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Interesting discussion which warrants its own thread. In the meantime, back to yoox land please.....
Could anyone please help me regarding sizing information for the Pal Zileri suits size 46? It is described on yoox as fits large, but how much larger? Anyone has actual measurements? Thanks in advance.
 Aussie summer is not homogenous. The dry heat of Melbourne/Perth is different from the muggy heat of Sydney, which means that heavier linen is a really bad idea in Sydney. Would be helpful if OP can provide details of location. Unlined/semi lined jacket will help tremendously. For a 1st timer, IMO bespoke linen is going to be hard to justify price wise. RTW with alterations will be much less challenging.  
Anyone knows who makes suits for MP Massimo Piombo these days? Last I heard was that Kiton no longer works with them. Also any further info on Simeone Napoli's suits would be greatly appreciated.
Boglioli linen suit + Caruso linen shirt.
I am really surprised that this thread is so quiet.   Anyone made any good finds lately re: obscure but high quality stuff going for a song?
 RTW and alteration not an option?
 Congrats! Looks like menswear game has definitely lifted a notch: http://www.executivestyle.com.au/bestdressed-men-at-the-2016-melbourne-cup-gsfyvc
Is anyone interested in a brand new with tag Canali navy 2-button suit 48R? Just ordered it off Yoox but it was a size and a half too big for me.    Details: 2-button navy  Super 140s wool Fabric is worsted with very tiny textured stripes Trouser hems unfinished Drop 6   Approximate measurements: Shoulders 18 inches, BOC length 30 inches. PM me for more exact measurements.   Bloody absolutely gorgeous- even thought about altering it but way too much work to...
 Thank you. We have 4 days in Milan for an upcoming Italy trip and just tossing up whether I shd make the 1 hour trip to Serravale. I guess not, but missus has the veto.
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