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Agreed.  Not even worth commenting. I work in the same building as a big listed telco and a couple of law firms.  SWD brigade rubs shoulders with suits every day.  Aint no fist fights broken out yet, but probably lots of bitching.
Not really. Scent longevity depends on a number of factors, primarily the particular ingredient in question (eg vanilla and woody notes last longer, citrus not quite as long), your body temperature, the ambient temperature, your skin type, and generally how the scent interacts with your skin.
This evening, Splash Forte. Giacobetti takes you to the edge of, but never crosses into, curry spices. I do enjoy this a lot, but longevity at about 4 hours is a little disappointing.
That obviously depends on the body shape. We have coxsackie as reference though.
You could try to deliver your message without superfluous bluntness and rudeness. Takes minimal skill and effort....
If you can find a tailor with the skill to replicate the TF silhouette at a price less than OTR, than i will be happy to send him all my future business.
Coxsackie, some really nice Tom Ford suits on ebay for around $2500. Decent colors and fabric too, in my size, urggh. Model T Wetherby, really gorgeous, and my wallet is starting to flinch. There's even a dark grey brown in Birdseye weave that could pass Oli's CBD test.
MFK: Aqua Universalis Forte, Absolue Pour Le Matin and 754 are perfume grade summer scents. Atelier Cologne: Grand Neroli and Trefle Pur are also higher concentration absolue. AdP Blue Mediterrano line is nice, but they are not as long lasting as the above stuff. Hope this helps. SOTD: Aqua Vitae
I have heard that Tom Ford suits can be found for under GBP$1000 during sales in England.  I have not found a tailor (yet!) that could replicate the TF silhouette.
Agree. At $2500 price point, one can visit PJ.  You can even get a TF suit if you search hard enough.  Or fly to HK for bespoke. 
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