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I bet they will just mould to your feet for a perfect fitting.
You waited one hour?? Crikey...but glad you enjoyed it.If you have time, chirashi at Tsukiji fish markets. Find the shop with the long queue on the outer edge of the market facing the street. You will see customers eating ramen standing up at the shops next to it.Lastly, lunch at Joel Roebuchon at Roppongi.
Hope it is not too late to recommend Mutekiya Ramen at Ikebukero. Get on Yamanote Line, get off at Ikebukero, exit on Meiji Dori, and it is about 3 mins walk. Go early as queues can be half hour long. Recommend the kani miso, which is crab roe infused miso soup base.
I believe It would certainly raise the average standard of fits. Given enough data and iterations, it should get quite good. There are still certain aspects of aesthethics which requires human input, eg cloth selection, padding and canvas sculpting, etc, but with a mass market, good enough is enough.
 The Dynamic Flex sole feels like you are wearing sneakers. Very comfy.
 Yup, that's the one that keeps slipping my mind, but Ernesto will get pissed off when it stains his precious shirts.
 Epicure lunch is delightful, and they have gluten free bread. However, you will need a sportcoat as a minimum.  I also like Vefour but not sure whether they cater to gluten free.
 You can get Corthay and Lobbs in the US. I think Leffot has Corthay. Just go to their respective threads in the Classic Menswear forum and ask questions. I just checked and found that you can get a limited range of John Lobb from Luisa Via Roma in Florence. French and British are not necessarily "better" than Italian. Depends on what you are looking for. A few brands you can have a look at in Florence- Santoni (a very wide range, look for the Goodyear welted stuff), Sutor...
 Yes, I have a pair of Corthay and a pair of JL. You can get a lot of info on these shoes in the Classic Menswear forum. You wont find these shoes in Florence.  I went by San Lorenzo after dinner when it was closing. From what I can observe, a lot of stalls with shoddy goods, mostly Made in China. I probably won't spend too much time there as there are heaps of other great places to go.
 If you are into artisanal items like myself, you will go apeshit in Florence. Leatherwork, metal work, fine paper, Florence has maintained a whole network of small artisanal businesses which support each other mutually. If you dont mind full price, plenty of shoe options (Esposito, Mannina, plus a few artisanal ones I cannot remember- just Google and also explore by walking). Then for suits there are Liverano, Michele Negri, Principe, etc in Florence. Leather gloves from...
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