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Not at all Munky, you're a great chap. It wouldn't be fair or accurate to consider myself an expert. Let's hope we keep the craft going.Merry Christmas everyone.
I don't know about very much these days, I think I am too old...In another life I worked in the world of handmade shoes and the leather industry for 40 years, following in the footsteps of both my father & grandfather. Northampton men through & through. It's the one thing we can't forget,it's innate.I think DW as a bootmaker & all that life experience together with Patrick as an inquisitive, discerning and reflective consumer makes a potent combo.Not noticed Benhour, I...
Lol. My sincerest apologies:embar:Merry Xmas
Nope, they are equine not bovine.
The best brushes for fine leather shoes are horsehair and never scratch the leather. The very best brushes are actually over stuffed and will for the first dozen or so times actually lose hair. The exception are boar or pig bristle brushes, the quality ones never lose hair, however whilst providing a quicker polish, these stiffer bristles invariably damage the leather of fine shoes on a micro level, so I never recommend them.As you correctly say, a good brush will get even...
I too belong to this club and certainly don't look like a typical student. Needless to say there are more than just a few of us, hence Edwards no longer exists. They went bust 6 months ago!
Ask a specific question Patrick if you want a specific answer, otherwise I'm entitled to post generalisations and puns (as bad as they might be) as the next man.
^ not a bad job! you got some talent there. We'll done.
I know several, but I doubt they would be keen to post here and suffer the harassment and mockery others with expertise have had to bear.
It might be flippant but it's true.A chemist is better qualified than lay people to determine which ingredients to use in a given product, no?
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