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    Aritzia hat Moscot glasses Orage wool hoodie vintage Zegna corded nylon pullover APC denim Moma Derbies 
These look so good when you inverse the colours on your display
There is not a lot of love given out to jap cars here old or new but I cant see any auto enthusiast having anything bad to say about hakosuka on the road  maybe when it makes sense to afford a new german performance car i will start to take interest. idk
yopants are awesome, just cotton but they are pretty heavy and they have subtle blue and green tones in the right lighting. Only minor complaint is the stitching for the belt loops which is kind of weak (mine ripped off with < ten wears.) I have the blazer too, just keep in mind that its really boxy and the ventless back makes it cape out a bit in the back. 
thanks guys!pants are these:
Hello, first real fit. TOJ Ute ploier Jcrew Schneider cardigan/pants Kva
oh yeah, you should post a fit jameister
what does that mean
 Thats just your roommate, if anything "the hip-hop culture" as it stands would be more about louboutin and givenchy than timbs. Although its a pretty broad spectrum to pigeonhole like that.
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