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... not to talk about the leather appearance and the two 90° angles on the forefoot.   Still, I hope they're genuine...
  18 months... The good point is that this could make it easier for many folks to pay them. A 18-months free credit program to some extent (sic).   Do you know why did they stop taking individuals MTO ? Too difficult to manage hundreds of orders or the scarcity of some shells forced them to discourage MTO ? Any feedback will be welcome.  
Since Alden stopped individuals MTO, how and where do you get your special colors ? Only group orders ?   I'd like to know how to not wait for a specific color at a retailer and be sure to get it in my size... A salesman at Alden of SF told me Ravello now takes between 8-9 and 12 months... (!). Thanks.
Nice creases. Like the NST with the full strap. Enjoy wearing.   To me, this pictures makes Whiskey nicer that Ravello. Enjoy wearing.
Thank you. They still need to be polished now.
Still virgin...   BB LHS Black Shell, worn today.
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