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Those that wear belts with their suits, where do you get them from and what width? Previous casual belts made by Zissou (pretty happy with them), should I just go through him but at a thinner width?
God damn those Alden chukkas are sexy. Probably my grail shoe items.
Sam Hober has no options?
Incredibly helpful post, thank you. I'll start building up in these products/items mentioned. I'm guessing 'appropriate brown" wax and cream polish relates to a colour similar to the shoe being worked on?
dat shine   smith with a woeful fitting number/haircut
Dude can surely afford/command a better tailored fit.
Where can I get a girl like that to accessorise with?
Anyone had any recent success/experiences with Nialma? Apparently they have a guy in Melbourne that will measure you up and that means 4 MTM Thomas Mason Silverline's for around $120 each.   Is this the best value in that price range? Any other options in Melbourne?
Just confirming that Rekaris shoe repairs are on Russell Street yeah? Not Lonsdale (old shop)?
This is what I fear, re: topying shoes.   I'm getting a couple pairs of Loake 1880's (Aldwych) and fear the mass it will add to the soles. Thoughts?
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