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That looks like a mushroom. Horses for courses, I suppose....
From what I know about you, I think the commercial firm is a better fit. PI is shitty work.
Nice soapbox.
He could also take the Batmobile for service when its due.
Calling JimmyHoffa....   http://www.afr.com/business/wine-shoppers-bustle-to-claim-treasury-ceo-mike-clarkes-3000-megafridge-20150716-gidd6d
 Deets on Jacket? Where is the pocket square?
Just buy the black suit already if you like it, sheeesh!
Lubim, Paris. Here comes that rye smile again, this time with a pain-ful expression.
Reading all these puns with a rye smile.
Nice shoes. Looks like a good fit too, and great polish job from Kaz.Can you tell us the difference between the usual Japanese leather and the Annonay?I am intrigued by the natural antiqued leather, tossing up between a boot or a captoe dubmonk.
New Posts  All Forums: