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Anyone have experience with the quality of the Kamakura ties, especially the grenadine options? $70 is quite a nice price if the quality is there.
They go for ~$245 from the usual UK websites, isn't $270 shipped overs?
Oh for sure, a well fitting running shoe is almost essential. Happy running!
Ah the Nike Free Runs, the Toyota Camry of the running shoe world. Safe, popular, not all that impressive, but a good entry level running shoe.
Implying they were expensive? You buy them in store or online? I'm more of a Saucony Kinvara 3 kind of guy.
What size?
Asks a question. Gets an answer. Asks if the answerer is trolling. What?
I really hope there are multiple new striped grenadines. Including the SF favourite.
Never heard of no show socks or loafer socks?
Holy hell that's nice. Only in stock at Ludlow's, or not sure? 8cm?
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