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How I envy you. I'll just listen again to Cole Porter's I Love Paris... Nothing bought yet? Why not take the RER A out to La Vallee factory outlets? From memory, Hackett stuff is pretty good value. Try on some shoes from Markowski, Septieme Largeur and for some laughs, even Aubercy. RTW Suits from exclusive Paris houses as recommended by Parisian Gentleman. Have a browse at Lander Urquijo in St Germain, unique Spanish menswear. If you are into fragrances, there are stuff...
Tried Amouage Journey today, Man on left wrist, Woman on right wrist. The Sichuan pepper is nicely done on the top notes of Journey Man, and the incensey woodsy drydown is trademark Amouage, however, on balance I still much prefer Memoir Man. Journey Woman is much better composed than Journey Man. The floral drydown gets better and better without "disintegrating" as some florals do. Reminds me a little of Guerlain Rose Barbare, but Amouage wins hands down any day.
CD, just wanted to let you know that Libertine Parfumerie opened a stand 2weeks ago in Myer called Galerie de Parfum. Same thing might be happening in Melb. They stock Lubin, Frapin, L Artisan, Keiko Mecheri, Juliette HAG, Mark Buxton, Penhaligons, Costume Nationale, etc. First time I have seen the Idole Lubin EdT bottle, just fantastic, but at $199 per bottle, i can wait until i get to Paris next time.
Umm....can hardly wait in excitement!?
Chanel 1932 and 31 Rue Cambon are very similar to my nose. Which ones do you guys prefer?
Serge Luten's Five O'Clock Gingembre- smells like the inside of a tea shop during Xmas winter!
I don't exactly dislike it, just that it is a bit jarring especially after I have walked the streets of Marais (which is even older than Haussman's Paris) and emerge from that old world to be confronted by this. It was then that I understood why some Parisians refuse to even look at the Louvre Pyramid each time they walked pass it.
Yes, very much agreed here. We were in Thailand once, and I was chatting to the hotel porter. He told me that his basic salary was about $4000 baht PER MONTH, and tips on a good month may bring it perhaps another $2000 baht. My mate and I, including hotel, were spending over $2000 bath PER DAY each. Every day, we both collectively spent this man's monthly salary. The exchange rate then was about AUD$1 to 40 baht, so we were spending about AUD$50 per day each, not exactly...
Talking about hideous, what do people think about the Pompidou building in Paris? We are talking about this:  Smack in the middle of this: 
It should be fun. But prices in HK are much too high for the usual branded stuff, quality or not. Just have a look at what Paul Smith stuff retails for, even at discount. If you wish to just mosey around (and giggle at the prices), try on shoes to get an idea of lasts, then go to: 1. John Lobb near the Mandarin Oriental in Central.2. Berluti in TST Harbourside Shopping Mall.3. JM Weston somewhere in Central (google).4. Tassels in the Landmark Shopping Centre in Central....
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