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blazingazn   those look really good. can you post some fit pics?   thoughts on these? I just bought em today and I'm having second thoughts
  First post here after lurking for a bit. Suggestions would be great.   Abercrombie shirt I got on sale Naked and famous skinny guys (size 28) Beat up pair of red vans
Left-hand twills Size 28 (5'10" 145lbs) Hemmed 4 inches 4 months, now washes yet but it's been wet from rain a few times now
I'm pretty sure they're sanforized. they are n&f left hand twills
Is it an issue for unwashed and unsoaked raw jeans to get wet in the rain?
me or dbear?
I have the same shoes in all black and another in gray? Would that be better? They're both really beat up and worn down, which I actually like(both the look and comfort). That's also part of the reason why I'm wearing these bright red ones, I'm trying to break them in and beat them up. Thanks for the critique though
What I wore to school today     Would love some critiques and suggestions. Especially on the jeans. They are N&F skinny guys. I've slept in them once to stretch and only worn them the second time today. They are a lot more comfortable in the thighs but I would like them stretch a little bit more. 
i just got my firs pair of raw jeans. I barely got all the buttons closed at first and they're still a little snug in the thighs. How do I stretch them out some more? Should I soak them? How long? Hot or Cold?
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