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 The display shoes seen in photos are usually extravagant showcases, with patent leathers and exotic patinas exarcebated by direct spot lighting. I have been told that 90% of the shoes sold are in the usual black and browns. The RTW is only a very small portion of their sales. For the same price as RTW, customers can MTO and specify the lasts, leather, pipings, soles, patina etc. and current wait time is about 3 months. Corthay will also redo the patina at any time for...
Or my favourite Putain des Palaces layered over Fat Electrician.
What are these devils? Vass?
Tsui Wah is just a short walk from Landmark. The first cha chan teng to list on the stock market I think.I dont know whether they will really bother with Oz. It would certainly be a tough job trying to convince people who prefers the blocky lumpy piece of RMW last over the sleek lines of the Arca last.
Coxie, have you had a chance to try them on yet? Maybe not the green ones though.....and certainly not the patent leathers, just the regular Arcas.
In comparison to RMWs?
 Landmark or Harbour City? Don't buy in HK, prices are at least 50% more than Euro. Nothing stopping you from getting sized up though. 
They do have Formula 1 and..........nope, cannot think of anything else....maybe easy banking I suppose. Food is okay.
 Lovely!   Is the Florest Jumper actually available in stock or do we have to wait 4 weeks?
 Not crazy at all. I am tossing up on a jumper boot in Florest too. 
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