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Ohh, you mean THAT Charlie? The big Fortescue Mining high conviction iron ore bull?? That Charlie?
Sounds like Freehills to me. Difficult firm to deal with.
Better bangs for the bucks you mean?
If it fits and you like it, then tell Carmina to get stuffed.
Dont kop. Not a clean fit/drape for that price, and does not look like a cheap alteration job.
Do the burnt orange tweed, seriously.
I am pretty sure, 100% sure in fact, that you can say the same thing about private debt. But I do not wish to debate that with you on a clothing forum, if you dont mind. 
You dont look like a 48 GF. I am a size 38/48. Unless you mean size 48/58.  Which MTM route?
Not getting into an argument, just an observation that perhaps there is a slight difference between public and private debt at a micro level at least. Private debt that I incur, say a mortgage debt, is non-recourse against my successors and children. Public debt incurred today must be paid by successive generations. Is that a red herring argument or a valid point? Curious.
A mark of a true gentlemen, existence of which is increasingly threatened by keyboard CroMagnons.
New Posts  All Forums: