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Okay thank you for that advice. I believe I'll be a size 8 anyway, from what I've read up on, but I'll double check with the DJ's line of Loakes.
So if I go into David Jones, try on the regular Loake line and get my size, the Aldwych's should fit quite similar?
Any one with Loake 1880 Aldwych's able to guide me on how they sized compared to other shoes?   Well how much interest have you received so far? I might be in for ~3 pairs. Sizing is just a bit of an issue, not sure how to go.
Should be less than that. For example, I've calculated 8 shoe trees with postage at 110 euros, or $140 AUD, or $17.50 each. If the order is for more, it gets slightly cheaper and cheaper. 10 is $16.5 each, 12 is $15.8 each.
Those look pretty interesting. Getting up towards the next level price range of brands like Red Wing.   Quality would be the big question obviously.
Still have a pair of size 7.5 Gentleman Traveler's up for grabs for Australian buyers. Brand new in the Cigar colour, $185.   Beautiful shoe.
Anyone know what happened to MW Traveler?
Any particular models for Brooks Brothers? I might try out one of the $44 sale shirts if shipping isn't too expensive.
Recommendations for business shirts in the range of $50-100? I'm looking at TM Lewin as a starter in their Fully Fitted cut, but have heard mixed things.   I'll check out MJ Bale's too when I head in.
Anyone know how the Roshe Trails fit compared to other Nikes ie. Lunar Montreal's?
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