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Lol. My problem has been delayed, with the MTO shoe damaged and needs to be remade. Gives me another 6 weeks to figure out how to sneak a pair of navy shoes into a collection of browns...
Crazy but expected. They are pitching price a rung below the EG, Lobbs, Berlutis, Corthay.  Really comfortable boots especially in the composite sole, but IMO ugly like sin.
High end watches=dangerous thing to get in your system. If I remember correctly, Cox once had a Voutilainen. He now rocks SeaGulls!! As for Rolexes, the Submariner craze seems to be sweeping the globe. Thankfully, the size is wrong for me, and I really disliked the ceramic bezel (looks like plastic). Having said that, I know some members can carry the Submariner really well. I recently tried on the platinum President DayDate to get an idea as to the weight, and boy, that...
MTM suit and Charvet? Are you preparing for the wedding day? If so, what shoes?
The colours popped in direct sunlight from windows one metre away on the left side of the pic. Actual colour is one shade darker, varying from tan to burnt caramel. Would not go with navy, but will match all shades of gray.How did you go with Coccinella?
For many, this is a place to relax, to confer in a convivial environment, perhaps an oasis away from the daily grind and shitfights which you seemed keen to inflict upon others.It is only menswear, ain't rocket science.
This gets "better" and "better".
X-post from Corthay thread:
Sorry, my size is 7.5 on JL 9795 last. Corthays definitely run narrow and low, and the Pullman is their widest last. Blind buy is not recommended. There are shops in Hong Kong and Beijing now. The purchase comes with shoes trees and they will touch up the patina at any time for free, the leather is very good for such a flimsy looking shoe, construction is decent, so there is some value to the high price.The service is exceptional, in both HK and Paris.
Starting leather colour is light brown yellowish on the toes. Shades of brown to create a caramel like effect, which will hopefully darken with age for an antiqued effect.This is the Pullman last. Sizing is narrow with low instep. The shoe is size 8. I take size 7.5 on JL 9795, and size 8 on Carmina Rain, EG 888 and 82.
New Posts  All Forums: