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  The two only questions are: where do you want to work and what do you want to do exactly? Having a strong "interest in the developing world" is quite vague. For instance, if you want working in or with some former French colonies in Africa: Sciences Po may be the best choice.   Also, what is your academic background?
  Welcome aboard Thom Browne! Enjoy wearing these great LWB.
  Nice tumblr and good looking shells.
  I'm not sure mcarthur can be considered a "big homie".
That's a good one.
  Probably because many of us don't see this thread as a free magazine in which the only thing you ask yourself is "wow - how much?"? I mean the title is "how would like a girl to dress?", it's an open question. Critiques are as welcome as pictures...
  Ballet shoes in town... The worst thing that has ever happenned to women for the last twenty years.
  Maybe but certainly not so fast. I've tried with and without.
  Why pay for something ($50) when you can have a free alternative?
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