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Measurements would be lovely.
Awesome to see all these Henry Tomkins briefcases, they make superb looking bags.
Sure did, was pretty enjoyable. Pettis getting the next shot at Aldo is very interesting.
I'm a fight fan (MMA), but not the mess of a sport that is Boxing unfortunately.
Unfortunately my Ninja Sox appear to be too small :(   I went for men's 9-12 and normally wear dress shoes size 8 and Nike/Adidas runners size 9.5/10 and the socks are very tight and leave indentations where the sock is too tight at the edges. This is even from a pair I've washed a couple of times (I thought they might stretch out). I've never worn close to a size 12 shoe so this is disappointing.
I vote for 8cm, 9cm is well out of my range.
That's a shame to hear, re: the synthetic back and gold buckle. I'll steer clear of the BB belt then, especially at that price.
  That is if you keep the same/similar waist size for all your life :)   What's the quality of the Brooks Brothers belts that you mentioned? Is that what you would consider a quality for-life buy?
Those that wear belts with their suits, where do you get them from and what width? Previous casual belts made by Zissou (pretty happy with them), should I just go through him but at a thinner width?
God damn those Alden chukkas are sexy. Probably my grail shoe items.
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