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Posts by aussiejake An article with some further background and information on them. Really enjoyable stuff.
Boxing Day sale at Luxire?
What'd you grab? I've got a bunch of stuff (including Creatures IPA, Hop Hog, MG Steam Ale and Sierra Nevada IPA) to tide me over the break. Edit: I've got that Vale IPA in the cupboard - it's okay, nothing amazing. Have you had Hop Hog before?
It looks perfectly fine. You are going to have worse scratches or stains after a week or two of using the bag.   Beautiful bag, use it in good health.
Anyone got any ideas for the custom printed pocket squares?
A truly tasty beer. Everyone should treat themselves to trying this one this summer.
Alterer in Melbourne within walking distance of Southern Cross station?   I've got some simple leg tapering and hemming of dress pants needed, thread searching seems to recommend Sam in Docklands or Katrinas?
Great information, thank you. When mixing the two colours, how do you do this? Just roughly using the polishing cloth or in another container somehow?
Can any one with the Loake Aldwych in dark brown comment on which Saphir wax colour you use? The colour is somewhere in between these two sets of photos. I'm torn between medium brown or the dark brown.
Any one know if the dark navy blue on the website is the only navy blue (and hence photographed above) or if they are sold out of navy blue and don't have it up?
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