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lol you are such a dork its awesome
god yes
nigga what. It aint that serious man its just cloooothes man.
i can appreciate barims' next level-ness but when i see his fits I feel like he is so punchable. I'm not about that life, jelly, etc.
Question: the inside chest pocket in my bomber is made from a very rough, grainy leather compared to the rest of the jacket (brown lamb btw). Is this on purpose? is it a different kind of leather or is it just the part of the lamb hide that wasn't perfect enough for the outside of the jacket?
is that SW&D banner image some kind of sick joke? pls change it to something more representative of the community.
  jet is an acquired taste and ghetto tasty is unintentionally entertaining as hell.
Its okay benny-kun i got your joke. i was in kindergarden when red and blue came out, pokemon was my life as a little boy.
those last few sets were streetwear, i think we can all agree. fuumskeezy str8 killing it
about to do first workout with proper lifting shoes, very pumped these things feel like my feet are bolted to the ground
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