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Dont worry about renomat. There are two simple and cheap ways to remove excess wax/polish, and both involves knowledge of basic chemistry. First cheapo way is just to use a rag soaked in vodka. Second cheapo way is to use neutral wax polish, as neutral wax contains a higher proportion of solvents versus wax and pigments. Neither product will damage leather or strip dyes. Voila!
My work is done for today.
Still pretty decent value for money.
 If I remember correctly, last winter we had 3 continuous weeks where temperatures dropped to single digits in Sydney. I suspect that when people talk about flannels in Australia, they are not referring to pants.
Do you mean that the seam is pressing down on the knuckle? Or is it the creasing? My guess is that you might need to break it in a bit more, using thicker socks or some plaster in the pinching area. If that is not working, then it is a fit issue, and you need a captoe with a different seam position or a plaintoe.
You should try taking the subway in NY, Paris, Tokyo or Moscow during winter, then come back and tell us warm is not needed anymore.
Not a fancy image to carry in my head going into lunch hour. 
@crdb Excellent piece. My recos: Amouage - Memoir Man MFK- Oud, Cologne Pour Le Soir, Aqua Universalis Forte Memo- Shams Oud, Italian Leather Diptyque- Phylosykos EDP Or you could just rock Aventus with the masses.
Acqua di Gio not really citrus, it is aquatic. The problem with aquatic is they all smell the same eg Issey Miyake, Cool Water, etc. If you keep at this hobby long enough, you will probably also be bored of citrus too eventually! Just keep trying loads of stuff. A cheaper hobby than shoes.
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