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Anyone advise me on these two questions?
Two questions:   Rubber Dainite soles, isn't it easier/cheaper in the long run to get leather soles with rubber topy's put on? The Dainite sole will wear down and require a full re-sole as opposed to just replacing the topy in the other option, right?   Is the quality/longevity of Meermin's standard range comparable to the Loake 1880 range?
So in the end it would be better/cheaper to get leather soled chukkas with rubber topy's?
Photos deleted?   Just regarding the rubber soles, how do they compare to leather soles with a rubber topy? How do you replace the rubber sole - is it costly?
The straight across doesn't work with uneven eyelets.
Wait wait... how do you guys tie your laces with an odd amount of eyelets (ie. 5)?     I asked this a few pages ago now, didn't get any concrete answers apart from the usual bridle leather makers (Equus, Narragansett, etc.), which may or may not be too thick of a leather for suit wear.
Just received two pairs of Loake 1880 Aldwych's.... dear god these are nice.
Measurements would be lovely.
Awesome to see all these Henry Tomkins briefcases, they make superb looking bags.
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