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Yes gentlemen, we know the answer is 42.
If there are 3 to 4 participants taking 50mL each, I might be able to arrange something. Price is $140 plus postage ex-Sydney.
Yes, heard about the Hibiki. I have a relative who is an insider in Suntory, and even she cannot get her hands on a bottle of Hibiki at staff price. I was lucky to get the Yamazaki because she pulled some strings. We need a Sydney meetup in one of those obnoxious and ostentatious club with leather upholstery and wood panelling served by stiff-lipped butlers in tuxedo. Dress up, chat over some of these lovely whiskeys, sniff some good fragrances, smoke a cigar or three,...
It is quite close to beer o'clock. PS is handy for wiping beer spillages, I suppose. Never tried the anCoc 16yo yet. Still going through a Yamazaki (this is really smooth) and a Bowmore. 
If I gave you the impression of being dismissive, then please accept my apologies. I have already explained my meaning and intent, but apparently that is still not sufficient for you. You do get worked up over very minor issues. It manifests itself in your language, expletives and insults. I do sincerely suggest you work on that. 
 Take a sedative and calm down. The only problem with you is that you take things personally when it is not intended to be. Welcome to the real world is a figure of speech, which could mean a variety of things, depending on context. In the context of my post, it is not mean to dismiss your experiences as unreal. It is mean to say that what we wish for in an ideal world is very different from what we actually get in the real world. I thought the Van Halen example would have...
 Thanks Cox for clarifying, and thus saving me from the distasteful  task. An interesting story on perspective: There is a case study about a successful rock band, I think it was Van Halen. In their contracts with promoters of life concerts, Van Halen always insist on a clause which stipulates that a bowl of M&M's be provided daily at some spot backstage. A subclause also stipulates that there must be no brown M&Ms in the bowl, EVER, not even one.  Just like the case of...
Today tried Tom Ford Costa Azzura. Nice opening, immediately reminded me of beach, sand and saltwater, but the drydown hmmmm....let's just say that this is a very expensive version of Acqua Di Gio. Not impressed with the latest TF offerings.
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