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You should try taking the subway in NY, Paris, Tokyo or Moscow during winter, then come back and tell us warm is not needed anymore.
Not a fancy image to carry in my head going into lunch hour. 
@crdb Excellent piece. My recos: Amouage - Memoir Man MFK- Oud, Cologne Pour Le Soir, Aqua Universalis Forte Memo- Shams Oud, Italian Leather Diptyque- Phylosykos EDP Or you could just rock Aventus with the masses.
Acqua di Gio not really citrus, it is aquatic. The problem with aquatic is they all smell the same eg Issey Miyake, Cool Water, etc. If you keep at this hobby long enough, you will probably also be bored of citrus too eventually! Just keep trying loads of stuff. A cheaper hobby than shoes.
^^^ Ha, same here, and in the evening I topped up with MdO Cuir, which I am currently besotted with.
Serapian. Bally. St Dupont. Moynat. Maybe Pratesi, not sure. Or you can just bespoke order.
Amouage is incense. If you like citrus, try Maison Francis Kurkdjian's Aqua Universalis or Cologne Pour Le Matin.
 For what it is worth, English proficiency in Japan is frustratingly poor. And the Japanese language is difficult to learn. Add the cultural differences, and sometimes just ordering a cup of coffee will be a big hassle. Charming at first, but starts to grate towards the end of a long and hectic trip. On top of that, the lack of actual space- just look at the size of the seats in any coffee joint or bar or even bus stops! We have a slight advantage because we can identify...
In any case, have an awesome time!
 Nightmare might be overstating it. Most of the time would be spent on transport in transit, lugging bags, waiting, etc rather than spending time in a particular location to really wind down and relax. One would have a frantic time, ticking off stuff from checklists, rushing meals (some superb restaurants and eateries in Japan), wishing for more time at a particular location, packing and unpacking, etc, which fits into my idea of a nightmare vacation. 2 days in Tokyo is...
New Posts  All Forums: