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Hey boff, long time no see.  I myself am deciding whether to go to Herman Brothers in Burwood. The cloth selection is decent. The work is done overseas (likely China, but did not ask out of politeness), but alterations are done locally. Pictures look okay, and Herman is receptive to ideas. 2 to 3 fittings. Thinking of doing just a basic navy light construction soft shoulders etc ala PJ. Also BTW, if you are sick of your Slumberhouse Jeke, I will take it off your hands!
Sure, not a problem. The shoes are $1000 and my usual service fee is $5000. Cash upfront by direct deposit. Once funds are confirmed, I will get back to you.
Interesting. Not even this? 
What suits??? Were there suits?? Oh.....
They are having sales now too, and the Yen/AUD cross rate is oh-so-good. Made in Japan Selvedge Jeans?Shoes from Shetland & Fox?Good bottle of nihonshu- the dry stuff from Niigata- Hakkasan is good.Good Japanese whiskey- Bottle of Hibiki, second choice Yamazaki.Canned alpine air? Hello Kitty stuff for the ladyfriend? Kawaii-ne!
Leather looks horrid.
Hi AlexInterested in the sportscoat. Could you give me measurements for shoulder to shoulder, and sleevelengths please?RegardsPeter
Not sure that this is called for.
Unfortunately it is goddarn difficult to get stock at good prices. We will be rueing missing out on the opportunity in January this year.If anyone wants any of the other 4 Tom Ford splits, please note stock is running low, and once out, we will need minimum numbers to get going again.
Ohh, you mean THAT Charlie? The big Fortescue Mining high conviction iron ore bull?? That Charlie?
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