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Good results/quality? Remember any pricing?
Any help with this guys?
Any recommendations from the Melbourne/Victorian boys for a quality tailor for jeans and suit pants without breaking the budget? East/south-east suburbs if possible.   Would like jeans slimmed calf down and hemmed and suit pants slimmed throughout the leg.
Some good quality, nicely priced non-raw denim would be oh so lovely. You guys are killing it lately, great work.
Hey Luxire, echoing what someone mentioned a page or two back, you should get some denim options in and do jeans. The internet would be won if you could get decent quality MTM jeans.
The hell is going on in here?
Indeed, let me know.
Still looking for affordable (read under $100) dress belt options.
My thoughts on raw denim: I don't even like that faded, honeycomb look that develops on them. I wish there were more brands at the moment that focused on quality, non-raw denim.
Tell us more about shirts and accessories that your new venture will sell? Similar stuff to P Johnson?PS looks good on my SGS3.
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