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Hey, how's the fit on the Wyatt horween jacket? It's been sitting in the sale section mocking me for too long. I usually buy the XL shirts and then get them tapered. So Large? XL? What do you guys say?
Can anybody speak to the Derby color in real life? It looks like a cool take off on grey to me in this build out, but I stumbled on last year's introduction to derby, and it comes off way more green. Any opinions?
Sarah actually took care of it all for me today actually. She did great. Turns out their system can get a little finicky if your card doesn't match the ip location you're ordering from.
Hey, I have a question. I have a pair of the Ramsey's in a US 12 that fit pretty good, and I was looking at the Francis jodhpur that AS made for A Fine Pair of Shoes. Do you think the 11 UK would work size-wise? Thanks!
Hey Mike, totally digging the new plum jodhpur, but I was curious if you had any intention of bringing back the scotch grain Emerson at any point? Also, any chance of a shawl cardigan restock this winter? Thanks, man. Keep up the great work!
Do you guys intend to do another run of either of the shawl cardigans? Thanks.
Anybody else experience that the sleeves on the new EPLA OCBDs are much shorter than the standard line or is it just me? Thanks.
I just wanted to make sure I'm getting this service boot sizing stuff right. Does half a size down from dress shoe size sound right, if I don't intend to wear thick socks? Thanks!
If I wanted to order one of those old skirts from Adele's line for the lady friend, how much would that cost? Thanks.
How would you say this fits relative to their stand alone blazers?
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