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Always liked that black cherry color.
Good looking pair of boots there.
Nocona in Caribou I believe?? I've always wanted a boot in a 2" heel and now I've got em! Very comfy boot and the caribou hide is very light and wearable in this Texas heat now a days!
Wow these have come a long way haven't they?! Haha nice.
Damn Swan those are a badass pair of lizard skin boots! I've seen some like this before like Ring Lizard.
Awesome boots swan, haven't seen Stingrays by Dan Post ever! Good looking boot.
Just got these today! Very happy with them! A pair of Taupe colored Elephant hide Justin's. very nice 6lined stitched shafts and cowboy heel. Justin verified for me that they were indeed elephant and that the no longer make this boot. Little fact about Justin's and Tonys, if your ever not sure what material your J or TL boot is just give em a call and give them the stamped style number from inside of the boot and they can tell you when they made/discontinued em and what...
Here are the Hippo boots.
Got a couple new pairs since I last been on. [IMG] 1/id/844721/width/200/height/400[/IMG] The first pair are vintage Justin boots in Cognac Sea Turtle. Supple well made boot. Very happy with em! Second pair are vintage Dan Post American Alligators. I think they are a bias belly cut, but I could be wrong. The third pair I just bought and am VERY happy with. A pair of Panhandle Slim vintage hippo hide in mud brown! So far very...
Vintage Rios of Mercedes Full quill ostrich in Cognac.
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