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Anybody interested in 50mL decants of Tom Ford Tuscan Leather?   Glass bottle decants, with small TF labels, price around $140 plus shipping.   3 spots only.  Need answer before Friday.
SOTE Le Labo Patchouli 24. Hardly any patchouli, lots and lots of smoke, intertwined with leather, but then proceed to disappoint with a sweet vanillic drydown. Would much prefer a drier, woodsy drydown. Probably wont get lots of compliment wearing this, but people will certainly be intrigued. Quite close to FB worthy, currently running fourth behind Tuscan Leather, Memoir Man and Lubin Idole. How would Rien fare in this battle? Stay tuned.
Touche. A shout to local Australian talent- have you tried stuff by Mark Evans of Evocative Perfumes yet?
Gentlemen, the conversation has been electrifying. I was half expecting Ernesto or PoP to play with the word "discharge"....
Just across the border, we had a hot day in Sydney. Time for the boring citruses. For me SOTD= Trefle Pur by Atelier Cologne. Brings to mind the green green grass of....wherever.
Did you let allow time, preferably 24 hours, for the Glen Karen cleaner to dry and be absorbed by the shoe?
Sadly could not make it to the sale. If you ever wish to sell your Knize Ten, please contact me.
Anyone here tried Montale Aoud Leather?   SOTD: Tom Ford Tobacco Oud. Still deciding whether this is FB worthy.   Also ordered some ELDO samples. Extremely curious on Rien, Rien Intense, Afternoon of the Faun and Tom of Finland. 
I guess the perfumes are useless now because nothing will ever cover that amount of stink.
Who? What? Where? When? How?
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