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Is it Corlection on Pitt Street?
Canali suit?
It works to remove polish, not hard layers of wax on a mirror shine. Like I said, try it. I have and it worked a charm. The basic idea is to use a higher concentration of solvent present in neutral wax paste.Before you sprout off saying someone is wrong, maybe you can try finding out the composition of Saphir Neutral Wax. Since you have studied chemistry, I am sure you know the effect of adding more beeswax to a mixture, and the effect on the color of the paste. Hint: the...
The solvent dissolves everything, which allows you to rub it off. It is really that simple. Like I said, try it.
You need to understand the composition of neutral wax. Wihtout going into too much details, the summary of it is that neutral wax contains a higher proportion of solvents, which acts to dissolve polish. You dont apply gently, rather, you take a dab and then rub vigorously. Dont take my word for it, just try it and tell me what you think.
 You can easily remove polish using neutral wax as it contains a higher proportion of solvent.
Thx for the heads up- picked up a pair of suede craftsman. Surprisingly quite a lot of stock even in the popular sizes, but they were selling out quick.
 Excellent! Time to go shopping for cheap stuff.
 I would just use reno and then wax. Later on you can use cream instead of reno. Neutral cream is fine, otherwise you can just use matching coloured cream. Don't have to put cream on the toes and heels. Looks like these areas are just burnished with layers of wax, probably dark brown wax. You can maintain these easily with just thin layers of wax every now and then. The best care is still treeing, rotating, cleaning and brushing.
 I suggest you don't use black cream. It will be messy. But you can remove excess cream by simply rubbing with neutral wax. The shoe will darken in time. Just do your normal regime, but it will take time. You can burnish the toes and the heels/hind quarters with black/dark brown wax. Just apply wax thin layer by thin layer. If you wish to darken the rest of the shoe, then use alternate layers of burgundy cream, mid brown and dark brown cream. Layers must be very thin. 
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