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Brooks Bros by Alden - the classic penny loafers Socks by Richard James Denim from Maison Kitsuné  
Hi everyone,   I'm selling these Whiskey LWB: Feel free to contact me if interested. Cheers.
Hi there,   I'm selling these beautiful Alden LWB in Whiskey cordovan. I cannot wear them because of work. These are completely new, never worn outside. Only tried once at home. Some natural marks may be visible due to cordovan natural aspects. Will come with its box, plastic & dust bags. (Shoe trees not included) I already owned a pair of these. Truly fantastic. Don't miss them. They were made for a special order, will come with the "Special order" paper. The...
We have a spy on SF.  More seriously, you're right. This is exactly the same pair.
I'm selling these fantastic and very exclusive Alden saddle shoes. I bought them several weeks ago but I don't have any occasion to wear them because of work...    These are brand new Alden for J.Crew LIMITED EDITION snuff suede/color #8 cordovan saddle shoes.   Part of a limited run of 18 pairs made for J.Crew that is completely sold out.  It's the LAST chance you can get them. Absolutely no defect, no flaw. Size is 8.5D on the Barrie last (fits a 9D)....
Another pic of the same pair, but here in the daylight and with denim. Of course, these were never waxed and never creamed. Only brushed before and after each wearing. But you all know that.     
  Well, this is quite "personal" I guess since many folks may not agree with me. So  my "loafers dream team" would be (there's no order) : Alden LHS for BB, the Lopez by John Lobb and the cordovan Harvard by C&J. Different styles...
  Thanks. I don't really know about that. These Harvard are a 9D US and, to me, they fit just perfectly. I mean 9D US is also my standard size (8.5D UK for Chukka or even 8E UK for some others C&J...). Hope this helps.
Cross topic.     C&J Harvard - Dark brown cordovan (unlined). One of the 3 best loafers ever IMO.
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