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Same experience here, for a different project. Outstanding customer service.
A few pictures of the @dieworkwear Fresco. I'm quite happy how the color turned out. In direct light it's a mid-dark brown, and in low light it's a straight dark brown. Not a lot of red. Thanks again to Derek for organizing!  [[SPOILER]]
Agreed. Wish it was in the stock Molloy range and available.
That's a great hat! 
At one point the InTweed website was recommended here, so I've used that: http://www.intweed.co.uk/goods-for-sale/tweed-moleskin-lengths-samples They have the Ettrick, Kirkton and Teviot tweed ranges. You can order samples and cut lengths.
Does anyone have experience making up the following design in a jacket? Pros/Cons?   Lovat Mill (500g/m):     P&H Glenroyal (430g/m):   Are there other examples of this design worth looking at I might have missed?   Thanks in advance.
@luxire email sent!
Perhaps Moon? http://www.moons.co.uk/apparel/heritage-collection/melton/
Here's another way to look at it. You, arguably more than many of us here, stand to benefit considerably from getting a shirt pattern nailed down with Luxire. You have a very complicated shoulder fit. Even if it takes another iteration or two to get it down, which is normal as others have said, in the long term what you're about to spend on the shipping cost is completely trivial.
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