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Put on Jicky Pure Parfum today. I did not get any indolic/barnyard elements at all. Just huge lavender top notes, settling into warm spicy midnotes ending into a kind of flowery vanillic "splattered" base. Is it the new formulation, or is something wrong with my nose?
Enjoyed a great sniffing day with the missus today. On paper, she really loved L'Heure Bleue, Mitsouko, Jicky and Jardins de Bagatelle. On her skin, Jardins de Bagatelle won, whereas Mitsouko worked on my skin. Jardins de Bagatelle starts off with classy tuberose, very similar to Chanel Gardenia, but much more classier. For some weird reason, it also reminds me of the aldehydes of Chanel 5. EDT on wife's skin did not last long, just 4 hours, and we need to look at the EDP...
Fragrance is quite personal, and i am sure Sartorial works beautifully on your skin. I am not quite so blessed, unfortunately. Creed Original Vetiver works though!
Lol...kind sir, may I suggest a zesty fragrance for a pick-me-up then, let's see, Absolue Pour Le Matin by Francis Kurkdjian might do nicely.BTW thanks Gerry. For you, something classy, perhaps Chanel Egoiste?
I used to work there but i got tired of always having to sniff out suspects Anyway, just a bit of tongue in cheek comment to express my dislike of Penhaligons. I do like the suit, very nice fabric.
Upr_crust, nice outfit, i especially like the suit, but I think the Penhaligons spoiled the whole look,
Not discontinued, but it is only available at the Dior boutique in Avenue Montaigne.
Not quite sure about that myself. I swing over to RTW and back again quite often.
Gerry, you need to return the EG Dover, the Lindrick boots and the burgundy Carmina jumper boots. The master is coming back to the house this weekend.
I like the Coniston but it does not have the waterproof welting you are after. Unless you plan to walk in puddles, I dont really think it matters that much. Your own feet will give out as much moisture as what the shoe keeps out.
New Posts  All Forums: