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True, but would not help the inventor either.
Nah PoP, all you need is to own the patent on it, or be an exclusive distributor.
I much prefer Tobacco Oud to Tobacco Vanille to be honest. It does not project as much. It can be challenging for some. On my first try, I got the impression of a dirty damp shaggy dog around a BBQ. Luckily my missus has a more refined nose and told me to try it again. One possible issue is that TO is rather "thin" and sharp, as the booze accentuates the tobacco and it is dry with very little sweet elements to round it up. Layering with Oud Wood produces spectacular...
Tom Ford splits update: The Noir de Noir was decanted today and tested. Firstly, NdN smells much better on lower temperature days. If you have tried it in recent weather here, I highly recommend another go when the weather is cooler. The juice color was surprising- it is clear and lighter than Tuscan Leather when one would have expected it to be thick dark and syrupy. You will definitely smell the rose, but not the feminine lipstick rose of grandma, but a dark and dusky...
All 5 are now available. Oud Wood will take two weeks.  To minimise risks of loss/damage/mishandling by Aust Post, each decant should be mailed in separate parcels. If you are in Sydney, you can collect from me at Town Hall. PM me and we can work out details.
I wouldn't know, never tried dragging burnt ash before.
 There is a clear difference in smells between tobacco and burnt ash.   
Oh my goodness, how the hell did I miss Italian Cypress? It should be perfect for our current hot weather! Ok guys, I am going to do some testing over the next few days with Italian Cypress. If it passes the test, and if I can source it for a good price, then it will go up as a split. JimmyHoffa, you should post more. Dont forget that you can layer the scents and different combos to give you interesting results. Oud Wood with Tobacco Vanille for instance.
Not labelled. Just clear glass perfume sprayer bottles. You can just stick a small round label on the top or at the bottom for easy ID, but generally, you can tell which is which just from the color of the juice. 
All decants are standard 30ml. No shrinkage when you deal with me :-)
New Posts  All Forums: