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  Thanks tonio.   For your information, the Small i ordered was too tight and the sleeves were ridiculously too short. I had to return it (thanks to Mr. Porter btw for their return policy). I exchanged the Small one for a Medium. The Medium is perfect (sleeves, proportions, etc). It fits me much better than BB1 (BB Black Fleece), Brooks Brothers "Small" or RL Purple label "Small". I usually take 14.5/15 and 33/34. Hope this helps.
It's my only C&J in cordovan. I don't know whether it's only me but it seems that the cordovan used by Alden with its unlined LHS is much more comfy, soft...
Gentlemen, The Harvard, dark brown shell cordovan. 1 year-old and worn with Mazarin yellow socks.                 (Blame my iphone for this shameful picture, they look like blue or something...)
  If - and only if - my life depended on this choice, I'd choose the second one.
This was a joke, and this is only a picture... I was ironically referring to the the length of her dress.   You may need some sleep and chill out. Really.
I didn't know wearing the burqa was allowed in NYC. That's good to know.
  Their service is shameful. They can't help the customers decently. It seems that you disturb them when you walk in... "Buy-or-out"...   You have enough Alden shops in the US to find what you're looking for. My 2 cents.
  Very nice tumblr NAMOR. Do you know where one can find the BBBF saddle by C&J? Thanks.
Nice patina, especially on the unlined.Enjoy them.
You're 5-6 decades late. Don't miss this train!I mean Uncle Mac probably made his very first steps with them.
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