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 It appears that you might be having issues with certain aspects of marketing, not marketing per se.  After all, getting word out to the public that a product/service exists, is also part of marketing. Surely the knowledge that something you desire actually exists adds value to you, rather than detract from it? I get the gist of what you are saying though. But I reckon you might have cast the net too far on your first go. That's no biggie.
What exactly is intrinsic value?
 Who is this guy??
Folks, be afraid, be very afraid :-)   http://www.news.com.au/finance/business/retail/government-mulls-online-shopping-lockouts-in-gst-crackdown/news-story/19e3cf3d3eb533dcc93293cfeac88db1
This one:  
 I am waiting for the cliche "significant moment" to pull the trigger on a DateJust. The Sub is obviously a good choice (I am nitpicky against the ceramic bezel).  Alternatively, you could wait for the price of precious metals to fall to all time lows, then splurge on a platinum DayDate.
I am really interested in knowing the full list please. BTW expensive watch= convenient way to smuggle loads of money across borders.
Dont forget ratbags, scumbags and douchebags :-)
An obscure Milano maker called Serapian. But wait for sales price, not retail.
Bourbon Cordovan, hmmm, not that much difference from Saddle Shell. Great boots though.
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