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Thanks CoffeeDudeGuy and JM.Waiting for the other 3 spots of 30mL to fill.
Secretions Magnifique?Today tried on the famed Amber Absolute. I think it should be renamed Absolute Fantastique. Going to try to get my hands on a monster bottle.Perfumes are weird in a way. Amber Absolute smelled absolutely different on the top notes when sprayed on my missus versus me. Thankfully, the drydown is the same. After AA, I cannot help but look at Tobacco Oud as its castrated progeny.
Hi everyone I could get my hands on some Amber Absolute by Tom Ford. This smells similar to Tobacco Oud but with a much better drydown IMO. It has been discontinued, so it is rather difficult to find now. There are 5 spots available for 30mL decants, or 3 spots for 50mL decants. Decants will come in proper glass sprayer bottles. Price is $75 for 30 mL decants and $150 for 50 mL decants, plus postage and handling. Again, the price per mL is half of normal retail when this...
 The Amazon 100mL is gone now....but I must say the new bottle is certainly a big improvement. 
You probably will not have time, but if you do, RER A to La Vallee outlet, about 45 minutes from Paris. The best metro for you is probably Opera which you can link from Havre Caumartin.  You can also get on RER A at Chatelet. There are some good stuff out there. From memory, Paul Smith, Hackett, Faconnable, two Parisian shirt specialists, etc. Full list in the link below. http://www.lavalleevillage.com/en/brands/brands Examples would be PS Made in Italy socks for 10 euros....
Hi Nabil, I am happy to take some of the Oud Wood off your hands. I like layering it with Tobacco Oud, because the Oud in TO is nearly non-existent. I have a decant of Champaca too. Its nice but for some reason I do not like to wear it outside. You should try Jeke Slumberhouse- boff put me onto this- smoke and cigar.  Up till now, I find this to be the best in the genre. Even Tobacco Oud and Patchouli 24 pales next to this. They just upped their prices from US$120 to...
Excellent!! we are go with Nabil, Ernesto and another. Thanks for making this happen.I will PM you guys tomorrow with further details. Now I need to lock down my supplier.
Thanks Osiris. Would you like a smaller decant?
Refresher? This thing goes on and on and on.....Be a bit corny and play "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"
Re Tuscan Leather decants.   I have two takers, Nabil and one other who PMed me.   I need another to make this work.   Unless one of the two takers will take double the portion to 100mL.  Then it is all go.   Price per mL is 50% less than the DJs price. But you dont get the fancy bottle though....   Anyone?
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