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What's the weight and performance of the shirt? One huge issue I had with the cheaper fabrics are the thinness/texture and the amount of wrinkling/creasing. Coming from Thomas Mason Silverline fabrics, this was very unappealing. Might grab some fabric swatches of these to check out.
Any one have any experience/recommendations with the more expensive shirting fabrics - Mondi and Grandi? Have been less than impressed with two of the budget fabrics (lustrous fine white being one of them).
Any plans for calfskin dress belts for the future? At a decent price (to fill a market gap), you'd be onto a winner.
Will you stock any size 30 dress belts (black or dark brown) in the future?
Gloves this season? It's getting chilly :D
I'm not certain how Yuketen's fit (haven't researched yet) but I'd guess a 8 or 8.5. I'm always on the lookout for the ripple sole derbies if any one wants to sell them.
Gah, sold out.
I am pretty unimpressed with the weight, thinness and texture on two of the cheap dress shirt fabrics in my first order. I got the Lustrous Fine White and the Pale Blue Poplin 2/100 (a strange blue in real life) for references sake. Not even in the same league as my other shirts which are of Thomas Mason fabrics, so it's time to step it up with my next Luxire order.   Does any one have any experience or recommendations for more premium, heavier, substantial...
Need staple colours (navy, blues, charcoal) for the super heavy weight. Any ETA on more colours?   The 'heavy winter weight' are laughably and embarrassingly thin a sock of that name.
How thick are the socks? I can't stand thin stuff and resort to wearing two pairs of Viccel socks on most days.
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