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 I suggest you don't use black cream. It will be messy. But you can remove excess cream by simply rubbing with neutral wax. The shoe will darken in time. Just do your normal regime, but it will take time. You can burnish the toes and the heels/hind quarters with black/dark brown wax. Just apply wax thin layer by thin layer. If you wish to darken the rest of the shoe, then use alternate layers of burgundy cream, mid brown and dark brown cream. Layers must be very thin. 
 It is just doublespeak for public transport. 
 Look on the bright side. Free carwash.
 Carmina is neither unique French fashion nor cheap in Paris (compared with the website direct). If you get there during the sales season, you can get affordable things in Paris. Of course, it is highly dependent on what you mean by "affordable".
Mate, stop carrying on like the Queen.There is an information asymmetry, and people sometimes foolishly use price as a proxy for quality. Purveyors of women luxury goods have acted on this for ages.What exactly is so perplexing that you feel compelled to carry on and on about this issue?
   Nothing new folks, just the same 4 TFs if anyone is still interested:Tuscan LeatherAmber AbsoluteTobacco VanilleNoir de Noir
 I don't see why painted shoes cannot be made with high quality leather. Corthay comes to mind as an example.
What's up doc?
Dont worry about renomat. There are two simple and cheap ways to remove excess wax/polish, and both involves knowledge of basic chemistry. First cheapo way is just to use a rag soaked in vodka. Second cheapo way is to use neutral wax polish, as neutral wax contains a higher proportion of solvents versus wax and pigments. Neither product will damage leather or strip dyes. Voila!
My work is done for today.
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