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not very warm
"In a world where kids my age are popping mollies with leather Sitting on Tumblr, never outside or enjoying the weather Can name a sweater, but not a talent or dont know if whether  Or not they got one." HNNNG right in the feels 
Why are you trying to change what charly suggested? You will get a "fitted look" stop being so goddamn neurotic, its clothes. Bring on the stock sizes. Charly idk how you deal with this shit man.
lovin' THE DORJE
why the fuck do you care man? Other than jealousy
dude i never knew drew was an actor, he totally played the south korean prime minister in Olympus Has Fallen. (7)
I remember when stanley van buren was the thumbs king. Is this what marriage does to us? drew let us know
lmaoooo dorje best new poster
No fuk u
Calf has softened up considerable, drapes awesome. Not nearly as softy as the lamb in my bomber but i actually like calf a lot more all things considered.
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