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No, no, not stock wise. The loading and page errors and whatnot.   That's expected with the under 8cm ties, us skinny guys get no love so I'm used to it :)   I'm a 7.5UK so I'm guessing mediums would have been my size. Out of luck!
The ties are a little too wide for my liking, but I'm interested in those socks. Anyone know the sizing on Pantherella - what size shoes does the large fit?
Last try to see if anyone knows which are the new/old models of T000.
Your site still really sucks, which is very unfortunate because I've heard great things.
I wasn't thinking extra :) was rather thinking they'd be discounted due to using less fabric.
You guys are great. Would they be at the same price as the pants?
What about making shorts out of the chino pant materials? That something you guys could accommodate?
Would love to know anyones thoughts on Luxire's shirts compared to a Thomas Mason Silverline fabric too.
As in months, weeks... days?
Loving the talk of that new business venture he's starting up. Can't wait.
New Posts  All Forums: