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 Don't expect too much, Sydney is not quite sartorial heaven.
For some inexplicable reason, the women folk really dislike this. I was close to getting an EDP FB but my wife put her foot down....HARD!!
So I guess no tweed and oud for you in the next few weeks? 
Thank you for your kind words GF. It is a perfect day in Sydney for either Noir de Noir or Amber Absolute. It appears that I am pretty much set where clothing and shoes are concerned. So 2015 will be a year of concentrating on my job. Wishful thinking I know...
Is that what they mean by getting a boner?
Nice. For me, way too warm to be horsing around.
True, but would not help the inventor either.
Nah PoP, all you need is to own the patent on it, or be an exclusive distributor.
I much prefer Tobacco Oud to Tobacco Vanille to be honest. It does not project as much. It can be challenging for some. On my first try, I got the impression of a dirty damp shaggy dog around a BBQ. Luckily my missus has a more refined nose and told me to try it again. One possible issue is that TO is rather "thin" and sharp, as the booze accentuates the tobacco and it is dry with very little sweet elements to round it up. Layering with Oud Wood produces spectacular...
Tom Ford splits update: The Noir de Noir was decanted today and tested. Firstly, NdN smells much better on lower temperature days. If you have tried it in recent weather here, I highly recommend another go when the weather is cooler. The juice color was surprising- it is clear and lighter than Tuscan Leather when one would have expected it to be thick dark and syrupy. You will definitely smell the rose, but not the feminine lipstick rose of grandma, but a dark and dusky...
New Posts  All Forums: