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Yeah that IS looks like someone pinched its nose sometime during the styling process... Kind of tired of how over designed new cars are getting, it's exhausting to look at.
That one tween posted looks a lot like drew's jacket 
IIRC its fairly simple to swap from SMG to manual as its the same transmission actuated differently. 
i dont know about warm-hearted... dude killed the other people on the lifeboat and used them as fish-bait. it was pretty though.
wtf man groce look at that first girls face she looks like she just fell face first into a bucket of fake tan and makeup
yeah i bought mine at 70% off last year. No one was really that interested with them at the time.
fuck dude.
No, there is a reason the jacket has zips and snaps past functionality. The UMDR always looked good but not nearly as good as the original MDR
I love my white pair, they are pretty big on the feet though
this thread has sure picked up. You guys with your jobs and income make me jealous, it seems so far off being able to justifiably afford a decent new car. Must be nice having to decide between the three German marques instead of deciding between which sub-5000$ econobox suits you haha.
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