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 TL just pipped by Amber Absolute. AA is like great food for the nose, an olfactory delight. Oh BTW, apparently TL smells like cocaine, not that I would have a clue....
^^^ That looks like a defect. I would not accept it if it was full price merchandise. BTW I have the same shoes. Makes me happy just looking at them.
Where was the sale? Any more 1740 left?
I found Bulgari Black to be a bit screechy on the synthetics.
In gaming parlance, we have SDFP- stands for standard dragon fighting position.On SF, we have SSFP- stands for standard SF pose.Nice suit BTW.
I do Admire your tact.
Stop watching and chasing tail. You are about to get married.
Pretty good. Armholes need to be higher for a slimmer silhoutte, or quarters need to be wider to balance it out. Currently looks hippie top heavy IMO.
Thanks for that. I have not heard you comment on this before. How would you describe it? My impression is that the clean and dirty accords are just so well balanced and intriguing throughout the entire development of the scent.Edit: ignore above, just read your post on AA. Today, shout out to Mark Evans of Evocative Perfumes. The Jasmin Sambac is really voluptuous, and the new Cologne for Alice is absolutely stunning and long lasting for a cologne.
SOTD: Tuscan Leather. Enough said about this. Everyone loves the leather, some dislike the raspberry. My experience is that if I dab it on, the leather is much more pronounced and the raspberry is muted, whereas if I spray, the raspberry is more pronounced than the leather until the drydown stage when the leather takes over again. This is an all year round scent which is great. Only gripe is the linearity and lack of complexity. For that I go for Absolute Fantastique aka...
New Posts  All Forums: