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 For what it is worth, English proficiency in Japan is frustratingly poor. And the Japanese language is difficult to learn. Add the cultural differences, and sometimes just ordering a cup of coffee will be a big hassle. Charming at first, but starts to grate towards the end of a long and hectic trip. On top of that, the lack of actual space- just look at the size of the seats in any coffee joint or bar or even bus stops! We have a slight advantage because we can identify...
In any case, have an awesome time!
 Nightmare might be overstating it. Most of the time would be spent on transport in transit, lugging bags, waiting, etc rather than spending time in a particular location to really wind down and relax. One would have a frantic time, ticking off stuff from checklists, rushing meals (some superb restaurants and eateries in Japan), wishing for more time at a particular location, packing and unpacking, etc, which fits into my idea of a nightmare vacation. 2 days in Tokyo is...
10 days for Tokyo alone would be insufficient. 4 cities and a carve out to Nara in 10 days sounds like a nightmare vacation to me.
 Never thought that Pinot will go well with pizza. Then I am always partial to Shiraz, and in the case of Pizzas, beers.
 The display shoes seen in photos are usually extravagant showcases, with patent leathers and exotic patinas exarcebated by direct spot lighting. I have been told that 90% of the shoes sold are in the usual black and browns. The RTW is only a very small portion of their sales. For the same price as RTW, customers can MTO and specify the lasts, leather, pipings, soles, patina etc. and current wait time is about 3 months. Corthay will also redo the patina at any time for...
Or my favourite Putain des Palaces layered over Fat Electrician.
What are these devils? Vass?
Tsui Wah is just a short walk from Landmark. The first cha chan teng to list on the stock market I think.I dont know whether they will really bother with Oz. It would certainly be a tough job trying to convince people who prefers the blocky lumpy piece of RMW last over the sleek lines of the Arca last.
Coxie, have you had a chance to try them on yet? Maybe not the green ones though.....and certainly not the patent leathers, just the regular Arcas.
New Posts  All Forums: