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Bourbon Cordovan, hmmm, not that much difference from Saddle Shell. Great boots though.
Under Herring shoes, in the Classic range, both Knightsbridge and Hampstead are made on the 026 last, which is a Loake last. The Capital last and the 026 are similar. There is a chat facility, so you can just ask them for details.
Loake no longer allow online retailers to ship to Australia. Loake 1880 range is decent, a bit stiff and harder to break in, and lasts are slightly blobby, but that is just a matter of taste. Some of the Herring branded shoes are made by Loake, usually on the 026 and Capital lasts. Unlike Loake, Herring shoes can be shipped to Australia. I suggest you go to Enrico Santi to get fitted properly. Or get Kazuna to make a Made to Measure - turnaround time is six weeks though.
If you know your last and sizing, I think Herring Shoes has items fitting your budget. Enrico Santi on Pitt Street carry Loakes at okay prices, but not sure of their range of 1880s. Dont buy Loake Shoemaker, stick to 1880s. Kazuna MTM may also be an option, but price is slightly above $400.If you dont know sizing, stay away from Meermin and other online offerings.
Why derby may I ask?
Lol, indeed! Even the outlet prices in Paris made my eyes water. But hope springs eternal- the little birdie at the store tells me prices are better in Italian outlets.And on that score, lets not get started with Brunello Cuccinelli's prices.....
Is it Corlection on Pitt Street?
Canali suit?
It works to remove polish, not hard layers of wax on a mirror shine. Like I said, try it. I have and it worked a charm. The basic idea is to use a higher concentration of solvent present in neutral wax paste.Before you sprout off saying someone is wrong, maybe you can try finding out the composition of Saphir Neutral Wax. Since you have studied chemistry, I am sure you know the effect of adding more beeswax to a mixture, and the effect on the color of the paste. Hint: the...
The solvent dissolves everything, which allows you to rub it off. It is really that simple. Like I said, try it.
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