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Yummy Carminas. They get more expensive every year, which is a bummer, especially if the AUD goes nowhere.
Oh come on! Leave me alone, I have promised my wife no more shoes for one year!
DC, spectacular SC. And unlike others here, I dont think the tapered pants look is suitable for you.  You are THE DON after all.
Please hurry, we need more supplies of quality shell cordovan.
WIWT:  Shell flip flops  
Lachyzee, could you please stop following me around and taking pictures of me to put on SF? Much appreciated, thanks.
For fucks sakes.
Pics please.Unfortunately JL 7000 last does not fit me. The JL last that fits me is no longer in production. First world problems.
I agree with Topy for reasons stated. But topy cannot substitute for refurb forever, since the sole can only be sanded away that many times for reapplication of topy before it gets too thin and the outsole stitching begins to give way. I am starting to ponder the eventual future of my shells and the higher quality calfs. Any ideas apart from an inevitable refurb? I suppose my feet shape may change....
Shell fits slightly bigger for me on both Simpson and Rain.  Half size difference.
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