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Brilliant. Any mock up photos of each? Having difficulty picturing them, especially without rigorous research on the models, leathers and detailing (not sure if others feel the same and might be hesitant to join due to this).
I'm potentially interested in a couple of GMTO's here, but is there a run down post of what is exactly being put forward? Any photos of the potential make ups?
Brilliant, can't wait. You guys are straight killing it lately.
Black pebble grain boot w/ dainite sole would be perfect.   Same goes for the brown calf/suede balmoral.   Winter boots with a winter sole.
What's the best way to contact Epaulet? Have been having emails ignored for 5-6 days now.
I'd prefer it, yes. I believe there is talk of doing the black shell Superdenim collab derby in the future too.
So essentially a similar boot to the above from Paul and Friends, but with natural welt and 150 pound cheaper.   More casual than the above.
6 is the minimum I believe. A guy was keen to organise this on Reddit's Goodyear Welt subreddit, along with the above mentioned boot in teak cordovan. If that's the colour you were after, join that one. ~3 were already keen on GYW. Also - what is Paul and friends?
Through Shoe Healer. Bulk MTO + 10% discount. Just on 400 pounds.
Interest check -   GMTO for a shell cordovan boot w/ natural welting (similar to the Trickers x Superdenim). Mogano cordovan. Would be somewhere just above 400 pounds.     That make up but in mogano:     PM me if you have any interest or thoughts.
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