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Please stop sprouting crap.
 Meermin shell is crappy shell. I think @wurger has some experience with them. Just save up for a pair of shoes made with Horween shell. The shoe, if maintained properly, should be able to outlast you. Double Monk stocks Alden and C & J shell. If you know your sizing, Carmina is also pretty good. Apparently, based on SF feedback, no one wants shell in Switzerland, so if you are headed there during sales season.... 
BTW how are Ed Et Al shoes?
 It should get darker naturally over time, IF you wear them often. But since they don't fit well, you probably won't (and shouldn't, for long term health reasons). If you are dead set on keeping them, you might try burnishing the toe and the heel by bulling with a dark colored wax. Any dark color wax will do- black, dark brown, mahogany, burgundy, navy, etc. Best recommendation is to flick it on.
First time in Paris for a few days is very little time. If you are going with significant other, then just enjoy the city. It is truly wonderful. For the menswear shops unique to Paris, Charvet has been mentioned- nice but pricey. Aubercy for shoes- again, nice but pricey. Hermes- nice but pricey. Moynat and Goyard- ditto. John Lobb- ditto.  Corthay for shoes- ditto, and some say spiff shoes. In the more affordable category, Bruce Field (all shirts made in Paris) and...
Can you find Mr Minit franchises where you are? The one near where I work stocks some Woodlore for $50.
 Love the suit. Any chance of a full body shot? Tie IMO is sub-optimal. Darker shades of navy, burgundy, brown, chocolate or forest green would have nailed it. PS also suboptimal- perhaps a wool PS?
Code:I also have a similar Hackett light wool unlined pants. Similar issues, minimal difference in comfort factor.
 It appears to me that Canali lapels are getting narrower every year. Nice fit BTW, usual goodness. I am currently loving Borrelli's fit, although my Canali's still have a special place in my wardrobe.
Sassetti shell short wings. I think it is not Horween, but Italian shell, perhaps Comipel. Sizing is a weird 7 when I am usually 7.5-8UK.    
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