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Best value, most durable and long lasting medium thickness dress socks around the $10-15 mark? Pantherella, Smart Wool, Gold Toe? Wool, cashmere, cotton, blends? Different for summer and winter? Tried searching but all of Pink Socks posts show up instead. Educate me.
Uniqlo, Under Armour and ExOfficio are my favourites.
Selling this Drakes tie. In great condition, only worn 1-2 times.   70% wool, 30% linen. Light green with small white dots. 3 inch (7.6cm) wide. Price drop: $57 posted within Australia.
Converse x Size? All Star Ox Premium. Size 7UK, 8US. Fits 8.5-9 normal size. Message me for sizing questions and recommendations. BNWT, will ship without box. Price drop! $82 $75 posted in Australia.   English retailer size? has teamed up with Converse to present new editions of the ever-classic All-Star Ox. Here we find the All-Star offered in premium nappy suede – a rich, textured material that fulfils the upper portion of the shoe. Lines are kept to a minimum here,...
They look like Feit shoes to me. http://www.feitdirect.com/products/hand-sewn-low-smog What I'd be interested in is a photo of the sole (the website doesn't show this angle) and whether or not they would be able to be re-soled.
General review of the process, your thoughts, whether you are happy with the product - we (I) haven't heard anything about them yet?
Any Suit Shop reviews in yet? People would have their suits by now, no?
God damn, now you've gone and got me all excited over a discontinued shoe :(
Still available? 2010 model I believe.
Not seeing the sale: http://www.mrporter.com/Shop/Designers/Dents   Certainly not $25 like someone mentioned earlier.
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