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Thank you everyone for all your help. Your knowledge is greatly appreciated. 
That is correct, off ebay. I have done quite well buying items brands BB, AE, Talbott, but stepping up to RLPL and polo in general you see a lot more fakes so when I recieved this shirt I noticed a few suspicious things, but overall seemed like too much effort to be faked.  Thank you for helping me verify the authenticity of these items.
Yes, on ebay. Glad to know yours look like mine since I have had trouble confirming.     I'm keeping the polos, I just hate knowing that I might be wearing fakes. I purchased a tie also and it arrived today. No Ralph Lauren on the lower portion and no RN number. Im sending that one back and getting a refund and am no longer buying RLPL stuff on ebay. Its just not worth the headache and stress each time I buy something.  
Any Help Here?  Is does have an RN# 41381
I am having a hard time confirming if these polos are authentic RLPL's or not. I have searched dozens of threads and cannot come to a fair conclusion so I am looking for a second opinion.   From my research here is what I am seeing: The Good: 1) Horizontal Buttons 2) Purple Label with Silver Stitching3 3) Feels like Mercerized Cotton   The Bad: 1) My polo has 2 tags not 3 at the neck 2) My lower tag is small and short 3) No supplier/season...
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