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Super easy 3 courseAppetiser: Natural fresh oysters, lemon wedges, tobasco sauce on side.Mains: Grilled salmon fillet without skin. Salad= the 4 leaf bags mentioned by Cox. Do a super duper dressing of honey, balsamic vinegar and mustard. Just mix the dressing and adjust to taste.Dessert: Get a small cake from a shop. Serve with Connoiseur icecreamWine: white for the meal- Margaret River stuff is fantastic.Report back on the win.
Do a simple experiment. Get a person the best fitting bespoke shoes with leather soles and ask him to walk 5 miles in it. Then repeat with the cheapest pair of Nikes. Ask him which would he prefer for the third trip.
I never deny that a good fit is of importance. Neither was the proposition crouched in mutually exclusive terms. If I am taking a long walk, and walking long distances is not a daily or regular occurrence,I wear rubber soles. Wearing leather would just be silly.The same proposition applies to spine and body posture. If you are saying to me that you are getting rid of all your leather sofas and soft cushion, and installing planks in your car seats, then at least you might...
No it is not. There is a world of difference with different soles. For example, the difference between Comfort Soles and leather soles in RM William boots.
$50 at Mister Minute shops in Sydney.
 My application for membership: 
Hi Gents,    Does anyone know what is the price for Rolex Submariner Date 116610LN in Paris?  I know I can call the shops direct, but it is still 2 hours away from opening hours where I am and I am hoping for a quick answer.  FYI price in HK is HK$63,900 without discounts.   Cheers and thanks in advance.
 Do you mean under shirts with suit and tie? Or only in casual wear?
Think of it as tofu with a twist. 
Lol, I was trying to be delicate and I thought tofu would be a good enough clue.It was shirako, I think it was soft roe/milt from cod or even tuna since it was tuna season. In plain English, it was fish sperm.Google shirako images to have a look. It was not too bad taste wise.
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