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Thank you for the quick reply. In that case it makes it an outstanding buy compared to JCF and SuitSupply in my opinion.Might need to pick up a suit or two in the new Guabello that was recently announced.
Are the prices on the website CAD or USD? Just checking before I purchase.
That's what I was hoping to hear.
Quality...sizing I believe would be very similar between the two.
How do these suits compare to JCF Thompson's?
When sending the initial email requesting information from Antonio, what do y'all normally include in it?
I'm over here confused of what is going on but I guess I should get excited about it
I know this is an appreciation thread but maybe you guys can help me. I currently have a pair of AE Strands in size 8D from allaboutshoes (user on here). I was measured at an Allen Edmonds store before I bought them and they said I was an 8D. Unfortunately when I wear the shoes, about a couple hours of walking in them the area around the ball of my foot starts to hurt and it gradually gets worse throughout the day. All my other shoes (non dress shoes) are size 8. Is...
Has anyone ever asked Meermin if they could do a beveled waist and/or fiddleback sole?
Thanks for the reply. I didn't know they were listed on their site already, must not have paid too much attention.I wouldn't buy the classic line suede ones since I want a pair of the copper suede from the GMTO
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