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Do you guys intend to do another run of either of the shawl cardigans? Thanks.
Anybody else experience that the sleeves on the new EPLA OCBDs are much shorter than the standard line or is it just me? Thanks.
I just wanted to make sure I'm getting this service boot sizing stuff right. Does half a size down from dress shoe size sound right, if I don't intend to wear thick socks? Thanks!
If I wanted to order one of those old skirts from Adele's line for the lady friend, how much would that cost? Thanks.
How would you say this fits relative to their stand alone blazers?
Hey, are you guys planning any new Carminas soon or maybe restocking the Emerson boots? Thanks!
Would anyone want to do a MTO of basically Epaulet's Carmina Emerson Jodhpur boot or is that sort of thing uncouth? Thanks!
Anybody have a pic of the Carmina Jodhpurs in the wild or can speak for them? I've been on the fence for months. Thanks!
A few pages back, I believe you mentioned a camp moc coming soon. I may be just one man, but I would be on that with a quickness. Also, do you plan on making a MTO load out for the wool pants as well, or is that a cotton only club? Thanks! Keep up the great work.
Quick question. Is the shipping included in the USD conversion app or is just the VAT taken out? Thanks!
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