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^^ Oy mate, where is the full body shot?
 Rare to see such a small minded creature. I am sure you can do better.
 Big feet= small nose?
The master of exacting pedantry for things of diminishing marginal relevance. Sort of like economists where the assumption is of all things being equal, when no real world application actually exists where all things can be equal other than on a professors chalkboard.Yup.
 Quite a lot of wear for something resoled (recently?). Do they provide you with a choice of soles? Was thinking of buying some JR soles.
Lol. My problem has been delayed, with the MTO shoe damaged and needs to be remade. Gives me another 6 weeks to figure out how to sneak a pair of navy shoes into a collection of browns...
Crazy but expected. They are pitching price a rung below the EG, Lobbs, Berlutis, Corthay.  Really comfortable boots especially in the composite sole, but IMO ugly like sin.
High end watches=dangerous thing to get in your system. If I remember correctly, Cox once had a Voutilainen. He now rocks SeaGulls!! As for Rolexes, the Submariner craze seems to be sweeping the globe. Thankfully, the size is wrong for me, and I really disliked the ceramic bezel (looks like plastic). Having said that, I know some members can carry the Submariner really well. I recently tried on the platinum President DayDate to get an idea as to the weight, and boy, that...
MTM suit and Charvet? Are you preparing for the wedding day? If so, what shoes?
The colours popped in direct sunlight from windows one metre away on the left side of the pic. Actual colour is one shade darker, varying from tan to burnt caramel. Would not go with navy, but will match all shades of gray.How did you go with Coccinella?
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