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Hi Gents,    Does anyone know what is the price for Rolex Submariner Date 116610LN in Paris?  I know I can call the shops direct, but it is still 2 hours away from opening hours where I am and I am hoping for a quick answer.  FYI price in HK is HK$63,900 without discounts.   Cheers and thanks in advance.
 Do you mean under shirts with suit and tie? Or only in casual wear?
Think of it as tofu with a twist. 
Lol, I was trying to be delicate and I thought tofu would be a good enough clue.It was shirako, I think it was soft roe/milt from cod or even tuna since it was tuna season. In plain English, it was fish sperm.Google shirako images to have a look. It was not too bad taste wise.
Anyone tried fugu? A cross between chicken and fish. Interesting but once is enough.Also first time in Tokyo, at an izakaya in Shinjuku:Me: "Miss, excuse me, can you tell me what is that dish on the next table?"Waitress: "Oh, that white thing with soy and shallots? That is tofu."Me: "Excellent. Please bring me one. Plus some more Hakkasan."It was not tofu. Tasted good, but cholesterol laden. Found out next day at the fish market that it was fish guts.
 Good find, and nice shoes. I am sure someone will sell you a box for less than 30 quid if that really matters.
Lol! How about a slow braise in a french oven, or pressure cooker?
They are all hand-welted I believe, but you can verify that information directly by visiting the Styleforum threads dedicated to these guys, look at their website, email them or give them a call. In the last instance, you might need to brush up on some Italian. They both have an SF clientele base, so they can communicate in English. Just that more complicated nuances might be lost in translation. You will probably need a few months, given the coming summer in Europe, their...
 For the price you are thinking of paying for your crocs at Harrolds, you can get something made up by Bestetti or Meccariello. The latter can modify his last to fit your foot on his Aurum range.  If you like croc, here is one (plus you get to specify colors too):  Here is one of Bestetti's half-croc:  Having said that, not sure how much time you have remaining until the wedding, so that may limit your choices somewhat.
Brices on Castlereagh Street or Coombs in Strand Arcade.
New Posts  All Forums: