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Could you tell us a bit more about this? Also, from your SOTDs, you seem to be wearing quite a number of scents that I like or that I wear personally. Looks like we may have similar preferences in our fragrances.
I can do the split if there are 8 participants. Same price of $75 plus $10 postage ex Sydney.
Hi guys, just a quick update   Tuscan Leather 30mL $75 + $10 postage ex Sydney 6 spots still available   Amber Absolute 30mL $80 + $10 postage ex Sydney 5 spots still avaibale.   Cheers Peter
Pluriel has got to be one of the more disappointing recent efforts by Kurkdjian, probably followed closely by Aqua Vitae. In the wake of Silk Oud, looks like he is hitting a low patch on creativity. I have always said that Lumiere Noire is a stupid name- Black Light, yeah right. LN Homme scent is pretty enjoyable though, and on me, longevity is good enough average, nothing special. LN Femme IMO is better constructed.
The best solution for travelling is sample sized sprayers. Typically only 2 mL, which is good for about 15 to 16 sprays. Take 2, or 4 if you need an evening party scent. Light and disposable. You can get them off fleabay in sets of 10 typically, or you can reuse old ones. For example, Galerie de Parfum in Myer or even David Jones will give you perfume samples in these 2mL sprayers. Finish up the sample or throw it away, rinse out with vodka, then refill it with your TV....
Okay guys, I just got my shipment of Tom Ford Amber Absolute and Tuscan Leather. So here we go again: Tuscan Leather 30mL $75 plus $10 postage ex Sydney Amber Absolute 30mL $80 plus $10 postage ex Sydney All decants come in quality glass perfume bottle with sprayer. For guys who joined my last split for Tobacco Vanille and Tuscan Leather, the packages will be mail on Monday and Tuesday, or ready for collection for thos who wish to collect in Sydney.
Burnt tires- is it something like Bulgary Black but without the synthetic screech?
What is your impression on this?  I have been trying to get a sample for ages just to try it out.  I am not too fond of Duro though....
Okay guys, we are at 7 out of 8 for the Tuscan Leather. Last call!
Just one more for TV, but another 4 available.
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