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My thoughts on raw denim: I don't even like that faded, honeycomb look that develops on them. I wish there were more brands at the moment that focused on quality, non-raw denim.
Tell us more about shirts and accessories that your new venture will sell? Similar stuff to P Johnson?PS looks good on my SGS3.
Would be perfect, if only they did skinnier widths. They look lovely though.
Those sound great, I'm always searching for some decent local gloves. Will pick up a pair when the weather starts warranting it.   Very nice. Look forward to hearing/seeing more about it.
TOJ1 black/black 2011 varsity jacket - size 48 with 46 body length.   Now discontinued and only selling due to it not fitting me.   Pits across: 20.7 Front length: 22.4 Back length: 24.2 Sleeve: 29 width @ pit: 7.9 width @ cuff: 5.6 Black body and sleeve, reversible side is black as pictured.   Brand new in perfect condition.   Selling to Australians, $320 $305 shipped anywhere in the country.   http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=7641
Luxire is getting a good rap lately, or one of the guys that do Thomas Mason fabric (Nialma is one).
Do you guys think that satin finish is better for casual or more dressy outfits? I like that it's a bit more matte.
Just a quick question -   Is something like a 70% cashmere, 30% silk tie from Howard Yount going to be as good quality as a 100% silk? What characteristics does the cashmere bring?   And what about a 100% wool, or 90% wool, 10% silk tie, steer clear or? I'm guessing more casual if it's wool?
I've got a brand new TOJ1 black/black in size 48 that I'm about to put up for sale in the marketplace, if anyone is interested before I put it up.   In other news, just got my first 'proper' tie, a 8cm Drakes.     Lovely quality, great colour. It seems I can pull off 8cm ties, but being a skinny guy, 7-7.5cm will be my perfect width.
Now for the wait for a 257 in navy, would be amazing.
New Posts  All Forums: