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You misunderstood RKLan. He wants to make the topic singularly on the PS only.
Yes, you are right, well done.
Excellent comment. The verbosity from LonerMatt is as predictable as it is dross. The internet is rife with these characters, whose replies will scale at an exponential level until they clog up the whole forum.
 Pho christ sakes, here we go again...
Let's just dispel this popular myth- that work that one does is the overriding factor in terms of perception. It is not- welcome to the real world. Most employees are fungible- that is, the work that they do can always be done by someone else. Unless one has a unique skill that is non-replaceable and essential, then work performance per se is just a small part of the equation. If the talented and gifted employee (who is nevertheless substitutable) causes discomfort and...
Please do tell.
SOTD: MFK 754. Wife used to love this. Now that her nose is used to Tom Ford's stuff such as Tuscan Leather and Amber Absolute, her reaction this morning was "smells like laundry detergent, what is it?"
Since there is a surprising lack of interest on Tobacco Vanille, I will scratch that. After completing the AA split, I can host another Tuscan Leather decant split. Prices will be the same as AA split.
Just responding to inquiries, and taking advantage of my supplier before he clues up and start jacking up prices. Personally, I dont see what the big deal is with TV. I get the same smell from sniffing Port Royal tobacco.
Okay. I can secure Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille for $150 plus postage ex Sydney for 50 mL in generic glass sprayer bottles. 4 spots. Any takers?
New Posts  All Forums: