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Tuscan Leather- just a few more portions availableTobacco Vanille- availableNoir de Noir- just a few more portions availableAmber Absolute- available 30ml portions at $75 ($90 for Amber) plus postage ex Sydney. PM me if you are interested.
Yes, apologies my bad. Charvet definitely.
For drooling, do Aubercy. Stated previously, for good prices on menswear, take the RER A to La Vallee outlets, which is just one stop from EuroDisney (abt 1/2 hour trip).  Parisian Gentleman has a few names such as Hartford etc. But you are there during non-sales season, so prices will only be so-so unless the Euro takes a big tumble. You are in the 16th arrondisement, which is quite close to Cifonelli on Rue Marbeuf, which also has Smalto. Le Bon Marche is a better choice...
Jacksons Landing (top of Pyrmont) is quite a good area. There is a bus directly into the CBD, or you can walk across the Darling Harbour bridge, or cycle there. Once the light rail is extended, you can take light rail directly into the CBD too. Good amenities and parks. Not sure about schools though. You could get a two-bedder there for about $850 to $900. Forget about the townhouses though, they rent for over $1k per week.
 Don't expect too much, Sydney is not quite sartorial heaven.
For some inexplicable reason, the women folk really dislike this. I was close to getting an EDP FB but my wife put her foot down....HARD!!
So I guess no tweed and oud for you in the next few weeks? 
Thank you for your kind words GF. It is a perfect day in Sydney for either Noir de Noir or Amber Absolute. It appears that I am pretty much set where clothing and shoes are concerned. So 2015 will be a year of concentrating on my job. Wishful thinking I know...
Is that what they mean by getting a boner?
Nice. For me, way too warm to be horsing around.
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