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Is there a difference, or is it particularly bad, if I use a slightly lighter or darker shade of brown on my Loake Aldwych's for wax and cream? Exquisite Trimmings has the medium brown which is lighter, and the dark brown which is darker. Or should I buy else wear with an exact match?
Yeah the thing with the denim is it's going to take some guinea pig buyers in here to buy the jeans and then figure out how bad/much the stretch factor will play.
20% off at Exquisite Trimmings with EX20 coupled with VAT reduction = a nice saving.
You should go through and name the styles/colours for us playing at home. Some lovely ties, great collection.
Awesome news :)   11-13.5 oz is great, but another couple around 15-16 oz would make me happy with the range. Colour wise, we need a dark black.       Why does it have to be comparable to $300+ denim brands? Why can't they just do quality, Levi's-tier non-raw options for those of us that want decent quality jeans with minimal fuss.   The majority of denim wearers don't care about insane quality denim and super high quality sewing and options.
Fair enough, all I was talking about was maybe .5-1cm off in the upper arm.   Feet look huge due to the dodgy photo, using a leaning mirror and poor angles. I'm actually only a size 8UK :D   Pants really do feel very baggy in certain points, the lower thighs and calf especially. It was hard to photograph how baggy they are. I believe good fitting pants should compliment and silhouette your legs, without being too tight of course. Agree on the shortening of the length,...
I'll check. There is a good 5-6cm upturned and hemmed from where they were shortened originally, coupled with the long length anyway (another 4-5cm could come off/be cuffed). I should be right to cuff them I believe. Thinking a 4 or 4.5cm cuff, as I'm ~178cm.
Ah, makes sense now.Indeed it is MTM. Used the Melbourne contact for Nialma to meet with, measure up and talk through fabrics/choices. Got 3 more Thomas Mason Silverline' s to come that I can adjust.Will be using Luxire in the future though.Very good point, I'll check/test it out in the morning.
They look great.Help me understand, are the cuffs stitched in or something? And bunch up where? Will slimming the leg, adding a cuff and slimming leg opening help with the way the pants fall?Thanks for the advice/help.
What about the shirt?   I'll try wearing them a tad higher, thank you. I think the length will be alright. Is a cuff just something you iron in?   Also, on collars, what are these couple called: http://imgur.com/a/vqrrK where the collar is much wider?
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