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Waxed surfaces eg toe and heels protect the leather from scratches and scuffs, for example, when your shoe edge brushes against the other shoe. Cumulative effect over years is significant. I am sure PB will find a point to debate, which is inevitable once an opinion is entrenched. I should also mention colouring and antiquing effects of creams and such.
It is human nature to take down the person that is better.  It is called envy. It is also human nature to ostracize a person that is different. It is called ignorance. Dressing above work norm ignites both natures. 
 I am totally lost here.  My music evolution when from church hymms, children songs, pop songs, British New Wave, techno, rock, and then....operas and classical.  Somehow along the way I missed the memo on R & B/Rap.  I do like Eminem though :-)  This looks like a job for meSo everybody just follow meCause we need a little controversyCause it feel so empty without me
Agreed. Still undecided over the EDP. Sometimes morph into Bandaid smell.I like this. Took several tries, but this is getting rather more interesting than Endymion, BB or Sartorial.
Eau Sauvage EDT or EDP?
^^^ A lot of work.  Start from top. Collar gap, shoulders too wide, shoulders uneven (dropped right shoulder I suspect), so you see some fabric pulling on the left chest near button.  Excess fabric on rear arms, see bunching fabric at top of arms. I am not an expert, so these are small things I can see with amateur eyes. Something might be wrong with armhole too, but cannot see clearly from pics.
You dont say, get otter here!
Did any one of you young dashingly cladded lads score with ze ladies?
If the objective is to impress chicks, perhaps OP will have more useful feedback asking in ladies forum eg vogue etc.
Geez Oli, you never learn, do you?
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