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In the early hours of January 1 for Australians.... why Meermin, why!
Missed the cognac shell longwings :(
Would love to know the answer to this one too.
Need Supply currently have 20% off, not sure if Alden is included:  
Yeah sadly Ray has retired, I emailed him a month or two back.
Any suggestions on sizing for the GMTO models? I'm usually a 7.5UK in dress shoes, I'm guessing I'd go a 8US for Allen Edmonds EC's.
Brilliant. Any mock up photos of each? Having difficulty picturing them, especially without rigorous research on the models, leathers and detailing (not sure if others feel the same and might be hesitant to join due to this).
I'm potentially interested in a couple of GMTO's here, but is there a run down post of what is exactly being put forward? Any photos of the potential make ups?
Brilliant, can't wait. You guys are straight killing it lately.
Black pebble grain boot w/ dainite sole would be perfect.   Same goes for the brown calf/suede balmoral.   Winter boots with a winter sole.
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