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Customs issues mostly (filling papers...), security and problem about payment, etc.
  Exactement !   *Exactly!
  It probably "won't melt someone's feet" but the comfort will absolutely be different. Even from one type of loafers (lined) and another (unlined), I can feel the difference.  Comfort is far more important than style in my opinion ( 'oh really ?' :) ).
dijor, Go for the suede. In my opinion, it perfectly fits with denims. If you're a student, the leather one with its gold buckle might appear too formal on a daily routine.   Hope it helps.
The colors are fine. Don't wear them with a black suit and in general, try to avoid light brown for formal events. Enjou your party.
Trig, My first pair of Alden was the LHS. Classic loafers. I really prefer them to the PTB. If I were you, I'll definitely purchase them but it depends on the way you intend to use your shoes (work or weekend, etc.). Hope it helps.
For information, my memory tells me that my 9D US Harvard measure approximately 11" (insoles length) and roughly 4" in width (insoles). Hope it helps.
Hello yirayira, hello David (know you from the Alden thread),   I have both the Alden BB LHS and the C&J Harvard in cordovan. I guess the Harvard should only be compared with the BB LHS since both are unlined. So I usually take the LHS unlined in 8.5D but the Harvard in 9D.   The small problem here is that it is not mentioned on the C&J whether it is in US or UK sizes. In my opinion, it is US size since I take for instance the chukkas and others C&J in 8.5D...
Hello all,   I'm selling this PAUL SMITH Business Folio bag. Anyone interested, PM. I'll make a special price for SF members. PM if interested. Thanks.  
You hit a home run here.
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