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I've never had an issue typing with FC shirts.
170 miles on a bike daily? That's hard core.
As has been said, knowledge of the product line is key.
    Out of curiosity, who else sources shell?
I think green could be fine, depending on shade. Yellow would be tough to pull off, perhaps. Although a pale yellow with a blue shirt might work.   Really the charcoal suit is a fine canvas for just about anything.
"Always be better dressed than they are." Steve Martin said that and I believe it.
Alden All-Weather Walkers.
Avoid true 3 button suits. Embrace slightly wider lapels. Just say no to too-widely spread shirt collars. Braces (suspenders) are your friend. Always double down on 11.
    As am I. Any reason why Dainite is less than ideal in these situations?
I acquired a pair of Alden suede longwings and am very happy with them.
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