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Not sure whether this is the correct thread, so apologies upfront.   Need a book recommendation, not fussed whatever genre. Prefer thought provoking ones, rather than just entertainment.   For reference, these are some of my memorable reads (that I can remember):   Life of Pi- Yann Martel The White Tiger- Adiga Aravinda Red Mars- Kim Stanley Robinson (although I dont fancy the overly detailed descriptions) The Professor and the Housekeeper- Yoko Ogawa Dune- Frank...
Wholeheartedly agree.  I would add, being used as they were intended and designed, in the context of the environment of the user.
Yes. Given how busy they must be with both wholesale and retail operations, it is a surprising delight that they still take the time and care to provide good service to individual buyers via telephone.
You and your assumptions.  Who said anything about $1000 shoes?   A further assumption also made on bumbling hack. Putting on a topy aint no rocket science, but a good resoler is hard to find. You may not realise this, so let me give you some advice. Your views are limited by bounded rationality, and the more you allege dogmatism, the more it reflects on you. The classic Man with a Hammer Syndrome. Go read it up.
More Saddle Shell- Oscar Last- color in first photo more accurate:  
Pulled trigger on Carmina Saddle Shell Jumper Boots in Oscar Last.  Fantastic fit, just great! Second photo represents the color more accurately.  Thanks to Cox for your help.  
I am saying that we have cobblers to put on Topy's, but no one skilled enough to do a resoling, hence necessitating sending of shoes halfway round the world for resoling, with attendant costs, risks of loss in transit and delays. I was about to say something rude about your power of comprehension, but I will suggest that you focus on the gist of the message rather than on bits and pieces you are able to refute and ignoring the ones you cant. Yes, fast food is convenient...
Nice soliloquy, have you considered that people who topy may actually not be stupid and may have legitimate reasons for doing so? Have you considered the fact that most countries do not have access to good cobblers? And that most people cannot be arsed packing up and sending shoes away, paying exorbitant postage, and waiting for months on end for the shoes to be returned? How about the convenience of reapplying topys rather than having to replace worn out rubber soles via...
Would you like an applause?
I see, just like putting on a carbra over your Ferrari to avoid stone chips?  Interesting line of reasoning.
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