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Has anyone ever asked Meermin if they could do a beveled waist and/or fiddleback sole?
Thanks for the reply. I didn't know they were listed on their site already, must not have paid too much attention.I wouldn't buy the classic line suede ones since I want a pair of the copper suede from the GMTO
Did anyone see the suede wholecuts Meermin put on their Tumblr page?
WOW! Those are beautiful! I've never been a loafer fan but they are starting to grow on me.
Has anyone thought about oxblood shoes?
I like those a lot . That Olfe last is lovely and I really can't wait to see the new chiseled last
If I didn't just order their Classic suede shoe then I would be all over this as this was the model I wanted instead of the Hiro last.Maybe I can sell mine when they come in and get on this one
Right now, their website is the only place I believe.
@rogejo321: Do you prefer the Hiro or Olfe last?
They do make size 6 is their classic line. You could also do a MTO shoe in a size 6
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