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After the navy Folk Boom Bomber in size small, pictured here: http://www.hickorees.com/brand/folk/product/reversible-boom-bomber-navy   Thank you.
Anyone know if/when the Three-Way Trunks will come back in stock?
E&G Cappelli ties 40% at http://linksonjack.com/ with SS2013 code. Brings a lot down to $70, seems to be a great price. Any thoughts compared to Drakes and Hober?
Are you talking about the cashmere 'smart gloves'? I'm a bit worried about one size fits all with them.
How's it all going? You've had fittings for the first customers if I'm not mistaken, so will we be seeing the first commissions coming in soon?
What's the link to the eBay store/double sided brush? http://stores.ebay.com.au/Kentbrushes is that it?     What's the width of the tie?   You can change up watch straps on pretty much all watches. Pretty easy, especially NATO straps.
I remember you talking about that BB belt and that's why I've stayed away from them.   Good point re: wearing it for years.
Very nice, thank you. Had experience with them?Will most likely try Epaulet and also James Reid in the future.
  What width is it, looks to be ~1 inch? I like that buckle too, any idea what it is?   Would bridle leather be better suited for a dress belt with the addition of stitching ? ie. brown or black stitching on a belt like this:     My understanding is that bridle leather is casual due to the thickness. Maybe also due to the non-glossy appearance?   Really struggling to find good quality dress belts that aren't $100+.
What's the belt - brand, width and buckle?
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