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 Yo Liber, how was your trip? Trust that you were not in the thick of things....
 Wow, they have Railcar Spikes too. Unfortunately, I still have two pairs of Jap denim that hardly gets worn.
Tetsuya is two star I think. Used to be three.
 Huh, Mikey on a Horsey? That would require a bit of unseeing...
It feels like a huge hairdryer out on the streets of Sydney. Thankfully, I have discovered that a cotton linen blend of shirting is way more comfortable than pure linen.
 Oh, I did that before, way back in 1992 I think, at Disneyland LA. My companion was my wonderful and cute little cousin sister who is now a staggeringly beautiful woman. I remembered she wanted to do Space Mountain 3 times. 
WTF?Xmas functions= bitching and whinging session culminating in a piss up with insincere smiles, platitudes and tired old jokes.Seriously, yet to even RSVP on this years invites.
 That would be correct.
 What is the price for my silence? 
 And by God, all of them MUST WEAR SOCKS!
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