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I'll just say, as someone who is in on the order, that I think this could be a deal breaker if the mill/merchant aren't setup to deal 20+ individuals for a single order. If you can get a 3rd party merchant to act as distributor that might go somewhere, though I imagine the cost will go up as a result. Creating another round of dialog. I imagine, though I don't know this for sure, that Alden is ultimately on the hook for those who don't pay up in LL commissions. Assuming...
@jrd617 I'm in for 2.5m
I'd certainly take a few meters.
I agree. I think this is a really excellent idea. Would be interested in participating. 
Yes! This is great news.
Just to add my 2 cents. I agree the Pale Pink is certainly not a light Oxford. But I would say compared to the Classic Blue and the Classic Red Oxfords, the Pink is relatively lighter, closer to the Sky Blue Classic Oxford.
The pale pink and sky blue are similar in weight. I agree slightly lighter than I was expecting, but not bad by any means. The red and standard blue are heavier. The red is noticeably soft in comparison to the others.
My latest purchase from luxire. Thought some people might be interested in seeing some oxfords side by side. In the pic are the standard blue, sky blue, pale pink, and red. I'm really happy with them all, but each definitely are a bit different in weight and feel.
wow, that's almost exactly what my next order is slated to be. Nice choices 
 Trini, Will do, I'm fairly certain that I have that swatch. Traveling for work at the moment, but should be able to get you a pic later this week. Matt
New Posts  All Forums: