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    C&J Harvard - Dark brown cordovan (unlined). Brioni socks  
  Maybe but it's hard to tell since many on this thread are from CA.   More seriously, this is totally absurd to sell brand new or used Alden shells at such a price, whatever the scarcity of the Ravello, #4 may be. Once again, the law of supply and demand...
  Brooks Brothers Madison Ave may help you. Give it a try if you have time.
  "Buy it now" for $1K. I mean: seriously?..
  I'd say leather. 95% sure about it.
  Very nice! How old approximately?
Hi everybody,   Here is a splendid Gucci belt, dark brown guccissima leather. The "G buckle" is 100% silver. Made in Italy and - of course - 100% authentic (the serial number is perfectly visible on the back - see third pic). This belt is nearly new and has only been worn 2-3 times (guaranteed). The holes look like totally unused and the belt has some tiny natural marks, nearly invisible.   It is 85cm/33.5 inches and will be perfect for people who wear pants...
  Of course. It was a simple suggestion since some of them really do look nice.
I would totally keep them. They look great with the antique edge.   If these cigar LWB don't have any defect, I don't see any reason to sell them. Plus, this shell color is getting quite rare nowadays and you'll be able to find the #8 anytime, anywhere.
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