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i feel like i just got violated 
love Ann soles 
gotta pay to be a player.
would that sole be uncomfortable to walk on? seems like it, i mean they look cool but would they be functional as shoes or just really expensive shoe-like art that you hang on your wall i wonder.
I love this kind of stuff. It feels good knowing who made it and that you are supporting a small business and innovation in the industry. in 4 posts that make me lust after things i cant quite afford but am happy to buy. 
an overwhelming amount of guys look like complete dorks in this sort of stuff. especially students who cant afford the good shit.
those black RO look awesome. They look great when the pant leg is the same diameter as the top.
you need a rene descartes avatar [[SPOILER]]
how old are you and what is your main occupation? that should be your first consideration. if you are a student i would buy an expensive pair of boots, a high-end leather jacket, some cheap jeans that fit, a pack of white V-necks  and then lurk until you find something that catches your eye whether it be a single piece or complete aesthetic. just please please please do not make the mistake of buying a load of fucking "style essentials" like khakis and blazers. 
IMO the new v6 mustang with the track package is a great performance value. If you can get over the v6 stigma that is.
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