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As per the first Meermin GMTO cherry shell cordovan run:   This run of shoes sold out within hours. Be one of the first in the world with these Meermins.   7.5UK, brand new. Tried on once, light bumps to the sole. Consistent leather clicking, no flaws. Selling due to sizing issues.   Shipping from Australia, buyers from Australia preferred. $20 shipping within AU/NZ, ~$40 elsewhere. Message me for sizing/postage/more...
Talk to me about bedroom accessories SF.   - plants: snake plant, aloe vera plant - coasters: - bedside lamp: ... swing-lamp ... rson-light - throws/blankets: faribault, pendleton, bemidji woolen mills - art:
OTC dress socks in conservative colours/patterns for $10-20 delivered - any thoughts? Happy to do a bulk order if that helps with suggestions.
In the early hours of January 1 for Australians.... why Meermin, why!
Missed the cognac shell longwings :(
Would love to know the answer to this one too.
Need Supply currently have 20% off, not sure if Alden is included:  
Yeah sadly Ray has retired, I emailed him a month or two back.
Any suggestions on sizing for the GMTO models? I'm usually a 7.5UK in dress shoes, I'm guessing I'd go a 8US for Allen Edmonds EC's.
Brilliant. Any mock up photos of each? Having difficulty picturing them, especially without rigorous research on the models, leathers and detailing (not sure if others feel the same and might be hesitant to join due to this).
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