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What started out as a quick visit to Bistro Volnay turned into a two hour diversion at Maison Corthay across the street. In a moment of absolute weakness and bliss, this resulted:
I am staying away for the moment. My bank account cannot withstand the combined might of EG Dover, JL Williams 2 and Skye 2 shells.
Agreed. Dark brown is not the most impressive on first sight, but I found it to be the most versatile, much more than light brown.
$300 per RTW shirt is certainly ambitious, and bemusing, with so many other options around eg a Kazuna MTM. Recently kopped a Hackett shirt in Thomas Mason fabric for a princely Euro70. From memory, even Ascot Chang bespoke is not far off $300, and it will cost $200 with other HK tailors using Mason fabrics.
Firstly, it depends on whether you want a zippered case or a flap/lock or an attaché.IMO, neither Hunt nor Bally are value for money.Hunt stuff are textile lined, which is impossible to repair once it tears. Most of Bally's cheaper lines are also textile lined. Would not matter of course if you don't intend use it for more than a few years. For value for money with zippered cases, I would recommend Serapian when it goes on sale. They make cases for Prada, which sells for...
My first pair of Santoni Goat-Years- fits well....
Nice snaps Coxie. forgot to mention that you might like to stop by a tea house for a warm bowl of matcha.
Yes, love my dry Japanese rice wine from Niigata. And it messes with our internal GPS systems as well.
Still waiting on pics of your new Cucinelli.Have a look at Ring Jacket? Interested to see what you think of them.Your timing is not too good, but I have had good feedback on Hajime in Osaka- fusion of French and Japanese cuisine.In other news, the drop in the AUD versus HKD is keenly felt. A sampling of recent prices- JL William 2 boot, on discount= HKD$12000. Testoni Amedeo half croc norvegese=HKD$11000. Berluti monk strap =HKD$16000. Corthay Arca=HKD$16000. Cucinelli...
Can anyone kindly give me some feedback on St Dupont Ligne D Élysées brown briefcase? Is it durable and does the leather get a good patina over time? Also drooling over Moynat's Juste A Tempes but I think it is way beyond my budget.
New Posts  All Forums: