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Sounds really good. Hopefully I can get to see it in the flesh when your suit is done. I might just be convinced to upgrade to a full suit in Fox flannel, assuming our dollar behaves itself towards year end.I actually have a hunting jacket in Fox tweed. But never heard of Fox tweed being lauded as much as its flannel.
I got mine on sale from Boggi. Planning to get a pair made up in Hong Kong with Fox flannels just to see what the bloody fuss is with Fox.
Sigh....broke my no major purchase resolution this year....jumped onto the Kazuna bandwagon and ordered a pair of shoes....sigh. And thinking of another pair of boots made with Jap shell cordovan too. Kaz is a great guy though. Do pay him a visit if possible.
That is not a crack. It appears to be the area where the ends of the welt meet up with each other. In shoes with better finishing, this area is barely noticeable.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goodyear_welt
I have stated the proposition twice. But you just keep mistating it. I will dumb it down further.DW: when I think of a great idea, I dont care whether the masses adopt or benefit from it.Me: truly great ideas will be adopted by the masses, shit ideas will not. So it makes no sense to ignore the masses.DW: show me examples of great ideas coming from the masses.Me: Huh???DW, there really is no point talking to you. 40 years of experience has just gummed up your mind. To the...
Your initial remark was that we should not be concerned with the masses, as the truly groundbreaking ideas are left field. That was my understanding, so please correct me if this is wrong.For the sake of clarity, what I am saying is that ideas generated without concern for the masses will not gain traction, as by definition, truly ground breaking ideas must eventually be adopted by the masses who sees a benefit in its adoption. When we consider this issue, we must also not...
Lol...It is way past bedtime at my end of the pond, so we can continue discussions later in better spirits.
Take your own advice, read slowly and think carefully.I said nothing about the Magna Carta or the Declaration of Independence. You have selectively misquoted me, and that is undignified.As to masses point, I then continued to make the same point with the lightbulb and aviation and telegraph, which you have not addressed.And I am carefully reading and thinking about the primary motive of craft versus profit making, because to a certain extent I do agree, before providing...
Selective quoting to prove a point is rather undignified, dont you agree?Was Edisons lightbulb or the telegraph or flight or Einsteins achievements intended for a select elite? Is Tesla,s mission to build toys for the rich?2 out of 3 aint bad though,the fact that you have decided to ignore what is clearly the main point of this discussion.
From the crafts of the wordsmiths (lawyering), in reading legislation, the adopted approach is to read and interpret the natural meaning of the words. If a meaning is not forthcoming that way, then we try to discern the intentions of the writer.At the end of the day, I think most participants take these forums as part of a conversation. Implicit in this interaction is the requirement for civil behaviour. When conversations descend to fucks and calling others stupid, I...
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