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Your payoff would come too if SBB shows you some of the money on the balance sheet.
Well, your assumption is incorrect. You are still hung up on information.Instead of speculating, just read up on Walter Schloss. Not that difficult to use Google.Yes, the fabled equity premium. Read my posts carefully. The market is mostly efficient. However, it is not perfectly efficient. The difference is crucial. And no one ever claims the market is totally inefficient.
So the answer is a partial yes. How about psychology? Economics?Thank you for the definition of red herring. Look up poisoning the chalice next.
Does a high school teacher teach engineering these days?
1. and yet that did not stop you from comparing my "job" to a high school teacher, an occupation which I am sure is so complex that it is beyond the ability of us mere mortals to comprehend.
Neither do you understand mine either, so we are back to square one.BTW, I also teach, just FYI.
You are assuming the only way to beat the market is via superior information. That is erroneous.You also missed the point about the monkeys. It is way too long to type here, so PM me if you are interested. A little bit of follow on below.I agree, one cannot eliminate the possibility of chance. Again, too lengthy to type, but someone like Walter Schloss achieving 21% per annum for over 4 decades holding a large diversified portfolio, the possibility of this being pure...
The market is indeed mostly efficient. The problem with EMH is the postulation that the market is perfectly efficient. The difference is night and day. I say the EMH is a call to mediocrity because the basic argument is that it is futile to beat a perfectly efficient market. In other words, dont bother getting sub10 in a dash cos the average is 14.As to market beating performance, this is usually evaluated over long periods of time, typically five years or more. As the...
That makes sense Cox. That is why I said finding an occupation which one is passionate in is an iterative process. The motivation to better oneself everyday in an occupation can only be sustained over a long period of time with passion, driven by positive feedback. Not a lot of hobbies translate to an occupation. For example, avid video gamers may think a gametester job is fantastic, but the reality of the job is that it requires minute attention to detail and...
New Posts  All Forums: