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Finsbury Epsom. Leather from Tannery de Puy, English Dainite Soles. 
 Coming from the school of "hard to fit", I totally understand your frustration. Took me three years to finally nail the right fit. If I may venture to guess, you have had a lot of time in sneakers and comfy shoes. That needs to be unlearned. Tight, as other posters have pointed out, is correct. For most lay people (that means 99% of shoe buyers), they will never buy a correct fitting shoe because it will feel too tight. Perhaps you might watch out for these indicators: 1....
Surprisingly versatile pair of shoes
A good fit is when all the air in the shoe goes woosh when you slip your feet in, and you feel the shoe hugging your feet like a glove. It will feel snug, especially at the back of the heel, but the paradox is that you wont feel like you are wearing a shoe at all. Definitely no heel slip.
Now this is just plain weird.
Starting to sound creepy again....
I was reliably informed that you need to spot the Adam's Apple. But then I have also been informed that these can now be surgically removed.
LOL, for some reason, Peter Slipper comes to mind!
4 engine components (from memory), hence low maintenance. Even and consistent torque, acceleration below 8s. No need to top up fluids (not sure about brakes). No getting gouged by petrol companies. Range is sufficient for city driving. Probably will look really good too.Not sure what AUD pricing would be, but to me, a near absolute no brainer.
 Wait for Tesla Model 3.
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