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Do you guys think that satin finish is better for casual or more dressy outfits? I like that it's a bit more matte.
Just a quick question -   Is something like a 70% cashmere, 30% silk tie from Howard Yount going to be as good quality as a 100% silk? What characteristics does the cashmere bring?   And what about a 100% wool, or 90% wool, 10% silk tie, steer clear or? I'm guessing more casual if it's wool?
I've got a brand new TOJ1 black/black in size 48 that I'm about to put up for sale in the marketplace, if anyone is interested before I put it up.   In other news, just got my first 'proper' tie, a 8cm Drakes.     Lovely quality, great colour. It seems I can pull off 8cm ties, but being a skinny guy, 7-7.5cm will be my perfect width.
Now for the wait for a 257 in navy, would be amazing.
After pairs of the old-style T000 skinny pants from Uniqlo in black and navy. Size 28 is preferable. I'll pay up to around retail for a brand new pair.
Why wouldn't we just buy it new from the website?
Looks great, what are those?
Not a fan. How big is the face of your Max Bill? They wear large, but I'm guessing somewhere in the range of 36-38mm, which leaves a bit step up to those Steinharts.
No, no, not stock wise. The loading and page errors and whatnot.   That's expected with the under 8cm ties, us skinny guys get no love so I'm used to it :)   I'm a 7.5UK so I'm guessing mediums would have been my size. Out of luck!
The ties are a little too wide for my liking, but I'm interested in those socks. Anyone know the sizing on Pantherella - what size shoes does the large fit?
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