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What's the link to the eBay store/double sided brush? http://stores.ebay.com.au/Kentbrushes is that it?     What's the width of the tie?   You can change up watch straps on pretty much all watches. Pretty easy, especially NATO straps.
I remember you talking about that BB belt and that's why I've stayed away from them.   Good point re: wearing it for years.
Very nice, thank you. Had experience with them?Will most likely try Epaulet and also James Reid in the future.
  What width is it, looks to be ~1 inch? I like that buckle too, any idea what it is?   Would bridle leather be better suited for a dress belt with the addition of stitching ? ie. brown or black stitching on a belt like this:     My understanding is that bridle leather is casual due to the thickness. Maybe also due to the non-glossy appearance?   Really struggling to find good quality dress belts that aren't $100+.
What's the belt - brand, width and buckle?
Good to know, will keep them in mind for the future. Pricing?
Could you guys do a oxford cloth popover shirt? I'm guessing that's entirely possible?
Yeah I'm not too sure yet about that light green. Couldn't pass it up for $40, but am unsure if anything will go with it. Any suggestions?
So I won three eBay tie auctions the other week in the early morning, which cost me $180 all up, and finally they've arrived from the UK :)   The seller was away for a couple of days so threw in another unsold tie to make up for the delay - one with which I forgot to bid on and really wanted anyway. All NWOT. Here they are:       The tie on the right is a light green, but is slightly darker than it appears in the photos. Was that a steal or what?
I believe that 20% off deal ended today/yesterday, might have missed it.
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