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Secretions Magnifique?Today tried on the famed Amber Absolute. I think it should be renamed Absolute Fantastique. Going to try to get my hands on a monster bottle.Perfumes are weird in a way. Amber Absolute smelled absolutely different on the top notes when sprayed on my missus versus me. Thankfully, the drydown is the same. After AA, I cannot help but look at Tobacco Oud as its castrated progeny.
Hi everyone I could get my hands on some Amber Absolute by Tom Ford. This smells similar to Tobacco Oud but with a much better drydown IMO. It has been discontinued, so it is rather difficult to find now. There are 5 spots available for 30mL decants, or 3 spots for 50mL decants. Decants will come in proper glass sprayer bottles. Price is $75 for 30 mL decants and $150 for 50 mL decants, plus postage and handling. Again, the price per mL is half of normal retail when this...
 The Amazon 100mL is gone now....but I must say the new bottle is certainly a big improvement. 
You probably will not have time, but if you do, RER A to La Vallee outlet, about 45 minutes from Paris. The best metro for you is probably Opera which you can link from Havre Caumartin.  You can also get on RER A at Chatelet. There are some good stuff out there. From memory, Paul Smith, Hackett, Faconnable, two Parisian shirt specialists, etc. Full list in the link below. http://www.lavalleevillage.com/en/brands/brands Examples would be PS Made in Italy socks for 10 euros....
Hi Nabil, I am happy to take some of the Oud Wood off your hands. I like layering it with Tobacco Oud, because the Oud in TO is nearly non-existent. I have a decant of Champaca too. Its nice but for some reason I do not like to wear it outside. You should try Jeke Slumberhouse- boff put me onto this- smoke and cigar.  Up till now, I find this to be the best in the genre. Even Tobacco Oud and Patchouli 24 pales next to this. They just upped their prices from US$120 to...
Excellent!! we are go with Nabil, Ernesto and another. Thanks for making this happen.I will PM you guys tomorrow with further details. Now I need to lock down my supplier.
Thanks Osiris. Would you like a smaller decant?
Refresher? This thing goes on and on and on.....Be a bit corny and play "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"
Re Tuscan Leather decants.   I have two takers, Nabil and one other who PMed me.   I need another to make this work.   Unless one of the two takers will take double the portion to 100mL.  Then it is all go.   Price per mL is 50% less than the DJs price. But you dont get the fancy bottle though....   Anyone?
Anybody interested in 50mL decants of Tom Ford Tuscan Leather?   Glass bottle decants, with small TF labels, price around $140 plus shipping.   3 spots only.  Need answer before Friday.
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