postage $10 ex Sydney.
I thought you have a Tuscan Leather already? Please PM me to get one.TBM, I propose a split of Neroli Portofino before. Only one person interested, zilch reply. Need 8 takers to make it go.
No, you are correct. I will never ever go back to Jantzen again.Also, I suspect that they dont cut exactly according to measure, but have their own template measurements in fixed increments. So say your measurement is 14.2 for the collar, you wont get a 14.2 collar, but rather 14.5, if their fixed templates are in increments of 0.5. Same with all other measurements. I have compared shirts with my brother in law and even though our arms are of slightly different lengths,...
Hi SpallaCamicia No more NdN. I still have some Amber Absolute and Tuscan Leather if you are interested. Please PM me.
Yes Roshambo. Noted your interest.
Tom Ford Noir de Noir split is filled and now closed. Thank you to all participants. I will PM you guys in a few days once office madness is over.
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