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 You are not the author of the photo, so this is not an IP dispute. If the competitor is misrepresenting your product in some way, and they are based in Australia, you may have recourse under the Trade Practices Act or the Fair Trading Act of the particular state. Personally, I dont think the legal process presents the optimal way to solve the problem. You can win the battle on the commercial front with much less resources and distraction as long as you have a quality...
Perhaps it may be that cloth woven on old mechanical looms are more durable than modern cloth woven in fast automated machines.
The Anti Christ?
 Yes, very interesting indeed.
 Dont know about Moynat, but HK prices on branded goods are at least 20% higher than in Europe. 
 What Journeyman said- plus: Dormeuil scarf/accessories/clothing?
You talk too much. Give us all a rest please.
 Thanks mymil. I use a damp cloth as you have suggested, then follow up with wife's old nylon stockings. Works a charm. I am just wondering whether a little bit of wax polish will work on shell to prevent the water spots.
Thanks. I have a similar pair (saddle shell Oscar) for about 9 months. Lots of brushing to get rid of the water stains.  So I take it that you got water stains initially, but this problem went away as the boot ages?
 Nice. Do they still get water stains from rain after 3 years?
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