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"Balls gently swaying in the wind" would also be endearing.
 For the same price, you can get MTM GYW shoes made up by Kazuna. 
I have the same conundrum with the missus' handbags. Then I took a look at Prada's financial statements and their gross margins....
Hi guys, I am headed to Paris in January, during the sales season.   Just wondering what is the current price for the Demi Chasse? And an even more stupid question, any place I can get these on sales?   Also looking at the Heschung Ginkgo boot. Again, does these ever go on sale?   Thank you kindly in anticipation.
Late to the party, rocking some IC Berlin Jesse:  
David Jones is holding sales at the moment. Pop in and have a look.
yFor travelling , optimal space usage is by laying them down flat, basically lining the edge of the luggage case.
^^^ Shoulder line does not appear to be clean. Can that be fixed by tailor?
Hats up to Coombs at the Strand Arcade. Just had some stitching work done on a pair of double soles (cheapo manufacturer just cemented outer sole to midsole), and I am extremely happy with the work. Stitching is tight and wellspaced, and added to the aesthetics of the shoe. New topy plus heel replacement (not heel stack, just the top layer) all done and finished well.   Plus the gentleman at Coombs pointed out to me that my springloaded shoe trees might be stretching and...
It just occured to me that if you swap the jacket for a navy suit, the whole thing would be fine. Or swap the tie with a deeper colored tie (navy, dark brown, burgundy) for contrast.
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