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Hi seven',   My standard size is 9d but I take 8.5D with these "two cousins". In the beginning, the 986-987 fit much more tighter than the BB and, the first time, I thought I had no choice but sending them back. I was right to keep them since they do stretch a little. On the other hand, the BB are immediately extremely comfortable.   I couldn't agree more with Bakes: the 986/987 really fit like wooden clogs!   For 7 to 9 months a year (depending where you live), take the...
Really nice shoes El Argentino. Good job. Wear them in good health, as usual.
  No they won't. Never. They don't change the way you walk. Those are a must-have when you put metal tips and don't add any relief to the soles. Personnaly, I can't do without them. They are screwed on the shoe whereas those which tap when walking are nailed.   Still, two things should be considered about this: - not all cobblers can do that (the average joe doesn't care about this 'fantasy'); - this is far more difficult to remove screwed metal tips when they are worn...
  Thanks for your feedback. I ordered sz. Small. I like OCBD with sport coat. Will see when received.
Hi there,   How would you compare a GV (OCBD) sz. Small to a Brooks Brothers Black Fleece or standard BB? I usually take BB1 (for Black Fleece) and Small or 15/33-34 for others shirts.   I'm afraid Small could fit too small or short (especially the sleeves).   Thanks for your help.
  The BB LHS are built on the Van Last, just like the 986/987 (of course, tassels are not). Depending on your foot shape, the BB LHS could fit a 1/4 size larger that their cousins, the 986/987 (because unlined).
Nice family. Irrefutable argument. Enjoy them. 
  Exactly. Still I don't find their shells that much desirable (it's only my preferences though), and many of them are now only available in 'extreme' sizes. Will order their Navy Suede PTB if available in my size. Also, they seem to have a quite interesting MTO service.
Don't know whether that one is overpriced:§ioncolor=§ionsize=   Any feedback will be much appreciated.
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