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Gents, what do you think?  
Your current line up of Eau Sauvage and Penhaligons Endymion/ Opus 1840(?) are more than enough to handle summer. Atelier Cologne's Grand Neroli and Trefle Pur are also decent value for money. The TF summer scents are stupid expensive for not very much in return.
What shirt pocket?
Just found out yesterday that Kazuna offers some interesting Japanese suiting fabrics woven on shuttle looms. Amazed that I could still find such things at a reasonable price in this day and age. Check it out.
How about ACDC?
This is really funny:  
 Looks like another member for the Coxie club! Fit pics when you can, suit pattern looks really good. Dont forget pocket watch, top hat, umbrella and waxed moustache.
Picked these up today, wearing now, the fit is really good, very little breaking in time. Gripes= toe stitching on right shoe is slanted very slightly, general stitching and finishing not quite on par with Carmina's, C & J, etc but much better than Meermin.   Pics stolen from Kazuna's Facebook page.      
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