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Brilliant, can't wait. You guys are straight killing it lately.
Black pebble grain boot w/ dainite sole would be perfect.   Same goes for the brown calf/suede balmoral.   Winter boots with a winter sole.
What's the best way to contact Epaulet? Have been having emails ignored for 5-6 days now.
I'd prefer it, yes. I believe there is talk of doing the black shell Superdenim collab derby in the future too.
So essentially a similar boot to the above from Paul and Friends, but with natural welt and 150 pound cheaper.   More casual than the above.
6 is the minimum I believe. A guy was keen to organise this on Reddit's Goodyear Welt subreddit, along with the above mentioned boot in teak cordovan. If that's the colour you were after, join that one. ~3 were already keen on GYW. Also - what is Paul and friends?
Through Shoe Healer. Bulk MTO + 10% discount. Just on 400 pounds.
Interest check -   GMTO for a shell cordovan boot w/ natural welting (similar to the Trickers x Superdenim). Mogano cordovan. Would be somewhere just above 400 pounds.     That make up but in mogano:     PM me if you have any interest or thoughts.
Luxire, any updates when the new denim options will be on the site?
Those are perfectly fine for a job interview or 90% of formal situations. Pants will come down over the majority of the upper half and black cap toe calf is pretty damn formal.
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