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These articles are sounding really hollow and repetitive. Same old arguments. Judge me for what I do, not how I dress (sure, buddy). The tie is dead. Individual self-expression instead of conformism. Anachronistic dress code. Uncomfortable. Anything I have missed? Shallow arguments never ever consider the irony of their assertions, let alone consideration of arguments against. For example, I would wager that more people wear jeans than suits.  Is that not conformism? How...
Silk Mood is pretty different from the usual MFK style. Taste and preference in this forum is quite distinctly polarised. I myself really liked the whole MFK line, and Oud is just divine.But I do agree that MFK prices are slightly over the top.
 Not much variance between all of Loakes lasts eg 026, Capital, etc.  As for fit and sizing, David Jones is your friend.  Loakes usually TTS.
 That is really nice. My impression is lipstick/nail polish, but in a very classy Dior kind of way. 
Slumberhouse Jeke, still quite undecided on whether to go FB. They are out of stock until May, so plenty of time to decide I suppose.
Hilton Hotel lobby, near Town Hall.
Angelique Noire- who would have thought i would find my favorite green frag within Guerlain? Does anyone know whether Guerlain will sell refills for this?
You guys are comparing dick lengths on a public forum in a language you are not fluent in. Just calm down and think about that for a minute.
The MFKs are really pricey though.Guerlain at DJ offering a good deal on L Instant PH, for $113 and you get a gift pack of ladies skin care valued at $115 for your other half.If specifically lemon that you are after, I recently tried L Occitane Lemon Verbena and it is pretty good, although it probably wont last too long on skin.Chanel Pour Monsieur or Dior Eau Sauvage EDT are also workable at a decent price, without letting yourself descend into the addictive madness of...
Tried Angelique Noire again. I really like this. It is competing with Memoir Man for my next FB. Anyone here able to help me decide? My hunch is that you will tell me to get both....sigh....
New Posts  All Forums: