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Today, Aqua Universalis. I smell like the cleanest badass in the world.     Yesterday evening, gave Memo Moon Fever (formerly Moon Safari) another whirl. The vetiver is not so prominent this time round, which is perfect for me!
SOTD: MFK 754   Looks like Memoir Man is well liked here. 
I recently purchased a Hackett tweed hunting jacket, made somewhere in Eastern Europe with Fox Brothers material. The price was Euro 175 without factoring in detax. The construction looks acceptable to my novice eye, the fit was spot on. Given the cost of the materials involved, I could not figure out how on earth any profit could be made on a sale price of Euro175. Would appreciate any comments. Also looked at a three piece navy chalkstripe suit by Hackett, but they were...
I think it is very well done and pretty unique, but i have not tried it on skin, so i still do not know how it will turn out on my skin. I am really partial towards green scents though.
The most unusual note i have encountered so far is shiso leaves in De Bachmakov. One of my friends is of Vietnamese descent, and their family uses shiso leaves in their food. So instead of Russian steppes, the image evoked in my head was Vietnamese home made cuisine. Having mentioned unusual, I have not tried any ELDO yet, and still plucking up my nerve to get near Secretions Magnifique.
L'Incandescent, I think it may have to do with skin chemistry too. The big no no for my skin are rose (turns to a sailva scent), vetiver (turns rancid), cumin (armpits) and one other i cannot remember. For example, i found the opening of Guerlain 68 to be simply stunning, and it was great until the spices started asserting themselves. Same experience with Memo Moon Fever, until the vetiver appeared. I mentioned the Hermessence line as a comparison to the TF lines as these...
For the life of me, i cant seem to appreciate any of the Tom Ford scents. Azure Lime smells like room freshener cum toilet disinfectant. Fleur de Chine (or maybe one of the other three new scents)smells like a poor cousin of Dior 1947 New Look. Shanghai Lily smells like a watered down Gardenia of Chanel and Penhaligons. The Ouds are all meh compared to other better ouds. The Cafe Rose is nauseating. The Noir de Noir has too much icky spice. Tobacco Vanille smells lie Port...
Back in the southern hemisphere today. SOTD Trefle Pur- the green green grass of home.
SOTD Atelier Cologne Gold Leather. A powerhouse that keeps going and going all day long. Definitely a no go on a warm day.
Right wrist= MFK Oud. Left wrist= Memo Sham's Oud. A case of clean oud versus dirty oud. Very interesting contrast. I think the clean oud by MFK is a bit more wearable. One day I will try a Jekyll and Hyde version by spraying each version on me, and see what reactions I get.
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