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 Thanks mymil. I use a damp cloth as you have suggested, then follow up with wife's old nylon stockings. Works a charm. I am just wondering whether a little bit of wax polish will work on shell to prevent the water spots.
Thanks. I have a similar pair (saddle shell Oscar) for about 9 months. Lots of brushing to get rid of the water stains.  So I take it that you got water stains initially, but this problem went away as the boot ages?
 Nice. Do they still get water stains from rain after 3 years?
 Be careful, some people actually enjoy that. The traditional instrument was usually a cane, but I suppose we need to move with the times.
 Dont look at me. If someone wants to get personal and pick a fight for no reason, it is kinda unAustralian to let him go unsatisfied. 
 Who said you were wrong? About what in particular?
If you are not sure you follow, we can happily have a discussion. But if you wish to be an asshole, then please feel free to indulge by yourself.
Australia has such an abundance of natural resources that its inhabitants may have become lazy and unmotivated to move up the value chain. We export woodchips to Japan by the tonne and then import fine paper back from them by the grams. Ditto iron ore and steel. Ditto bauxite and aluminum. Ditto wool and cloth. Then we have the tall poppy syndrome, ensuring that none of our top brains and entrepreneurs get any funding and support up the value chain. We had...
 I thought the blonde was lesbian. Darn... Anyhow, it is possible that the factory has covered up the defect with colored cream/wax, and the layer has just dropped off. Best of luck in any case. I think it can be fixed with a little bit of paint and burnishing, so not quite end of the world.
It does not look like you have scratched them, based purely on observing the pattern. There are no lateral scratch lines or such. The marks looked like they have been sandpapered off. If you have been dragging your toes on tarmac, you will also see scratches on the welt, which are absent in this case.  Perhaps you have been too engrossed in playing twinky toes under the table during morning meeting with that lovely brunette from accounts.
New Posts  All Forums: