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Took on L'Incandescent's suggestion today- SOTD vintage Chanel No. 19. Worked out better than I thought.
With respect, I think the comment in bold is hyperbolic.  It also depends on whether you like the fit of MJB. What if you dont? I specifically named PS Byard and Zegna because it is a standard cut with same specs which one can try instore for sizing. The PS petrol blue and navy are almost impossible to find online because they are way too popular. But basic grey is available near all year round (have not looked recently though, so DYOR).  Canali is also a good option, but...
 Paul Smith London "Byard" suits NWT are regularly available on Fleabay for under $500. About 2 years back, during their Friends and Family sale, you can nab a Zegna Couture for $500. Nowadays, they push a lot of stuff through DSO and factory outlets, but you can still score a decent Couture for about $1000. I am only naming the stuff you can get fitted in Australia for the right size and which can then be purchased online. If you get your measurements right, you can score...
 Looking at this reminds me of the latest Coles jingle: "Coles MasterCard, No Annual Fee!"
Thanks. Wife and I agree. So we have eliminated 31 Rue Cambon. Now, we are trying to decide between 1932, Beige and Cuir de Russie. Might also have to try out Beige Parfum before making final decision.
Tried L'Artisan Onde Sensuelle. This is surprisingly good. The opening is typical citrus dominated by the grapefruit. The magic starts after the topnotes fade and the grapefruit links up with the saffron, accentuated by the other warm spices in the midnotes. Then magically, the oud starts to peep out behind the grapefruit saffron notes. The transition from grapefruit to saffron to oud is just really unique. Very well done Mr Duchafour.
Depression is really hard, including impact on family, speaking from first hand experience with close family member. Add in some alcohol dependency, and a vicious cycle develops. Then add in undiagnosed condition for nearly 20 years. Very hard, fucking hard in fact.
I am curious on your list 15 or so great fragrances. Could you share them with us?
Hi, just wondering what is Lindricks and Marlows retail price in HK?
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