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Maybe check out MFK 754 at Bergdorfs.  Only available at Paris mainstore, online and Bergdorfs.
Today, back to old trusty- Egoiste.
I probably could not put them on. Everything would be swelling....
Totally agree. Some cashmere sweaters/vest or a cashmere/wool coat, plus scarf are more than adequate to deal with "winter" in Sydney. Given the weather, it is puzzling why menfolk in Sydney do not dress more like the Italians.
When I was a fresh graduate, I had a grand total of 2 suits, and one of them was black.  Matters sartorial did not even register on the radar in terms of priority. Found it a hassle to always have to replace cheap shoes in those days. To answer bluntly, you only NEED one suit.  The boss wont care, the judge wont care, and the clerk counter certainly could not give two toss.
A bit too lazy to write up in full on recent trip to Paris.  So just a quick summary:   Carmina had sales- but prices still higher than online shop. Realised happily that Soller last is a good fit.  Also half converted wife who tried on a pair and said it was really comfortable. Edward Green had stuff on for 25% off, but nothing in my size I liked.  Had a browse of Emling shoes and Corthay shoes.  Waaaay too narrow for me.   Charvet had no sales, but somehow ended up...
Looks like the Soller last?
How much?  Please PM me.
Re balenciaga PH, the incense part is intriguing, but the patchouli is scaring me away.BTW, anyone can recommend a good fragrance with myrrh and frankincense?This evening, IUNX Splash Forte. Giacobetti has somehow managed to tune down the cumin on this, which is fortunate as my skin chemistry usually turns cumin into armpits whiffiness.
For a change, Endymion today.  I can see why people will like this, but it is bordering on boring to me.
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