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Hi AlexInterested in the sportscoat. Could you give me measurements for shoulder to shoulder, and sleevelengths please?RegardsPeter
Not sure that this is called for.
Unfortunately it is goddarn difficult to get stock at good prices. We will be rueing missing out on the opportunity in January this year.If anyone wants any of the other 4 Tom Ford splits, please note stock is running low, and once out, we will need minimum numbers to get going again.
Ohh, you mean THAT Charlie? The big Fortescue Mining high conviction iron ore bull?? That Charlie?
Sounds like Freehills to me. Difficult firm to deal with.
Better bangs for the bucks you mean?
If it fits and you like it, then tell Carmina to get stuffed.
Dont kop. Not a clean fit/drape for that price, and does not look like a cheap alteration job.
Do the burnt orange tweed, seriously.
I am pretty sure, 100% sure in fact, that you can say the same thing about private debt. But I do not wish to debate that with you on a clothing forum, if you dont mind. 
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