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Looks like quite a few gents did some shopping over the weekend.   I miraculously came across a few Canali's in the correct size (46R), and God Forbid, the fit was spot on. Other than cuffing and letting out the trousers by 1 cm (moi= big ass with small but tall frame), no other adjustments required. The fabric is difficult to find on OTR, a navy/blue melange with a non-shiny/matte, dry soft hand. Another fabric is a light grey with skyblue pinstripes, also with a...
 It depends on for whom it tolls...
 Agree re above. Also, the pants appear to be draping in an unusual manner. Is that because of the stance?
 My missus tried them on at the store. Surprisingly, she said she liked them, they were comfortable.
 I thought it was JM that coined the phrase: "I will find you, and I will kill you." Nice house JM, congrats. When is the party? 
 Er gad, my eyes!!!!
 I tried Saphir Marron. Did not work as well as the burgundy. It is counterintuitive, I know....in fact, Saphir Hermes Red worked better on tan than Marron. Start with the back heel first as the test area. If something goes wrong, vodka will strip the cream easily
 I found Saphir more difficult to work with than Collonil. It takes longer to dry and is difficult to spread evenly. However, I think the color outcome would be the same, which is close to a rich cognac brown.
 I went through the same mistake. In my case, I removed the old polish with a cloth soaked in some vodka. The cream is just a layer on top of the leather. It should come off quite easily. Try Collonil Diamante Burgundy cream. Easier to apply, and will turn the tan color to a rich darker brown. On the order hand, just keep wearing the shoes and polishing them, and after a few years, you will the get vintage look you are after.
 I would also like to know. Don't think Brices and Coombs do it. I might just ask Coombs again.
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