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Okay peeps. I have tried the Tom Ford summer scents, and seriously, I suggest you save your money. Costa Azzura smells just like Acqua di Gio on the drydown. Neroli Portofino is okay, but your money is better spent on Atelier Cologne's Grand Neroli or Trefle Pur, both available online or at David Jones.   I can host a further split on TF Tobacco Vanille and after that, perhaps another Amber Absolute, and then a Tuscan Leather.   The price for the Tobacco Vanille is $65...
Are you near Anzac Parade towards Kensington/Uni NSW? The Indonesian joints are pretty good and decent value for money.
I'll check it out once I finish the book. Some online reviewers said the movie did not quite capture the olfactory imagery conveyed by the book. You can literally smell the stench of 18th century Paris reading through it.
^^JM, I have the same shoe but in saddle shell. Such a great last, and the cognac is so deep and rich. Extremely envious.
Reading the book Perfume by Patrick Suskind. Amazing, even in translated version. Thank you to Cox for recommending this.
ELDO samples arrived todays. First tried Rien Intense Incense, the opening is kinda unforgetable blast of aldehydes, incense and leather. I can see why people compare it to Leather Oud. Similar vibe but without the oud. I do prefer the drydown though. Unlikely to be FB though. Next up Afternoon of a Faun. This is nice enough, but the immortelle is really pronounced on my skin. Smells a lot like my wife's immortelle beauty products from L'Occitane. Again, unlikely to be...
Yes gentlemen, we know the answer is 42.
If there are 3 to 4 participants taking 50mL each, I might be able to arrange something. Price is $140 plus postage ex-Sydney.
Yes, heard about the Hibiki. I have a relative who is an insider in Suntory, and even she cannot get her hands on a bottle of Hibiki at staff price. I was lucky to get the Yamazaki because she pulled some strings. We need a Sydney meetup in one of those obnoxious and ostentatious club with leather upholstery and wood panelling served by stiff-lipped butlers in tuxedo. Dress up, chat over some of these lovely whiskeys, sniff some good fragrances, smoke a cigar or three,...
It is quite close to beer o'clock. PS is handy for wiping beer spillages, I suppose. Never tried the anCoc 16yo yet. Still going through a Yamazaki (this is really smooth) and a Bowmore. 
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