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Minor league cuffs:  
No mention of the critical issue of fit.
Takes a while to get used to the opening of all their stuff, doesnt it? But they are all pretty good once passed the initial stages.
Anyone here tried My Parfum's line, especially Morpheus?   Online shop with a store in Berlin.  Allows one to design/create own perfume with selection of bottles and personalised labelling. Morpheus is a blend of musk, tobacco, suede, tonka beans and vanilla.   Very intrigued, but kinda difficult to buy without sniffing first.  They should start a sampling program, but I dont think they have the funds to do that yet.
I have one of these for nearly 2 years now. Not great, but good enough, and super quick for morning rush. There is a youtube video on how to reuse the capsules with your own coffee.  Basically you just remove the covering plastic from the plastic container, remove the used coffee, scoop your own in, then cover the whole thing with gladwrap, and bob's your uncle. I am not sure about how safe gladwrap is with pressurised boiling water.  I would think that using aluminum...
Congratulations, time to buy more shoes to go with your socks.
Geez, that must be the Mother of all welts.
You need to rub hard with the damp cloth, and then you need to buff hard. If you baby it, nothing will happen. Shell is weird. I use to have water stain problems which wont bloody go away, but lately, my simple method seems to work. The shoes are beautiful, please enjoy them. BTW i dont have a deer bone either.
Try this- use a damp cloth and rub down the stain/ scratched areas. The marks should reduce or disappear. After damp cloth, use nylon stocking or similar cloth to buff down the area. The stain/scratch should disappear or be much less visible. Dont worry, things you have described are pretty normal for shell. As for the bump on the toe, find a way to push out the leather front înside the shoe, whilst rubbing vigorously with damp cloth. These bumps and scratches also give...
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