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The split toe is gorgeous. Live fit pics when you can, please.
Sizing a bit tricky. I am between UK 7.5 and UK 8, and my correct size is 7 for this shoe. At size 7, the length allowance for the toes in the toe box is only a few mm. Width is normal, instep slightly high.
Finsbury Epsom. Leather from Tannery de Puy, English Dainite Soles. 
 Coming from the school of "hard to fit", I totally understand your frustration. Took me three years to finally nail the right fit. If I may venture to guess, you have had a lot of time in sneakers and comfy shoes. That needs to be unlearned. Tight, as other posters have pointed out, is correct. For most lay people (that means 99% of shoe buyers), they will never buy a correct fitting shoe because it will feel too tight. Perhaps you might watch out for these indicators: 1....
Surprisingly versatile pair of shoes
A good fit is when all the air in the shoe goes woosh when you slip your feet in, and you feel the shoe hugging your feet like a glove. It will feel snug, especially at the back of the heel, but the paradox is that you wont feel like you are wearing a shoe at all. Definitely no heel slip.
Now this is just plain weird.
Starting to sound creepy again....
I was reliably informed that you need to spot the Adam's Apple. But then I have also been informed that these can now be surgically removed.
LOL, for some reason, Peter Slipper comes to mind!
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