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I can't wait to be a real gent!
I feel like the guys who post in MC and the DT forum are the same guys who post comments on porn videos. Same awkward pervvy vibe
Your blog features "rules of style" on its first page though...
if you think pulp fiction is on the "campy popcorn-flick" tier then what films do you like, or directors rather, that you would rank higher? I enjoy all kinds of movies from Ghost in the Shell to Mulholland Drive to stuff like the avengers. I dont know how i would rank them, i just like them.
If i was built like this guy i would wear only skinny black suits + matching fedora and hang out in the woods at night.
brads gf is cute as fuck
Yeah but its a full length dress, major props to whoever can pull it off confidently in the west. Related: apparently there is a young gay boy who wears hot pink stilettos to public school with lululemon pants and shirt. young single mothers man i swear
Grandparents got me these for Xmas, pretty stoked. (they are in the mail so no thoughts yet).
Requesting that video of the dude packing for his vacation where one of his "essential go-to items" is a full length sleeveless black dress.
stitches what do you do for work 
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