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And tie him up and put him over the barrel.  Brace yourself Nabil.
Booze Hound.
Yup, you've got everything all stitched up.
^^^ If you need gloves, you will also need something for your ears.  Earmuffs or beanies. But these are not too costly.   Re: dowries- in our culture, the groom pays the dowry, so be careful what you wish for, hehehe....
+10000 Euro$1200 on some fecking LV boots with glued soles and thin leather.  With that money, could have gotten at least 2 pairs of boots MTOed for her by Carmina, and with a little TLC, they will last for at least 1 decade. I think the LVs will last at most 5 years, and that is probably due to the fact that there are at least 7 pairs of boots on rotation during the short "winter" in Sydney.  LVMH's grip is strong....wished I got the shares as recompense....
Usually, families with extensive business/professional connections will need to invite more people. Uncles, aunties, etc. Sometimes the bride and groom do not really have much of a choice. One way to avoid these hassles is to "get married on vacation" which is roughly the Asian equivalent of eloping. Not many brides will agree to this.And we have not even touch on the subject of dowries and prewedding customs.
Yes, some of them do, but in our tradition, cash gifts from friends of the bride goes back to the brides family ( which usually eventually gets back to the bride, but the groom must fork out the cash first). Secondly, these cash gifts only usually cover a part of the banquet costs only. Dress, suits, flowers, photography, cake, invitation cards, gifts for younger brother in law, gifts for grooms mates must still be paid out of pocket. Thirdly, the cash gifts are recorded,...
Pretty much spot on, mate! My wedding cleaned me out entirely. Not much of a honeymoon, and made solemn promise to make up for it in future years, and finally fulfilled promise years later in Paris. IMO Not much point considering things wedding related from a pure financial perspective.  Probably reason why weddings are such good businesses.
Maybe check out MFK 754 at Bergdorfs.  Only available at Paris mainstore, online and Bergdorfs.
New Posts  All Forums: