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Terre D'Hermes EDP. The mineral note and the leather are just so beautifully blended. Really tempted to go FB on this one but something is just missing for me here.
Wife loves the Tempur. Skeptical at first and wallet was whimpering, but it was one of our best purchase decisions ever.Today, slathered Collonil burgundy cream all over some tan Carminas. The resulting depth and richness of color is amazing. Highly recommended.
Citrusy?? That's odd. For me, it is predominantly warm saffron.
Matching lovers' outfits- how cute....
Shylock, the Merchant of Venice??
Hankering for pictures of well worn shells.  Any chance of a few snaps? 
Inspired by iSurg:  
Great collection! May I ask how is the Meermin shell compared to the Carmina?
Practically live in these boots now:  
Minor league cuffs:  
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