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 If they are gonna tell porkies, at least have the courtesy to do a decent job. A Chinese billionaire handing out fake Rolexes to government officials will be unusual. The watches are probably the President DayDates in gold, white gold or platinum, and if it is the platinum, the weight of the watch will instantly be noticeable.
Glenkaren Cleaner and ConditionerSaphir Cognac CreamCollonil Diamante Burgundy CreamGlenkaren Dark Brown PolishLots of brushing
Thank you. Original color is tan, which you can see at the tip of the shoe tongue. I need to find time to work on the toetips and brogue lines next.
4 years old pair.....
So what??? The plural of anecdote is not data.
As our esteemed pedagogue says, quality stands by itself. I say bullshit, lets debate that. Secondly, it is poor form to twist words to suit an argument. No one is suggesting cost or price are the only things that matter. On the contrary, our keeper of the thread is suggesting that quality is the ONLY thing that matters. Selective blindness at its best. To a man with a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.
Then I think get the new one. It can mark your significant moment, you know what I mean...
 Price differential? 
 First paragraph: the point is in response to your own comments on price, that some bespoke is cheaper than RTW. As you have noted, it is neither here nor there. That much we are agreed on. Budapest, Poland, Mexico whatever other places, have you factored in the cost of getting there and staying there, in addition to the sticker price? Second paragraph: The vast majority settles for well enough, both in terms of fit AND construction, because of factors such as price,...
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