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the term "Goth-Ninja" is really dorky
also i dont know why but heavy deadlifts and squats make a big difference to the way you look in the mirror. 
yeah consistency is key. Doing a mediocre program for a long time will get you way better results than jumping around between what may be awesome programs and periods of inactivity etc. Maybe one or two people in this thread that i have seen evenlook like they lift, and the E-statting is  (sup fugi post form clip). I would say a large majority of posters would be amazed at what level they could reach by simply lifting heavy ass weight and eating lots of food and resting...
if you aren't a troll thats fantastic
no warfare w/ gorillas
two words: gorilla. warfare.  
stitches i will fite you IRL
I like electric wizard
Yeah I'm gonna opt for #1, I'm only 18 (sup KOY)
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