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Meermin, AE, Herring and Loakes for basic level shoes. Next up the chain is Alfred Sargent, Carmina, Crockett and Jones. May be difficult to find chisel toes in your price range, unless there are sales.
^^ I honestly cannot recall the last time i ever got food on my suit pants. You will be gradually building your wardrobe to a stage when every suit is worn at most once per week. On that regime, the suit only needs drycleaning at most once or twice a year.
Yesterday, I tried on Aqua Vitae from MFK.  Lasted over 6 hours, way beyond my expectations.  The drydown is really good.   Also sprayed some Lumiere Noire Pour Femme on test paper, and put it on my office desk.  Another amazing piece of work, and I find it even better than the Pour Homme version.   Apart from the Cashmere Oud and Velvet Oud, there is nothing in the MFK line that I dislike.  As I am headed to Paris soon, I think my wallet is in trouble.  Also...
Brownman, very nice shoes. I dare you to let the indigo dye from your selvage jeans bleed onto the shoes. That would be hell of a patina.
Sounds like Aqua Vitae from Francis Kurkdjian.  Just order the samples to try first.
Cmon cmon, dont be shy....
Shorten to Laudo Sartorial Excellentia. Okay, someone put that into Olde English calligraphy.
Stands for JR Ewing, made in Dallas.
I remember Osiris saying he is pulling the trigger on some Carmina shell boots?? Pics??
I am nearly at 10 years, but unfortunately she discovered online shopping.
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