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Coxie, have you had a chance to try them on yet? Maybe not the green ones though.....and certainly not the patent leathers, just the regular Arcas.
In comparison to RMWs?
 Landmark or Harbour City? Don't buy in HK, prices are at least 50% more than Euro. Nothing stopping you from getting sized up though. 
They do have Formula 1 and..........nope, cannot think of anything else....maybe easy banking I suppose. Food is okay.
 Lovely!   Is the Florest Jumper actually available in stock or do we have to wait 4 weeks?
 Not crazy at all. I am tossing up on a jumper boot in Florest too. 
^^^ I have the same pair and absolutely love it. Can hardly wait for the weather to cool down and I can break it out again. 
 For Phuket places to eat, the best is always street food. My tip is to go out at night, and just look at the alleyways off the main strips where all the locals are having their dinner. You will find stalls with fresh seafood such as fish, king prawns, lobsters, etc on display and they are reasonably priced and prepared straight away for you. I recommend steamed whole fish in a broth of lime chilli herbs- it will blow your taste buds away.  Alternatively, you could...
Is it me or does the Hiro last look like a French mini baguette? A bit more waste suppression needed IMO.
 Just wondering, were you the same gentleman I spoke to at the Paris Atelier in January this year? And yes, pics of the flint suede please.
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