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Light blue in that fabric would be excellent. I'd definitely give it a try.
I'm honestly not sure, as I didn't specify in my description and I know they were still working out sources back then, so I suppose @luxire could comment. 
Here is my bag review. This was one of the pilot bags that Luxire offered to produce some months back. The timing was perfect for me, as I had recently been in the market for a new bag and had already been doing research. After my success having Luxire make my shirts and pants for nearly two years now, I thought the pilot offer, while certainly risky, was worth pursuing given the excellent customer service I've always experienced. The result, I think, is quite well...
Same experience here, for a different project. Outstanding customer service.
A few pictures of the @dieworkwear Fresco. I'm quite happy how the color turned out. In direct light it's a mid-dark brown, and in low light it's a straight dark brown. Not a lot of red. Thanks again to Derek for organizing!  [[SPOILER]]
Agreed. Wish it was in the stock Molloy range and available.
That's a great hat! 
At one point the InTweed website was recommended here, so I've used that: http://www.intweed.co.uk/goods-for-sale/tweed-moleskin-lengths-samples They have the Ettrick, Kirkton and Teviot tweed ranges. You can order samples and cut lengths.
Does anyone have experience making up the following design in a jacket? Pros/Cons?   Lovat Mill (500g/m):     P&H Glenroyal (430g/m):   Are there other examples of this design worth looking at I might have missed?   Thanks in advance.
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