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 Don't think so. Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Phillipines, India, China are just a few countries that comes to mind.In many of these places, long-sleeve shirts and slacks without tie is already over the border of formality.
 Some of the Herring branded shoes are made by Loakes. Just check the last specifications. You can also just contact Herring directly to get the full details. If you are dead set on Loakes, then use an overseas shipping proxy. Loakes has prohibited all its overseas distributors from shipping directly to Australia, I presume to protect the local Loake distributors. Enrico Santi on Pitt Street in Sydney sells Loakes, often at reasonable markdowns (but still dearer than...
I find that unlined jackets help immensely against the humid heat.A loose weave cotton/linen blend I find works better than pure linen.Unbuttoned the jacket to improve air circulation, ditch the tie if possible.Also agree, grenadine and knits totally screams SF brigade. No personality.
Dont think you will need padded shoulders. Both colors sound great.
Agree. IMO there is too much herdthink apparent in SF over all these years. Most of the fits are frankly getting really boring, not because they are bad, but basically from sheer repetition of a few basic themes. Not helped when subjective opinions of "ugly" gets delivered "caustically"- a deliberate attempt to be obnoxious is a bit stale.
Are the LBM sizing consistent? If I remember correctly, you are size 36. What is the shoulder and length measurements on yours?On a side note, looking forward to some new Caruso and Maco suits arriving. Hopefulky minimal alterations rquired.
 Are you happy with the two shirts you ordered? If so, you now have the exact measurements. Send them off to Luxire.
Old shoe box- free.Old tshirts- free.Large horsehair brush from Florsheim- A$20.Small brush from anywhere- $5.Get waxes, creams and polishes from which stocks both Glenkaren and Saphir.Baller shoes.
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