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Thanks md2010. I had a look on the SuSu website. Cannot find anything with the length I need.  The Canali belted overcoat that comes on Google images show a bathrobe looking garment- not really what I am look for.  Do you have an image of the overcoat you are referring to?
 Good on you.
 OH sounds like a good idea thanks. Let's hope they can make up a decent below the knees long overcoat.
Looking for a winter longcoat, lengthwise below knees. Anyone has any suggestion on where to start looking? Budget is below $2000, unless it is vicuna or something silly like that. Thanks.
That is pure gold.My wife only ever ask me to hold the purse/ bag in emergencies. The idea of a gonadised man next to her repulses her to the core. In her culture, there is a strict demarcation of male/female roles in society. Curiously, there is little acceptance of the concept of submissive partner. The missus rules at home and within the family, the man rules vis a vis everything outside. There are exceptions, of course.
Must be something in the water today.
Shoes from Kazuna, all polished up and ready to face another working day. Shoe fits like a glove and really comfortable now that it has broken in.
 Yeah, dem bloody chinky chinks.
 Aha...no more sprezz for you!
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