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http://putthison.com/post/43086600593/how-about-some-vintage-florsheims-florsheim-may   Put This On had something on vintage Florsheim's.
Unlined is warm enough for Australian (not sure what state you're in) winters?
What style/material/lining? Thoughts on the quality? They look great.
Anyone have experience with the quality of the Kamakura ties, especially the grenadine options? $70 is quite a nice price if the quality is there.
They go for ~$245 from the usual UK websites, isn't $270 shipped overs?
Oh for sure, a well fitting running shoe is almost essential. Happy running!
Ah the Nike Free Runs, the Toyota Camry of the running shoe world. Safe, popular, not all that impressive, but a good entry level running shoe.
Implying they were expensive? You buy them in store or online? I'm more of a Saucony Kinvara 3 kind of guy.
What size?
Asks a question. Gets an answer. Asks if the answerer is trolling. What?
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