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Yes, love my dry Japanese rice wine from Niigata. And it messes with our internal GPS systems as well.
Still waiting on pics of your new Cucinelli.Have a look at Ring Jacket? Interested to see what you think of them.Your timing is not too good, but I have had good feedback on Hajime in Osaka- fusion of French and Japanese cuisine.In other news, the drop in the AUD versus HKD is keenly felt. A sampling of recent prices- JL William 2 boot, on discount= HKD$12000. Testoni Amedeo half croc norvegese=HKD$11000. Berluti monk strap =HKD$16000. Corthay Arca=HKD$16000. Cucinelli...
Can anyone kindly give me some feedback on St Dupont Ligne D Élysées brown briefcase? Is it durable and does the leather get a good patina over time? Also drooling over Moynat's Juste A Tempes but I think it is way beyond my budget.
 Thank you justonemore for your posts. I might also sniff around in HK, but given the strong HKD and insane HK pricing, not optimistic.
Elon Musk- saving the world whilst wearing a nice pair of shoes:   
 Their business is not limited to shoes alone. Their various accessories eg belts, shavekits, shoehorns, umbrellas, colognes etc would all be very high margins too. Plus it is a growing market.
$240,000 inventory is of relative insignificance for an operation like Double Monk. With their existing store in Melb, they would have a fair idea of inventory turns and margins. I would even venture to suggest that $500k of inventory for two shops would be normal. Just think about it- the shop fitout would be at least $500k, then there is the assumed liability of a lease, plus security bond, insurance, etc.
 Not knowing who your GF is, her personality, likes and dislikes, her life experiences and memories, her aspirations and hopes, I doubt any of our recommendations would do any good for "sentimental" reasons. As cliche as it sounds, just go with your heart.
Yeah, you know what they say, business would be great without the clients....
 Now that is an idea. How the heck do you ferret out these joints GF? Edit: looks like they are in Surry Hills, is this the mob you are referring to?
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