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With the talk of the T000 not being restocked, are these the T000 models on the Japanese site?   http://www.uniqlo.com/jp/store/goods/076041   http://www.uniqlo.com/jp/store/goods/073394
Thoughts on the brown 257 being paired with formal CBD wear? Too casual?
Haha sorry for bringing back up the topy discussion, this one was more a topy vs. Dainite rubber sole discussion :D
Anyone advise me on these two questions?
Two questions:   Rubber Dainite soles, isn't it easier/cheaper in the long run to get leather soles with rubber topy's put on? The Dainite sole will wear down and require a full re-sole as opposed to just replacing the topy in the other option, right?   Is the quality/longevity of Meermin's standard range comparable to the Loake 1880 range?
So in the end it would be better/cheaper to get leather soled chukkas with rubber topy's?
Photos deleted?   Just regarding the rubber soles, how do they compare to leather soles with a rubber topy? How do you replace the rubber sole - is it costly?
The straight across doesn't work with uneven eyelets.
Wait wait... how do you guys tie your laces with an odd amount of eyelets (ie. 5)?     I asked this a few pages ago now, didn't get any concrete answers apart from the usual bridle leather makers (Equus, Narragansett, etc.), which may or may not be too thick of a leather for suit wear.
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