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Starting to sound creepy again....
I was reliably informed that you need to spot the Adam's Apple. But then I have also been informed that these can now be surgically removed.
LOL, for some reason, Peter Slipper comes to mind!
4 engine components (from memory), hence low maintenance. Even and consistent torque, acceleration below 8s. No need to top up fluids (not sure about brakes). No getting gouged by petrol companies. Range is sufficient for city driving. Probably will look really good too.Not sure what AUD pricing would be, but to me, a near absolute no brainer.
 Wait for Tesla Model 3.
Baller quote: "cuffs should be around 17.5 inches." That is roughly 3 inches above the knee. Radical.
Waiting for more pics of Calos Santos in Florest patina.
I posted on briefcases recently. The Filson is a solid choice. If you are thinking of getting something all leather, and you plan to use it for a long time, then get something lined in suede instead of fabric/textile, because once the fabric tears, it is difficult to repair.
 A link below on handmade watches. Everything is REALLY made by hand. Less than 10 made per year.  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2572642/The-Ratners-repairman-makes-worlds-exclusive-watches-500-000-spend-Dont-mind-waiting-eight-years-Its-time-visit-great-British-eccentric.html This caught my fancy recently, but missus wants a couch, so yeah.... 
Kinda difficult to fit a mattress in the Countach. A panel van, on the other hand....
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