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I too belong to this club and certainly don't look like a typical student. Needless to say there are more than just a few of us, hence Edwards no longer exists. They went bust 6 months ago!
Ask a specific question Patrick if you want a specific answer, otherwise I'm entitled to post generalisations and puns (as bad as they might be) as the next man.
^ not a bad job! you got some talent there. We'll done.
I know several, but I doubt they would be keen to post here and suffer the harassment and mockery others with expertise have had to bear.
It might be flippant but it's true.A chemist is better qualified than lay people to determine which ingredients to use in a given product, no?
But we now have so many eminent chemists why don't we ask them to explain the pros and cons of different compounds?Excusing the pun but this thread was awash with them last week.
Thanks I now understand your point.As a layman I guess it means they add the silicone to help with spreadability.If any bick rep says bick4 doesn't contain silicones, in light of this new information, at least they are only being hypocritical less than 1% of the time.
I'm sorry I don't quite understand what you mean by that.
To be honest any simple moisturising cream will do. Nivea is just a recognisable brand and product, but I must say I have not looked into its ingredients for many years. For all I know it could be full of silicones and parabens.
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