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Anyone here tried Montale Aoud Leather?   SOTD: Tom Ford Tobacco Oud. Still deciding whether this is FB worthy.   Also ordered some ELDO samples. Extremely curious on Rien, Rien Intense, Afternoon of the Faun and Tom of Finland. 
I guess the perfumes are useless now because nothing will ever cover that amount of stink.
Who? What? Where? When? How?
Thanks. That is actually a pretty good answer as I have also tried Leather Oud. Do you think the difference lies mainly in the aldehydes and the skank accord?Today, tried Bulgari Black. Reminds me exactly of the smell of automobile tyres and black bikie leather. Very interesting, and if not for the screechy synthetics, I woud have considered taking it further.
I am extremely curious. How does Rien compare to say Tuscan Leather?
SOTD: TF Tobacco Oud layered with a little Oud Wood.  I find that on its own, the Tobacco Oud is a bit too sourish and screechy. The Oud Wood mellows it out. The Oud Wood smells slightly different (and better) than the one in the old bottle with the gold label, but the SA told me that according to TF information, no reformulation took place. As I tried the previous Oud Wood during summer, and the "new" Oud Wood is now worn in winter, perhaps seasonal and temperature...
 Wishful thinking
SOTD Tokyo Bloom- a green citrusy scent. Really poor longevity. Should be renamed "Gone with the Wind".
Have you had a chance to try Rien Intense Incense yet?
Scarcity or perceived scarcity generates weird reactions. I am trying to imagine what would happen if Horween suddenly announced that they have enough supplies of shell to last the next 50 years.
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