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 Glenkaren is a healthy alternative.  Much more work though, but pleasing results. Thin latex gloves minimizes wastage, as the stuff is not soaked into the cloth or brush when being applied.
It is possible you are overthinking the whole thing. They are shoes, just enjoy them, and the choice of shoe care maintenance stuff will be discovered by you bit by bit depending on your usage. As a minimum, get a conditioner cleaner such as Renovateur, black and brown cream and clear neutral paste wax. Old tshirts, wife/girlfriends stockings, thin latex gloves and two brushes. That should do just fine.
That is a bit over the top, mate.
I have a similar black color tie with white motifs. Works very well in monochrome grey suit, white shirt, white PS, black belt and black shoes (right up your alley wurger). Oh yes, silver watch with black leather straps.
I would suggest Saphir Hermes Red, then dark brown cream.
One year old burgundy shell brogues.  
I have been trying to nick his Lindricks for ages. Kinda difficult to hack the safe-combination to the vault....
 Thanks for the pics. Gee, that's a nice last, much nicer than I imagined, and looks better than all the photos I have seen on the net. Looks pretty well worn too, not mothered to death like the shoes you see in other SF threads. BTW, deets on the jacket, if you may.
 Thanks Cox. Cognac shell- I think these might be the ones (photo stolen from Gerry Nelson)  The saddle shell boot is in Oscar last.  I have been told it is very similar to the Soller last, so it should fit fine, if not a big more snug. It is not MTO, just RTW, so no storm welting, and comes in IMO the worse possible sole, dainite. Absolutely useless in heavy rain or snow. Eventually, several years down the line, I will need to send them back to Carmina to refurbish with...
Well, I was thinking of using the boots for anything other than CBD. They can go with grey suits, flannels/SC combo, chinos, jeans, etc. Also for rainy weather wear (all of 5 days per year in Sydney I think). I already have a pebble grain boot with commando sole, which has done heavy duty for several years during trips to HK or Paris. Lots of walking daily, in rain and in snow. The leather did not really age gracefully (probably quality related issues) but the usual...
New Posts  All Forums: