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^^^ Shoulder line does not appear to be clean. Can that be fixed by tailor?
Hats up to Coombs at the Strand Arcade. Just had some stitching work done on a pair of double soles (cheapo manufacturer just cemented outer sole to midsole), and I am extremely happy with the work. Stitching is tight and wellspaced, and added to the aesthetics of the shoe. New topy plus heel replacement (not heel stack, just the top layer) all done and finished well.   Plus the gentleman at Coombs pointed out to me that my springloaded shoe trees might be stretching and...
It just occured to me that if you swap the jacket for a navy suit, the whole thing would be fine. Or swap the tie with a deeper colored tie (navy, dark brown, burgundy) for contrast.
 Thanks Cox. I have a nagging suspicion that pricing will change once they opened up in Sydney. At the moment, $500 for Ormezzano full linen is an absolute bargain.  As usual, sizing is tricky. Measurements indicate I am between 46 and 48 R. The free shipping and free returns policy somewhat reduces risk, other than hassle factor. Thanks again all the same. The suits look great. I especially like the light blue linen and the La Spalla.
Kazuna.com.au   The shop is on Pitt Street, near Martin Place, across the road from Angel Place.
Did you nail the fit via a physical store, or trial and error using free returns?
Thanks for the heads up. I really like it too, and great value for money for pure linen. It might make summer more tolerable this time round.
Miyagi Kogyo via Kazuna can do the swept back buckle strap for $375 MTO. I know you are Melb based and Kazuna is in Sydney, just an option if you happen to swing by. You only need one fitting and Kaz can send the shoes to you.
Nothing wrong with single monks, but I personally would go for brown/burgundy rather than black.
45 mins by fast train RER A to La Vallee outlets, where Paul Smith wool pants Made in Italy goes for Euro79 and socks for Euro10 before detax. It is the stop just before Euro Disney. You get on at Chatelet or Opera. Beware of scammers and pickpockets on the train.I usually go during winter sales in January. At this time of the year, you might not get a lot of winter stuff.Enjoy yourself, and show us the pics when you can.
New Posts  All Forums: