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 A link below on handmade watches. Everything is REALLY made by hand. Less than 10 made per year.  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2572642/The-Ratners-repairman-makes-worlds-exclusive-watches-500-000-spend-Dont-mind-waiting-eight-years-Its-time-visit-great-British-eccentric.html This caught my fancy recently, but missus wants a couch, so yeah.... 
Kinda difficult to fit a mattress in the Countach. A panel van, on the other hand....
 Wait until 31 March for Tesla Model 3....unless you need somewhere to crash tonight, so to say....
 Reminds me of a recent translation bungle from a HK vendor. The Cantonese phrase for handmade was translated as "Made from Hands." It does not get more authentic than that.
No doubt you will specify that the robots must be made by hand.  Auction it off to the hipsters, pay off the mortgage.
 A friend of mine years ago was extolling the virtues of watches made entirely by hand, even the parts, which I was skeptical of. Even if possible, not sure I would prefer the inexactness of hand work compared to machine precision in something like a watch. Just rather curious about it.
 On a related note, I cannot understand the fascination for watches "made entirely by hand."  Could someone explain this to me?
 I suppose a tongue pad may fix the problem if it eventuates. I have the same problem with low instep. BTW nice shoes, waiting for more comments on how they wear.
 Fantastic boots @RogerP  Close to drooling with envy.
 With the lacing being so close together, I suspect you might find these too roomy once the shoe breaks in.
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