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I have one more 30ml portion of TV, so you and foxy may have to draw lots or do a duel. A new TV split will probably only happen in January.Re Noir de Noir, guys, I already have 3 confirmed, so two more spots left only. First in, best smellin'.
The split has proceeded with several flacons. I now have about 100ml left available, plus my own personal stash of course!
^^Complex. Nobody will mistake you for a pretty boy with this one,  but it is strictly for evenings and colder weather only.   Rose, Fortified Port, Black Truffles,Oud. Goes from dark rose to boozy to spicy to woody. Have a spritz at DJs and see what you think.
Hi Guys,   Is there any interest in Tom Ford's Noir de Noir?   Roughly same prices- about $80 plus $10 postage ex Sydney for 30ml.   Need about 5 takers to make this go.   Also a heads-up that stocks of Amber Absolute is getting low, and prices have recently gone up 50%, probably a bit more in AUD terms due to the rising USD. Once the current batch is gone, the next batch will cost heaps more.   Regards Peter
Thanks for the kind words Jason. Just like what you do with your products, I curate only the best stuff on a price per value basis for sharing with members. Watch this space for good fragrances to share without killing the bank account.
Hi Guys TF splits update Tuscan Leather 30 ml $75 plus $10 postage ex Sydney 5 spots remaining Amber Absolute 30 ml $85 plus $10 postage ex Sydney 3 spots remaining. Regards
This works surprisingly well on me too. I have quite an old bottle, not sure if there is a difference due to reformulations?
Thanks for that. I am waiting for sample Kalemat to arrive.My favourite currently is Amber Absolute. I find Tobacco Vanille a bit boring on drydown after three hours. Layer with Oud Wood or Tobacco Oud and it is beautiful.From your SOTDs, I think you will enjoy Memo Shams Oud. Perfect with the approaching cold weather over your part of the globe.
I mean no disrespect and no snarky/sarcastic intention, but I cannot be too optimistic about Australia's future when sports take up such a disproportionate amount of the national psyche. It is like we have nothing much as a nation to rally around other than sporting achievements. On a practical scale, this means a disproportionate amount of funding and resources going into creating athletes, when we should be directing resources at creating engineers, scientists, etc. 
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