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 Very happy with them
They didn't, unfortunately. I've chalked it up to being part of the investment to get things as close to right the first time. Hopefully, as with copying shirts and pants in the past, it will be worth it.
I'm now over 8 weeks on mine, and when I enquired a few days ago was told it would be another 2 weeks before it shipped, fwiw. Same process as you, sending in jacket for reference. Also, sent mine in a box and didn't get dinged for any additional fees.
Light blue in that fabric would be excellent. I'd definitely give it a try.
I'm honestly not sure, as I didn't specify in my description and I know they were still working out sources back then, so I suppose @luxire could comment. 
Here is my bag review. This was one of the pilot bags that Luxire offered to produce some months back. The timing was perfect for me, as I had recently been in the market for a new bag and had already been doing research. After my success having Luxire make my shirts and pants for nearly two years now, I thought the pilot offer, while certainly risky, was worth pursuing given the excellent customer service I've always experienced. The result, I think, is quite well...
Same experience here, for a different project. Outstanding customer service.
A few pictures of the @dieworkwear Fresco. I'm quite happy how the color turned out. In direct light it's a mid-dark brown, and in low light it's a straight dark brown. Not a lot of red. Thanks again to Derek for organizing!  [[SPOILER]]
Agreed. Wish it was in the stock Molloy range and available.
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