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Don't know about the relationship Alden / suede. Have a look at Carmina. Their suede tassels are amazing.
  Will you wear them these days in NYC? Are these OK for summer?
  These are very nice. Awesome color. Enjoy wearing them for many years.
  Are you sure about this stat? I thought that 98% of men were on Styleforum.
Good post Alcibiades. Personally, I will not wear longwings with a suit. Wingtips look more formal. I really love LW but I find them too "heavy" with a suit. They are perfect with denims or with a chino and a sport coat.   Actually, it's more a personal habit than an absolute truth.
  Very nice. The best ad for the cap toe boot?       Morgan, awesome whiskey. A very good combo with the blue of your pants.
  I concur with fritzl here and the suggestion he did. Where do you study btw?
  I don't own any Indy and actually never liked it much but THIS one looks awesome. Nice combo with these socks. I hope you were very grateful to Santa   the FedEx driver.   Same here. The problem is that whiskey is getting rarer than ever these days.
  +1. I'm sure someone on this thread would have bought them for $1k.
Splendid color for the PTB. Enjoy wearing!   Probably the best shell color for loafers. Very nice!
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